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Written by Mac Douglass
Senior Sports Betting Editor
Updated on Aug 22, 2023
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Reviewed by Nick Slade, Chief Content Officer

bet365 Sportsbook Review: Dimers Score

The Dimers Score is a cutting-edge, unique rating system designed to give unbiased reviews of top sportsbooks currently available in the USA. This score zooms in on and evaluates key features such as: how competitive the odds are, the variety of betting options available, how user-friendly the platform is, and the quality of customer service. By using this innovative approach, sports fans can feel assured when choosing bet365, knowing they're in for an exciting and hassle-free betting experience.

Dimers Score 4.73 / 5.0

Our Verdict

bet365 Sportsbook is a top player in online sports betting. Offering consistently attractive odds and an extensive array of betting options, the sportsbook is perfect for both newbies and experts alike. Additionally, we find the website easy to use, making betting fun and simple, and their friendly customer service team is always ready to help. With high-value promotions and strong security, bet365 stands out as a favorite choice for many sports fans.

Bonuses And Promos How do this sportsbooks' promo code offers and bonuses for new and existing users compare to other major players in the industry?
Betting features What betting options and special features set this platform apart, and what could be improved to give bettors all the tools they need?
The Financials Is this sportsbook looking out for your bottom line? How do their betting odds and banking features compare to competition?
User Experience Is this sportsbook a pleasure to bet with, or does a confusing interface or clunky mobile app making you want to tear your hair out?
Customer support How does this sportsbook handle customer issues? We're looking at response time, ease of filing support tickets, and more.

bet365 Sportsbook Pros and Cons 

bet365 stands out as a premier global sportsbook, recognized for its extensive international coverage. The platform shines with a vast array of live, in-play betting options, and offers new users an attractive welcome bonus with reasonable terms. Additionally, customers can appreciate the convenient deposit methods and the wide variety of sports available for betting. However, the platform does show room for improvement. Professional bettors with high win rates have faced restrictions, and there's a notable absence of a loyalty program for recurring users. While phone support is limited, the platform's reach in the USA is restricted to nine states. Aesthetically, some users feel that the design could benefit from a modern touch.

Known primarily as a ‘global’ sportsbook with strong coverage internationally
Professional bettors (career bettors) with large win rates have been restricted at times
Vast selection of live, ‘in-play’ betting opportunities
Lack of a bettor loyalty or rewards program for repeat customers
Promotions and Bonuses - good welcome bonus with lenient terms
Limited phone support
Convenient deposit options
Limited availability in the USA (9 states)
Extensive availability of sports
Some people find the design a bit outdated and boring

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Bonuses and promos


Welcoming both newcomers and loyal enthusiasts with open arms and alluring deals, bet365 consistently recognizes and rewards player dedication. From bonus wagers and amplified odds to specialized promotions for headline sports events, bet365 ensures the thrill of the game is matched by the allure of the rewards.

In this portion of our review, we'll embark on a journey through the diverse bonuses and promotions offered by bet365 Sportsbook, highlighting their unique benefits for bettors.

New user promos
Odds boost promos
Event bonuses
Average value
User referrals

New user promotions

Unlocking the excitement for newcomers, bet365 shines with industry-leading user promotions. Their renowned welcome bonuses have made waves across several states, promising an exciting start to your sports betting journey.

Odds boost promotions

bet365 offers a range of odds boost promotions, providing bettors with opportunities to enhance their wagers. These promotions include early payout offers and odds boosts, along with parlay boosts that can reach up to 70% for successful parlays.

Event bonuses

bet365 features event bonuses tailored to high-volume sports like football, basketball, and baseball. These bonuses extend a chance for added value to users engaging in popular betting markets. 

Average value

bet365 is a reliable source of value, offering users a diverse array of enticing promotions and bonuses. This commitment to delivering value makes bet365 a go-to choice for those seeking beneficial offers.

User referrals

While bet365 excels in various aspects of promotions, it's important to note that the sportsbook does not currently offer a user referral program and focuses on other avenues to provide value and enhance the betting experience for its users.

Betting features


What betting options and special features set this platform apart, and what could be improved to give bettors all the tools they need?

Odds profitability
Sports availability
Early cashout
Analysis tools

Odds profitability

Leveraging its stature as one of the world's prominent bookmakers, bet365 consistently presents competitive odds that capture attention. This dedication to offering favorable odds contributes to enhancing the potential profitability of bets.

