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Tennis World Rankings

Dimers' Tennis Rankings is our in-house approach to accurately ranking the world's top 100 men's and women's players. Our Tennis world rankings are updated after each tournament.

Tennis Rankings 2022

Dimers.com's Tennis Rankings is our exclusive, data-driven method for ranking every male and female tennis player in the world, both overall and by surface – hard, clay and grass. After each ATP and WTA tournament, we update the men's tennis rankings and women's tennis rankings on this page.

Our in-house Tennis Rankings are independent of the official ATP rankings and WTA rankings. At Dimers, we believe the official rankings can only tell us so much, which is why we built our own system.

How are Tennis rankings calculated?

Tennis players recieve official ranking points every time they play in a men's ATP tournament or women's WTA tournament. Points earned from each tournament last for a year, with rankings updated each week.

This is where Dimers' Tennis Rankings are different.

Our Tennis Rankings include more than how many matches or rounds in a tournament a player has won or lost. Our rankings also take into account who each player's opponent was (and by default, their ranking) in each of those wins and losses, plus the type of surface the match was played on, to determine how many points are allocated or removed from the player's ranking.

We also rank players by court type, allowing a better understanding of which players perform best on the different surfaces. For example, a player may be ranked No. 16 on the hard court (used in the Australian Open and US Open), No. 26 on grass (Wimbledon), and No. 63 on clay (French Open). Their overall Tennis Ranking on Dimers could be No. 20, while the official ATP rankings may have them at No. 26 overall.

There are some other factors to consider, too:

  • Dimers' Tennis Rankings do not take into account whether the tournament is a Grand Slam or a regular ATP/WTA tournament. Every player is ranked accordingly, regardless of the size of the tournament.
  • The overall rankings are made up of a combination of the individual surface rankings, weighted based on regularity of play on those surfaces. For example, very few tournaments are played on grass courts compared to hard courts, therefore a player's hard-court ranking is weighted more heavily than their grass-court ranking.
  • The rankings for ATP and WTA tournaments are slightly different due to depth of data that is available from the two governing bodies.
  • Dimers' Tennis Rankings is powered by point-by-point player data from tens of thousands of matches dating back to 2013 (although old data does not affect the current rankings).

Current Men's Tennis Rankings

The most recent tennis rankings for men are displayed on this page. Dimers.com has recently updated the 🎾 rankings found here. This ranking is based on the individual performance of male players on the ATP Tour.

Current Women's Tennis Rankings

This page features the most recent tennis rankings for women. The 🎾 rankings seen here are updated frequently. This ranking is based on female players' individual performances on the WTA Tour.

Who is the No. 1 tennis player in the world?

Every tennis player strives to be the world's best, but only a handful achieve it.

Who is the No. 1 male tennis player?

During the last two decades, only a few names have dominated men's singles.

But new players are climbing the rankings, indicating that a new generation of talent is emerging.

Who is the No. 1 female tennis player?

Every female tennis player aspires to be world number one, but only a handful succeed.

Serena Williams dominated WTA rankings for years, but younger competitors have emerged to dethrone her.

At Dimers, our Tennis Predictions cover every ATPWTA and Grand Slam match, while our Tennis Betting News page has free match previews and betting tips.

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