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The team of sports betting experts at Dimers.com covers all the latest betting tips and breaking news in addition to analyzing the industry from all angles.
D.E. Knox

D.E. Knox is a life-long sports and recreation practitioner, advocate and scholar.

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Brad Livergood

Once a former academy soccer prospect with the Chicago Fire, Brad Livergood has turned that knowledge of the game into a dream turning profits for over 10 years professionally betting sports and DFS, encompassing all major sports.

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Chris Herzig

Chris Herzig is a long-time Formula 1 fan living in Southern California.

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Brad Montagne

International playboy, local barfly Brad Montagne has attended Formula 1 races on five different continents and will be arrested upon arrival should his feet dare to touch Australian or Jamaican soil.

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Tony Bellissimo

Tony Bellissimo brings more than 25 years of sports reporting/editing experience to Dimers.com, as well as an extensive background covering all major professional sports.

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Zachary Cohen

Zachary Cohen has been writing about betting and fantasy sports since his days at the University of Wisconsin. His work has since been featured for prominent companies like Covers, Sports Illustrated, Forbes Sports, Tennis Channel and FOX Bet.

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Mac Douglass

Mac specializes in unpacking what's going on behind the scenes in the sports world, from roster management to politics and everything in between.

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Vincenzo Pugliese

Vincenzo was a part of the Rutgers University Men’s Soccer team where he served as team captain his senior year. After that he played professional soccer in Denmark 

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Paul Lebowitz

Paul Lebowitz is the author of eight published books on baseball, one novel and seven baseball guide/previews.

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Robb Jeffries

Before joining Dimers in the summer of 2022, he was a fantasy sports columnist, and also spent four seasons as a Minnesota Vikings gameday reporter for newspapers in Minnesota and the Dakotas.

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