Markets availability

bet365 stands out for its extensive array of betting markets, encompassing a wide range of sports, making it an appealing choice for bettors. This comprehensive coverage ensures that virtually every sport is represented, enhancing the platform's appeal to diverse interests.

Sports availability

bet365 offers extensive sports coverage that spans a vast spectrum, nearly encompassing all major and niche sports. This comprehensive approach ensures that bettors can find options aligned with their interests, regardless of their popularity or uniqueness.

Early cashout

bet365 introduces flexible control with its Cash Out feature. Bettors can activate an automatic Cash Out for the entire bet or a partial amount. By setting a desired value, the Cash Out option, represented by an icon on the bet slip, empowers users to secure winnings.

Betting Analysis Tools

Users access sports and betting news, detailed sports statistics, including soccer stats, and real-time live scores and results. This comprehensive suite of tools equips bettors with the insights they need to strategize effectively.

The financials


Is this sportsbook looking out for your bottom line? How do their betting odds and banking features compare to competition?

Payout speed
Minimum deposit

Deposit methods

bet365 provides users with a variety of deposit methods to cater to their preferences. These options include Debit Card, Credit Card, eWallet, Bank Transfer, and Cash. Each method offers different features such as fee-free transactions, instant processing, and varying minimum and maximum deposit amounts.

Withdrawal methods

bet365 offers a range of withdrawal methods, each with its own features to suit users' preferences. These withdrawal methods offer a combination of processing times, withdrawal limits, and convenience, allowing users to choose the option that best suits their needs for efficient and hassle-free withdrawals.

Payout speed

bet365 offers a variety of payout speeds to suit user preferences. Debit and Credit Card withdrawals take 1-5 banking days, while bank Transfers share the timeframe. eWallet withdrawals process within 24 hours. This assortment accommodates diverse needs.

Responsible gambling

FanDuel offers an excellent array of responsible gambling bet365 prioritizes responsible gambling, offering an extensive array of resources to support users. These include self-assessment tools, deposit limits, cooling-off periods, and self-exclusion options, empowering users to maintain control over their betting habits and well-being.

Minimum deposit

bet365's minimum deposit depends on the chosen method, typically beginning at $10. Users can easily access specific minimum deposit details for each payment option listed on the platform.

User experience


How does this sportsbook handle customer issues? We're looking at response time, ease of filing support tickets, and more.

Ease of navigation
Ease of Use
Bet slip quality
Live Betting
Mobile Experience

Ease of navigation

bet365 shines with its user-friendly interface, simplifying navigation across the platform. The intuitive design and clear menu options empower users to effortlessly explore desired sports, bets, and account settings.

Ease of Use

bet365 excels in user-friendliness, granting convenient access to a multitude of features. Notably, the platform emphasizes accessibility to same-game parlays and responsible gambling limits. These user-oriented attributes stand out as prominent highlights.

Bet Slip Quality

bet365's bet slips offer a streamlined experience for bettors, simplifying the betting process. They present clear and concise information, enabling easy review of selections and confident bet placement. The design emphasizes straightforward functionality.

Live betting

bet365 delivers a captivating live betting experience, enabling users to participate in real-time wagering on diverse sports events. This dynamic feature enhances excitement and engagement by offering the opportunity to place bets as events unfold.

Mobile experience

bet365 offers an immersive mobile experience through its user-friendly app, granting bettors access to preferred sports and bets while on the move. The mobile platform ensures smooth navigation and swift loading times.

Customer support


How does this sportsbook handle customer issues? We're looking at response time, ease of filing support tickets, and more.

FAQ section
Live support
Online community
Support Ticket

Multi-language support

bet365 currently offers customer support in English across its channels, a common industry practice. While we anticipate potential expansion, it's noteworthy that their website caters to a broader audience with support for 20 diverse languages.

FAQ section

bet365's FAQ section directs users to a comprehensive help page where they can search or explore listed topics. The answers provided are detailed, yet a more traditional FAQ layout could enhance user experience.

Live support

bet365 excels with its 24/7 live support feature, providing users with the means to reach out via Live Chat, Email, or by Phone. Toll-free numbers ensure accessibility at all times. For postal inquiries, a Mailing Address is provided.

Online community

bet365 places its emphasis on various aspects apart from fostering an online community. Unfortunately, this absence can limit opportunities for users to engage, share experiences, and learn from one another.

Support Ticket

bet365 displays proficiency in promptly addressing user concerns. The platform's ability to respond quickly to submitted inquiries contributes to an efficient and satisfactory customer service experience.

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