What Is Mobile Sports Betting?

For many years we had to travel to Las Vegas to bet on sports. Now, with the legalization of sports betting in many states and improvements in technology, we can bet with a click of our fingers. 

Mobile betting has made sports more interactive and interesting. We now no longer need to leave the comfort of our sofa before betting on Tom Brady to win another Super Bowl, or the Brooklyn Nets to win the NBA championship.

If you are unfortunately in one of the states where sports betting is not yet legalized, we're sorry but hopefully soon all 50 states can experience the thrills of online betting. 

Convenience aside, mobile sports betting provides numerous benefits and your helpful friends here at Dimers are ready to break it all down for you.

Competitive Odds 

Mobile sportsbooks generally provide similar odds on the spread, moneyline and total, but they can vary when it comes to prop bets. So, that's definitely something to keep an eye on first of all. 

Despite many similarities in odds, there will always be sportsbooks offering bigger and better odds than their rivals. You're unlikely to find a sportsbook which consistently has larger Vegas odds than its competitors. So what do you do? 

Obviously, you sign up for more than one sportsbook, so once you've checked out Dimers' Bet Hub and Best Odds and the time has come to place your bet, you can pick the rose between the thorns.  

When signing up with multiple online sportsbooks, be sure to use Dimers' exclusive promo codes for bonus bets. If you don't like chances to get payouts this probably isn't for you. Can't please everyone, as they say!

Betting Bonuses and Promotions 

Most sportsbooks offer some fantastic promotions and bonus bets when you sign up. Quite often these will come in the form of no sweat bets. If your no sweat bet loses, you'll be refunded the same amount in the form of bonus cash or site credit. 

If your no sweat bet wins initially, the payout is all yours. That's it, no need to think any further.

Sports to Bet On 

The holy trinity of mobile sports betting is great odds, numerous markets and of course, great sports. There's no point signing up to a sportsbook which has fantastic odds for equestrian and synchronized swimming, but not NFL, NBA and College sports. Unless of course, they're the two sports you'd die for! 

Now, that scenario is very unlikely, admittedly. All of the sportsbooks Dimers are aligned with – here's the best sportsbooks in your state – cover the major sports both in America and across the globe. 

When you're looking for the best sports betting odds on a particular match or sport, be sure to use Dimers' Best Odds section.

Why should I bet online? 

Online sports betting is the most convenient way to wager on your favorite sports. Betting before a match is underway becomes so easy on your mobile apps.

Live betting is literally a few taps away. With in-game betting, the bets come and go quickly, that's why having a sportsbook app is crucial. All you need to do is open the app, click on the bet you like, punch in your stake and confirm. Trust us, the mobile betting process is quicker than Tyreek Hill in the open field!

Is mobile sports betting safe?

In most cases, absolutely! The only time you're likely to get in some bother when mobile betting is when you don't do due diligence. Don't have time for that? No sweat, Dimers has already vetted the biggest and best sportsbooks.

Each sportsbook in our Best Books section is completely safe. You won't find a safer sportsbook in America, nor one with better odds than what you see on Dimers.

What you see on Dimers is the best in the sports betting industry. That's why we recommend you check in daily for the best offers and odds with the safest books on the market. 

Whether you're rolling with Android, iPhone or anything in between, our sportsbooks have apps or sites available so you can streamline your sports betting experience. For the few seconds it takes to set up, mobile betting is definitely worth it. 

Before you download and deposit into your next sportsbook account, remember to check out the best books in YOUR state

No need to thank us, it's what we're here for. Dimers by name and nature.

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