Dimers Weekend Sweat - How to make the most of this week's promos


January 3, 2021 6:10 AM

It’s the new year, but I’m going to spare you the end-of-year tripe that you’re going to read everywhere else at this time of year. You’re not here to have me tell you that it’s been a crazy year. You’re not here for me to say “gOoDbYe 2020 yOu WeRe Da WoRsT”. You are here to win money by gambling on sports, and luckily, I am your man to make that happen.

This is The Weekend Sweat. Every week we spend our time digging deep into best promotional offers that are served up by the plethora of online American sportsbooks there are to put together a sure-fire, 100% guaranteed profit on your sports betting journey this weekend.

Yeah, that’s right, 100% guaranteed. It might sound too good to be true, but it’s not. Let me tell you more:

How can I guarantee a profit on sports gambling? Online sports betting is rather new to America, and every single sportsbook wants a piece of the action. But they need customers. They need you. So, in order to get YOU, they are all fighting against each other to give YOU the best promotions and offers to try to hook you in as a customer.

Why does knowing this piece of information already give you an advantage over every other sports bettor in the country? Because if you diversify your bets across the sportsbooks, you cash in on offer after offer, spending little-to-no money while raking in free cash. No scams, no BS – just common sense.

You picking up what I’m putting down? Catching what I’m throwing? Ok let’s go. Here’s how we unlock some profit:




The ‘book to use: FanDuel Sportsbook

How much do I put down? $5

What’s the play: You’ve probably heard of FanDuel Sportsbook already and if you haven’t signed up, this is the time to do it! They’re offering ridiculous 25/1 on your choice of the four College Football semi-finalists, allowing you to turn $5 into $125!

A quick glance at the Dimers’ CFB Bet Hub shows the Alabama has an 86% chance of beating Notre Dame. At 86% they simply have to be our play here as we look to build the bankroll for NFL playoffs!

How to Claim: New users will need to register and make their first deposit with FanDuel Sportsbook for the offer to appear. For more information on FanDuel Sportsbook, check out our detailed review.

Balance check: A win for ‘Bama turns our $5 deposit into a cool $125.

Head to FanDuel Sportsbook & claim!




The ‘book to use: BetMGM

How much do I put down? $1 is all you need!

What’s the play: The King of Sportsbooks don’t miss on their weekend promos – they consistently come up with the best offers time and time again. This weekend they’re offering $100 back for a $1 moneyline bet on any of this week’s NFL games, as long as either team in the game scores a TD.

It doesn’t really matter which game you bet on, but because we have to choose someone, we’ll put out $1 on the Chiefs because it’s pretty rare that we get to play them at plus money and even with a $1 bet, it’s worth taking!

Check out our easy-to-follow guide for turning $1 into $100.

Balance check: Tyreek Hill, Austin Ekeler or literally anyone else has gotten in for six, and we’ve cashed in the easiest $99 profit of all time (plus a couple of bucks if the Chiefs win!). 

In total for the weekend, we’ve now deposited $6 and turned it into $224 across two sportsbooks! We’re all set for Wildcard Weekend.

Head to BetMGM now & claim!


The sportsbooks👇

🤑 FanDuel Sportsbook
🤑 BetMGM