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Updated on Dec 12, 2023
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ESPN Bet Review: Dimers Score

The "Dimers Score" is a pivotal rating system in sportsbook analysis, offering unbiased, meticulous evaluations. It emphasizes transparency and accuracy, scrutinizing essential aspects such as competitive odds, varied betting markets, and efficient customer service. This comprehensive scoring system aids bettors in making informed decisions, highlighting ESPN Bet's strengths in the sports betting arena.

Dimers Score 4.13 / 5.0

Our Verdict

ESPN Bet, with its strong association with the ESPN brand, provides a sports betting experience that's both smooth and enjoyable. The platform's user-friendly design, featuring simple navigation and fast-loading pages, makes it an appealing choice for bettors. Its live betting options, covering a wide range of events with live streaming and detailed statistics, further enhance the betting experience. Overall, ESPN Bet's integration of Barstool Sports' popularity and ESPN's reputation in sports media suggests a promising future, positioning it as a potential favorite among US sports betting enthusiasts.

Bonuses And Promos How do this sportsbooks' promo code offers and bonuses for new and existing users compare to other major players in the industry?
Betting features What betting options and special features set this platform apart, and what could be improved to give bettors all the tools they need?
The Financials Is this sportsbook looking out for your bottom line? How do their betting odds and banking features compare to competition?
User Experience Is this sportsbook a pleasure to bet with, or does a confusing interface or clunky mobile app making you want to tear your hair out?
Customer support How does this sportsbook handle customer issues? We're looking at response time, ease of filing support tickets, and more.

ESPN Bet Pros and Cons 

ESPN Bet, aligning with the esteemed ESPN brand, is swiftly becoming a notable name in the US sports betting landscape. Known for its rich sports broadcasting history, ESPN Bet merges this expertise with sports betting, offering an intuitive, user-friendly platform. The sportsbook is designed to cater to both newcomers and experienced bettors, providing a range of betting options and markets. However, every platform has its own unique advantages and areas for improvement. Let's explore the pros and cons of ESPN Bet to help you determine if it's the right sportsbook for your betting needs.

Sleek Mobile App and Website: It is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and visually appealing.
Subpar Odds for Certain Sports: Odds for moneyline sports like NHL and MLB aren't great.
Generous Bonuses for New Players: Offers one of the best bonus structures in the industry.
Costly Point Buying in Football: Buying points in football is expensive.
Efficient Registration Process: Signing up is straightforward and hassle-free.
Lack of Live Streaming: Currently, it does not offer live streaming options.
Daily Odds Boosts: Provides fun and advantageous odds boosts regularly.
Underutilized ESPN Partnership: Doesn't fully leverage its ESPN brand partnership.
Extensive Live Betting Markets: Offers a wide array of live betting options.
Issues with Live Betting: It needs to address lag issues in live betting.

In conclusion, ESPN Bet excels with its user-friendly platform, generous bonuses, and comprehensive live betting options. However, it needs to enhance its odds in certain sports, make its point buying more affordable, and address the live streaming and live betting issues to fully realize its potential in the sports betting market.

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Bonuses and promos


How does this sportsbook's promo code offers and bonuses for new and existing users compare to other major players in the industry?

New user promos
Odds boost promos
Event bonuses
Average value
User referrals

New user promotions

ESPN Bet offers appealing sign-up bonuses, including a straightforward $200 in bonus bets without a promo code and an alternative $1,000 deposit match. The deposit match, however, has a high playthrough requirement, which may not suit all users. The bonuses provide a good start for new users but could be more user-friendly regarding the deposit match conditions.

Odds boost promotions

ESPN Bet provides various ongoing promotions, including odds boosts connected to ESPN personalities and shows. These promotions are intriguing and add value, but the lack of diversity in offering alternative lines for props, as noted by some users, slightly diminishes the appeal of these promotions.

Event bonuses

The sportsbook offers a range of event bonuses, including insurance on selected markets and reduced juice on featured matchups. These bonuses enhance the betting experience, especially during major sports events. However, the overall diversity and frequency of such event-specific bonuses suggest room for improvement.

Average value

While ESPN Bet’s promotions, such as the $200 bonus bet, are generous, the deposit match bonus is less favorable due to its high playthrough requirement. This mixed offering results in an average value that is attractive but could be more consistent across different types of promotions.

User referrals

ESPN Bet stands out in many promotional areas, but it's worth mentioning that they currently do not have a user referral program. Instead, their focus is on different strategies to add value and improve the betting experience for their customers.

Betting features


What betting options and special features set this platform apart, and what could be improved to give bettors all the tools they need?

