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MLS Predictions

Our MLS picks are based on the 10,000 simulations our predictive model conducts for every Major League Soccer game, delivering the most accurate MLS predictions today. Click on any match below.

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MLS Predictions 2024: Top MLS Picks Today

Stay ahead of every Major League Soccer game in 2024 with Dimers.com's MLS picks. Utilizing 10,000 simulations for each game, our MLS predictions factor in comprehensive data such as recent player and team performance, injuries, game location, and more, guaranteeing the most up-to-date MLS picks today. Additionally, our expert team of data analysts at Dimers carefully selects our free MLS picks to ensure that our users have access to top-notch MLS expert picks from the start of the season until the final game. Dimers' MLS computer picks focus solely on the most relevant information for our curated list of MLS picks and parlays, eliminating the need for you to sift through extensive data on your own.

Free MLS Picks: Don't Pay A Dime for Major League Soccer Predictions

Dimers places a huge emphasis on providing valuable insights to all soccer bettors, ensuring that we deliver MLS free picks to users of all levels, whether they are beginners or seasoned pros. With the resources available on this page, every Major League Soccer bettor can have confidence that their wagers are backed by the finest MLS computer picks, giving them an edge against sportsbook odds. In essence, our analysts dedicate their efforts to offering you precise and thoroughly researched MLS predictions that are both reliable and complimentary, setting us apart from other costly data modeling services that offer Major League Soccer picks.

Dimers' MLS Computer Picks Against the Spread, Moneyline, Etc.

Our MLS computer picks are not only supported by cutting-edge algorithms powered by machine learning, but they are also very comprehensive in nature. On this page, you will discover MLS score predictions, MLS picks against the spread, MLS parlay picks, and all the other MLS betting picks necessary to optimize your wagers throughout the year. Below, we outline the specific Major League Soccer picks that Dimers consistently offers day after day.

MLS Score Predictions: How Do They Work? 

Like the name implies, our MLS score predictions offer estimated final scores for every Major League Soccer matchup. This information holds even more significance for bettors, given the versatility of MLS predicted scores across various types of bets. Through 10,000 simulations of each Major League Soccer game, Dimers generates precise MLS score predictions that can be easily translated into valuable insights for making informed MLS spread wagers, over/under bets, and, naturally, moneyline bets. What's more, this service extends throughout the Major League Soccer postseason, where Dimers' MLS playoff predictions encompass score-based intelligence to assist you in outsmarting the odds across all types of MLS wagers.

What Are MLS Picks Against the Spread (ATS)?

Generally speaking, MLS spread wagers involve betting on the margin of victory for a team rather than simply picking the winner or loser of a game. Given the typically lower-scoring nature of Major League Soccer matches, it is common for MLS spreads to be relatively narrow, with the favorite often given a spread of less than a goal, such as 0.5 or 1. Betting "against the spread" for Major League Soccer means selecting the favorite to win by a greater margin than the spread suggests or the underdog to lose by a smaller margin than the spread suggests. Consequently, an MLS ATS wager can be successful even if the team you bet on loses, and vice versa. As Dimers' MLS picks incorporate score predictions, our data is well-suited for MLS picks against the spread. Simply put, if our model indicates that a team will win by a greater margin than the sportsbook's spread, we recommend our users consider placing that bet, particularly when sportsbook odds suggest a significant betting edge. Similarly, the reverse applies if our model suggests a team will win by a smaller margin than the spread. 

Follow Dimers for Daily MLS Parlays and Picks

You can rely on Dimers to provide expert MLS picks throughout the entire season, and we are also your ultimate destination for MLS parlays. Dimers' Parlay Picker is a unique and customizable tool that optimizes our MLS predictions for creating parlays by identifying advantageous betting opportunities against sportsbook odds. With the most accurate MLS computer picks available, along with constantly updated odds from top sportsbooks like DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, and more, you can have confidence that each leg of your MLS parlay will maximize its value. MLS parlay bettors understand the benefits of this approach. For instance, fans of NYCFC can construct parlays centered around NYCFC winning while enhancing potential payouts by including legs with high-edge predictions of a New York Red Bulls loss. The same principle applies to all combinations of teams in the MLS, whether it's the Los Angeles Galaxy, Chicago Fire, San Jose Earthquakes, or any other Major League Soccer franchise.

