Best Vermont Sportsbook Promos 2023: Up to $500 in Sports Betting Bonuses

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Written by Damien Souness
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Updated on Dec 21, 2023
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Vermont Sports Betting Introduction

The launch of online sports betting in Vermont heralds a thrilling new chapter for sports fans across the Green Mountain State. As this exciting world opens up, Vermonters have the opportunity to engage with some of the industry's leading sportsbooks, offering enticing promotions tailored to heighten their betting experience.

FanDuel, a giant in the sports betting landscape, is rolling out a spectacular welcome for Vermont bettors with up to $300 in bonus bets. This introductory offer is designed to kickstart your betting journey with a significant boost. Meanwhile, DraftKings, another powerhouse in the realm of sports wagering, is set to make a memorable debut in Vermont. Get ready to score $200 in bonus bets when DraftKings goes live, marking its entry into the state with a bang.

With FanDuel and DraftKings leading the charge and Fanatics Sportsbook also in the mix, Vermont's online sports betting scene is poised to offer a realm of possibilities and unmatched excitement for local bettors.

FanDuel Vermont Promo Code

FanDuel Vermont is launching with a top-notch promotion tailor-made for its Vermont debut: Get started with up to $300 in bonus bets. This offer is a fantastic opportunity for bettors in Vermont. When they engage with FanDuel, they stand a chance to receive up to $300 in bonus bets, offering a substantial value right from the start. This promotion is a testament to FanDuel's commitment to delivering outstanding value to its users. The simplicity and generosity of this bonus are designed to appeal to a wide range of bettors, from novices to the experienced, ensuring a grand welcome in the Vermont sports betting market.

DraftKings Vermont Promo Code

DraftKings Vermont is stepping into the Vermont sports betting scene with an appealing pre-launch offer: Score $200 in bonus bets when DraftKings goes live. This promotion is specifically crafted to capture the excitement of Vermont's sports betting fans. By registering and engaging with DraftKings, participants can avail themselves of $200 in bonus bets, significantly enhancing the value of their initial interaction with the platform. This generous promotion underscores DraftKings' dedication to providing exceptional value to its customers, cementing its status as a premier choice for sports bettors in Vermont.

Vermont Sportsbook Promos

Objective Review of Vermont Sportsbook Promos

In the Vermont online sports betting landscape, DraftKings introduces an alluring offer: Score $200 in bonus bets when DraftKings goes live. This promotion is particularly attractive for its straightforward approach, although it may seem to offer less in terms of dollar amount compared to some larger bonuses seen in other states. On the flip side, FanDuel Vermont steps up with a compelling promotion, offering up to $300 in bonus bets for new users. This offer potentially provides greater value than DraftKings, depending on the bettor's initial engagement.

With only FanDuel and DraftKings as two of the three primary options in Vermont, alongside Fanatics Sportsbook, the choice for bettors largely hinges on the perceived value of these offers. Both sportsbooks present enticing options, but the deciding factor for Vermont bettors will likely be their individual preferences for bonus amounts and their comfort with the respective platforms. The simplicity and accessibility of these promotions make both FanDuel and DraftKings attractive choices for bettors in Vermont, each catering to different aspects of the sports betting experience.

How to Claim Vermont Sportsbook Promos

1. Click on the Promotional Links Provided On This Page

In Vermont, you have the opportunity to sign up with multiple sportsbooks, allowing you to benefit from various promotions. To activate any promotion listed on this page, simply click on the links or banners provided for FanDuel or DraftKings. No promo code is necessary.

2. Register on Desktop or Download the Sportsbook Mobile App

For Mobile Users: Click on any banner or link on this page to automatically activate the promo of your choice. Complete your registration on the sportsbook's website, and then find their app in your preferred app store. Download the app for easy access to your account on the move.

For Desktop Users: Use the links or banners on this page to navigate to your chosen sportsbook and activate your promotion. Follow the instructions on the sportsbook’s website to set up your account.

3. Enter Your Personal Details

You will need to provide essential information such as your name, address, date of birth, contact details, and the last four digits of your SSN. Create a secure password and, if required, choose a memorable username.

4. Account Verification and Initial Deposit

The sportsbook will verify the details you have submitted and may request additional documents to confirm your residency in Vermont and your eligibility for sports betting.

5. Receive Your Bonus Bets

Upon the launch date of the sportsbook (e.g., January 11, 2024), your bonus bets should appear in your account. Remember that some bonus bets might have an expiration date, so it's important to use them within the specified period.

Different Types of Sportsbook Promotions in Vermont

In Vermont's burgeoning world of sports betting, promotional offers are crafted to cater to both new entrants and dedicated, existing bettors, with each type designed to meet different needs and objectives.

New-User Promos

These promotions are primarily designed to attract new sign-ups, offering an enticing gateway into the world of sports betting. For example, FanDuel Vermont's "Get started with up to $300 in bonus bets" and DraftKings' "Score $200 in bonus bets when DraftKings goes live" are prime examples of such offers. These promotions are intended to give a warm welcome to newcomers, encouraging them to explore the platform with a substantial initial bonus. This strategy is highly effective for drawing in those who are considering joining a sportsbook for the first time.

Existing-User Promos

Tailored for bettors who are already familiar with and active on the platform, these offers are designed to appreciate and retain loyal users. They typically come in various forms, such as reload bonuses, free bets for specific events, or enhanced odds for popular matches. For instance, a promotion like "Earn extra bonus bets for consecutive bets placed during a week" could be an example of an existing-user promo. These types of offers keep the betting experience fresh and engaging for regular users, incentivizing them to stay active on the platform.

In summary, while new-user promos in Vermont offer attractive incentives to encourage new bettors to join, existing-user promos ensure that long-standing members continually find value and excitement in their betting experience. Both types of promotions play a crucial role in nurturing and expanding a sportsbook's community.

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Damien Souness
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As Vermont welcomes legal online sports betting in January 2024, it's important to put your needs first when selecting a sportsbook. Your individual circumstances are crucial. Reflect on your personal betting objectives, financial limits, and tolerance for risk. By comprehending these aspects, you'll be able to make a well-informed choice and select a sportsbook that resonates with your betting style. Remember, responsible gambling is key.

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