Our Data

At Dimers, we offer a comprehensive suite of sports data products which span 17 sports leagues and over 200 betting markets from across the globe. Built and maintained in-house, our products are designed to provide actionable insights and predictions for a wide range of use cases, including media, broadcast and fan engagement, as well as sports betting for several markets including pre-game, live in-play, futures, player props, trends and and parlays.

Our product suite includes tools and services that cater to the needs of sports and data enthusiasts, sports bettors, fantasy sports players, and professional analysts alike to enhance the sports viewing experience, visualize complex trends and relationships in game, help make better investment decisions and provide a more competitive edge. These products are available through across Dimers as well as with our valued partners.

Dimers is a Cipher Sports Technology brand.

Our Approach

Dimers is dedicated to providing the most reliable sports predictions using cutting-edge technology and data driven approaches. Our team of data scientists and machine learning experts have developed a number of proprietary methodologies aimed at modeling all types of sporting events, leveraging the latest acadamia, advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning and simulation techniques.

Our methodology starts with acquiring vast amount of data available from a wide range of sources - including some collected ourselves - including historical, pre-game and in-play team and player-level statistics. We then apply statistical analytical techniques to this data, in order to further the research, identify key variables, and acquire a deeper understanding of modelling the outcomes of the event. Our team then applies advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning and/or simulation modelling approaches  to this data to produce key insights on upcoming matches. 

Our models utilise thousands of data points, and take into account a wide range of factors. These include player performance and team performance, weather conditions, starting lineups, home vs away performance, projected minutes and more, ensuring that our predictions are not only comprehensive, but as accurate as possible. 

For our suite of betting products, we then compare the probabilities associated with our predictions to the odds listed from a range of bookmakers for each match, and provide our users with our recommended wagering selections, based on where we can find the most value (what we call ‘Edge’) against the market. The probabilities and bets on Dimers update regularly based on new inputs and market movements leading up to an event.

So, whether you are a seasoned sports bettor, a fan, or new speculator looking to stay ahead of the game, our data driven approach and innovative modeling techniques provide you with the tools you need to succeed. 

Our data is proprietry. Dimers is a Cipher Sports Technology Group brand.