Odds profitability
Sports availability
Early cashout
Analysis tools

Odds profitability

ESPN Bet offers competitive betting odds, reflecting a strong market presence and alignment with industry standards. This score indicates a high level of profitability for bettors, although there is always room for improvement in terms of odds competitiveness across all sports and events.

Markets availability

ESPN Bet is noted for offering a wide range of betting markets, catering to a diverse set of preferences and interests. This extensive market availability enhances the overall betting experience, providing users with numerous options for placing bets.

Sports availability

ESPN Bet covers top sports for betting, including football, basketball, baseball, golf, soccer, and tennis, offering a diverse range of options for sports fans.

Early cashout

Like many online sportsbooks, ESPN Bet supports early cashouts for selected markets, allowing customers to settle bets before the conclusion of an event. This feature is available for both straight bets and parlays, although it's not accessible for all selections. The convenience and flexibility offered by this feature are well-received by users.

Betting Analysis Tools

ESPN Bet offers fundamental tools for betting analysis and statistics. However, these features might not be as comprehensive or advanced as those found on specialized sports analytics platforms.

The financials


Is this sportsbook looking out for your bottom line? How do their betting odds and banking features compare to competition?

Payout speed
Minimum deposit

Deposit methods

ESPN Bet offers a variety of deposit options, including Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, eCheck, online banking, Skrill, and wire transfer. Most deposits are processed instantly and without any fees, making the process convenient and accessible.

Withdrawal methods

Withdrawal options at ESPN Bet mirror the deposit methods, ensuring consistency and ease of use for bettors. The processing time adheres to the industry standard of one to five banking days, and there are no fees for withdrawals. This comprehensive approach to banking options meets the needs of most users.

Payout speed

ESPN Bet generally processes payouts within 1-5 days, which is in line with industry standards. This quick turnaround for payouts is crucial for maintaining user trust and satisfaction.

Responsible gambling

ESPN Bet demonstrates a strong commitment to responsible gaming. They offer comprehensive tools and resources, including limits on time, deposits, and wagering amounts, to help customers enjoy gaming responsibly. Such measures are essential in promoting safe and responsible betting practices..

Minimum deposit

The minimum deposit requirement at ESPN Bet is set at $10.00, which is reasonably low and accessible to a wide range of bettors. This low threshold allows users to engage in sports betting without a significant financial commitment.

User experience


How does this sportsbook handle customer issues? We're looking at response time, ease of filing support tickets, and more.

Ease of navigation
Ease of Use
Bet slip quality
Live Betting
Mobile Experience

Ease of navigation

ESPN Bet boasts a modern platform with a familiar sportsbook layout and an easy-to-navigate interface. This accessibility is key for users to quickly find and engage with betting options, enhancing the overall user experience.

Ease of Use

The intuitive layout and navigational ease contribute to the user-friendly nature of ESPN Bet. The platform's design is straightforward, facilitating an easy and enjoyable betting experience for users of all experience levels.

Bet Slip Quality

ESPN Bet introduces the unique feature of shareable bet slips, allowing users to engage with the sports betting community by sharing their bets in real-time on social media. This social aspect, combined with a clear and functional bet slip design, enhances the betting experience.

Live betting

Live betting at ESPN Bet is a prominent feature with easily accessible events and markets across various sports. The platform offers real-time betting line updates and key team stats, along with a "Quick Bets" feature for an enhanced live betting experience.

Mobile experience

The ESPN Bet mobile app is available for iPhone and Android devices, providing users with access to the same sports and markets as the desktop version. The app's design is streamlined and user-friendly, allowing for a seamless mobile betting experience.

Customer support


How does this sportsbook handle customer issues? We're looking at response time, ease of filing support tickets, and more.

FAQ section
Live support
Online community
Support Ticket

Multi-language support

ESPN Bet currently offers support in English only. This limitation in language options can significantly restrict access for non-English speaking users, reducing the inclusivity and accessibility of the platform.

FAQ section

ESPN Bet has a well-developed FAQ section on the homepage of its website. This section is designed to assist users with most basic inquiries, indicating a comprehensive approach to addressing common user concerns and questions.

Live support

ESPN Bet excels in providing live support to its users. The Live Chat feature, available 24 hours a day, offers direct and efficient assistance. While callbacks may take up to 24 hours, the availability of diverse contact options like email and phone support enhances overall user experience in resolving issues.

Online community

ESPN Bet lacks a specific community feature within its platform. Instead, user interactions and engagements are facilitated through ESPN's active social media presence. This approach, while allowing for some level of community interaction, falls short in comparison to the more dynamic and interactive forums offered by other leading sportsbook platforms.

Support Ticket

ESPN Bet provides a robust support ticket system, allowing users to email their queries and issues. This system facilitates detailed and trackable support requests, ensuring that user concerns are addressed in a structured and efficient manner.

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