How to Use Dimers for MLS Best Bets

Using Dimers for MLS best bets is a simple process that involves selecting your preferred wagers from this page. However, it's important to note that our daily best bets are not solely based on the highest probability of success among our MLS predictions. To help you optimize your profits, we meticulously compare our MLS expert picks with the available sportsbook odds. This results in a carefully curated list of MLS picks that not only have a high likelihood of success but also offer the highest potential payout. Our primary goal is to ensure that our users maximize their profits with every wager, which is why our MLS best bets are always provided free of charge, whether you refer to this page during the regular season or for MLS playoff predictions.

What is the Best Site for MLS Predictions?

Dimers.com is the top destination for MLS predictions, providing a wide range of betting insights and resources. The website offers expert MLS picks and predictions, ensuring you have all the necessary information to make well-informed wagers with a significant betting advantage every day. In addition, Dimers provides daily parlay picks and best bets for MLS, allowing you to maximize your potential returns. Furthermore, Dimers' top MLS prop bets and futures add another layer of excitement, offering a diverse selection of betting opportunities throughout the entire Major League Soccer season, including MLS playoff predictions. With a comprehensive menu of MLS picks and predictions, Dimers establishes itself as the go-to site for soccer betting, catering to both newcomers and experienced bettors alike. 

How to Find MLS Playoff Predictions

As the regular season progresses, excitement builds among soccer bettors for the Major League Soccer playoffs, and it's no surprise given that the MLS postseason, including the MLS Cup, presents some of the most captivating wagering opportunities in American sports. Having reliable MLS playoff predictions is essential for making well-informed decisions during this thrilling period on the soccer calendar, and Dimers' MLS playoff picks are second to none. Our predictions incorporate highly sophisticated predictive analytics and data modeling tools, all optimized to provide a betting advantage against sportsbook odds. Dimers' impressive track record in recent seasons speaks for itself, accurately predicting MLS playoff outcomes in series featuring teams like the Seattle Sounders, LA Galaxy, New York Red Bulls, and Atlanta United, to name just a few. When it comes to MLS playoff picks, there is no better source than Dimers.com.

MLS Matchups and Locations

Throughout the Major League Soccer season, there are numerous soccer matches played in various locations across the United States and Canada. Each team participates in a total of 34 regular-season matches, with half of them played at home and the other half played away. The MLS consists of 29 teams, each competing in a single league. The teams are further divided into two conferences: the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference. Within each conference, teams are organized into divisions, ensuring an exciting and competitive season. Some of the most popular MLS matchups include the LA Galaxy vs. LAFC, the Seattle Sounders vs. Portland Timbers, and the New York Red Bulls vs. New York City FC. These matches often attract passionate fans and feature intense competition on the field.

More MLS Picks and Prediction Resources for 2024

Dimers is thrilled to announce its official partnership with Major League Soccer (MLS) as a content provider for the MLS Betting Hub. This collaboration brings together two industry leaders to enhance the soccer betting experience. Dimers, renowned for its sports betting platform, will offer MLS fans valuable insights, match previews, expert analysis, statistical data, and betting tips through the MLS Betting Hub. The partnership aims to create a comprehensive and interactive platform for soccer enthusiasts, prioritizing responsible gambling practices. Dimers and the MLS are committed to providing a secure and enjoyable betting environment. Together, we will revolutionize the way fans engage with MLS through the MLS Betting Hub in partnership with Dimers.


What Are MLS Goal Line Predictions?

An MLS goal line is a type of wager that involves a spread of goals. It allows you to bet on the underdog with an additional goal advantage added to their final score or on the favorite with a goal deduction from their final score. Since MLS matches often have close scorelines, the goal line bet is a popular option, and MLS goal line predictions refer to predictions for the outcome of MLS goal line wagers.

Are MLS Computer Picks Reliable?

The reliability of MLS computer picks depends on the technology behind the predictions. At Dimers, our MLS computer picks are generated through extensive simulations and data analysis, resulting in highly reliable predictions that you can trust for your MLS wagers.

Does Dimers Have MLS Picks for Every Team?

Absolutely. Dimers.com provides MLS predictions and the best bets for every team in Major League Soccer. Whether you're interested in popular teams like the LA Galaxy, Atlanta United, and New York City FC, or smaller market clubs like Sporting Kansas City, Minnesota United FC, or any other MLS franchise, Dimers has comprehensive coverage for all MLS matchups.

Are Dimers' MLS Picks Updated Daily?

Yes. Dimers offers MLS best bets and predictions for every game throughout the season, and our predictions are regularly updated with the latest information. It's crucial to consider all available data when making MLS predictions today, and Dimers ensures that you have access to up-to-date information such as team lineups, match probabilities, weather conditions, and more. Many successful MLS bettors rely on Dimers.com as part of their daily MLS handicapping routine for this very reason.

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