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Written by Damien Souness
Chief Innovation Officer
Updated on Feb 15, 2024
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Reviewed by Nick Slade, Chief Content Officer

Dabble Fantasy Review: Dimers Score

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Dimers Score 4.47 / 5.0

Our Verdict

After diving into the features and community that Dabble Fantasy offers, it's clear that this platform stands out for its innovative approach to fantasy sports. The blend of competitive fantasy sports options and social interaction creates a uniquely engaging experience. Dabble Fantasy's commitment to providing a fun and safe betting environment, along with the best odds, ensures that both seasoned bettors and newcomers have everything they need to enjoy the world of fantasy sports.

Bonuses And Promos How does this DFS platform's promo code offers and bonuses for new and existing users compare to other major players in the industry?
Fantasy Features Is this DFS platform looking out for your bottom line? How do their betting odds and banking features compare to competition?
The Financials Is this platform a pleasure to bet with, or does a confusing interface or clunky mobile app making you want to tear your hair out?
User Experience How does this platform handle customer issues? We're looking at response time, ease of filing support tickets, and more.
Customer support How does this sportsbook handle customer issues? We're looking at response time, ease of filing support tickets, and more.

Dabble Fantasy: Pros and Cons

Social Integration: Dabble’s standout feature is its social platform, which allows users to share, follow, and copy bets, fostering a community-centric experience.
Limited Geographic Availability: Currently, Dabble's reach is restricted to certain U.S. states, limiting its accessibility to a wider audience.
Broad Sports Coverage: Catering to fans of major sports leagues, Dabble ensures there's something for every sports enthusiast.
Narrow Focus on Popular Sports: While Dabble covers major sports, fans of less mainstream or international sports might find options limited.
User-Centric Design: The app is celebrated for its intuitive navigation and accessibility, inviting users of all experience levels.
Withdrawal and Deposit Options: Presently, Dabble supports a somewhat limited range of banking methods, primarily focusing on card payments for deposits and withdrawals.
Innovative Betting Options: Dabble introduces unique ways to place bets, including copying bets from top punters, enhancing the interactive aspect of betting.

Secure and Reliable: With strong security measures and legal compliance, Dabble guarantees a safe betting environment for its users.

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Bonuses and promos


How does this DFS's promo code offers and bonuses for new and existing users compare to other major players in the industry?

New user promos
Contest Payouts
Event bonuses
Average value
User referrals

Fantasy Features


What betting options and special features set this platform apart, and what could be improved to give bettors all the tools they need?

Player Pricing
Variety of games
Availability of sports
Payout Structure
Fantasy Tools

The Financials


Is this DFS looking out for your bottom line? How do their betting odds and banking features compare to the competition?

Deposit methods
Withdrawal methods
Payout speed
Minimum deposit

User experience


Is using this DFS an enjoyable experience, or does a perplexing interface or cumbersome mobile app leave you feeling frustrated?

Ease of navigation
Ease of use
Roster Accessibility
Live betting
Mobile experience

Customer support


How does this DFS handle customer issues? We're looking at response time, ease of filing support tickets, and more.

FAQ section
Live support
Online community
Support Ticket

Dabble Fantasy Requirements

Before diving into Dabble Fantasy, users must be of legal betting age and located in a jurisdiction where Dabble Fantasy operates legally.

History of Dabble Fantasy

Dabble Fantasy has positioned itself as a rising star in the fantasy sports industry, distinguishing itself through a strong focus on community and social betting. The platform's innovative features, such as bet copying and a social feed for sharing bet slips, make it a standout choice for those looking to combine the excitement of fantasy sports with the camaraderie of a social network.


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