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NBA Trends

Looking for an edge in your NBA betting? Dimers’ expert insights and data-driven approach highlight the best available NBA trends to help you beat the odds.
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What are Dimers’ NBA Trends?

Generally speaking, NBA trends are patterns that have played out repeatedly in a given timeframe across the National Basketball League. While it is not particularly difficult to find information on current NBA trends among active players, Dimers’ NBA Trends are different. The information our team of data scientists selects to appear on this page is carefully curated and constantly updated, all in the interest of providing NBA bettors precisely what information they need to beat the odds currently available from sportsbooks across the nation.

To accomplish this, Dimers amasses a catalog of thousands of NBA trends pertaining to every game scheduled for a given day. Next, we analyze the most up-to-date data regarding each player’s expected on-court minutes for the games in question; this ensures that recent injuries, roster moves, rotation adjustments, and other such developments, have the lowest possible likelihood of mitigating the predictiveness of the trends Dimers features. Finally, we cross-reference our favorite NBA trends against current sportsbook odds, resulting in the Dimers’ NBA Trends you see on this page.

How to use NBA Trends to bet on the NBA?

Bettors can employ Dimers’ NBA Trends to inform their wagers in a multitude of ways, due to the enormous variety of player-centric betting opportunities made available via leading sportsbooks such as DraftKings, FanDuel, Caesars, BetMGM, Pointsbet, and more. Below are just a few of the techniques NBA bettors can apply to Dimers’ NBA Trends.

  1. Use NBA Trends to find the best NBA player prop bets. Because our NBA trends highlight the performance of a given player in a specific statistical category, they are extremely useful as a tool to locate the best possible player prop bets, which also pertain to specific statistical categories. For example, Stephen Curry of the Golden States Warriors is well known to excel in categories such as points, three-pointers, assists, and steals. Curry’s performance as a rebounder, however, often flies under the radar, despite Curry often going weeks or months posting some of the highest rebounding totals for any point guard in the league. In consequence, sportsbooks may offer better value for a prop bet regarding Curry’s rebounding total in a given game than his three-pointers total, if that value is being measured by Curry’s statistical norms in recent outings, as it should be. Dimers’ NBA Trends provide bettors a tool tailor made for identifying such opportunities.
  2. Using NBA Trends can avoid betting traps. Just as Dimers’ NBA Trends provide critical information to assist NBA bettors in finding good value, the tools on this page are indispensable as a safeguard to prevent NBA bettors from falling into the trap of taking on low value player props, which are often based on a player’s reputation, performance in previous seasons, or performance in anomalously high-minute scenarios, any of which can be misconstrued as genuinely predictive factors. One example is an aging star’s declining production, which is often abrupt, and can compel bettors to take on bets based on how many points they remember that player scoring in previous seasons, as opposed to focusing on his more recent output. Another example is a player who has seen extended minutes in recent weeks or months due to another player’s injury. Dimers’ NBA Trends always take into account a player’s projected minutes in the next game on his schedule, and our data is constantly updated, to ensure that when injured players return to action, bettors will be less likely to make the mistake of laying wagers on their replacements, given that said replacements’ recent statistical performances may, at a glance, suggest good value on player props.
  3. Identify real-world NBA betting value. For NBA bettors, far and away the most important element of Dimers’ NBA Trends is their usefulness for identifying real world betting value, which is why our NBA trends are always presented alongside relevant, up-to-date odds being offered by major sportsbooks on relevant bets. What’s more, our star ranking system does much of the work for you, as the quantity of stars you see above each of the trends featured on this page indicates that trend’s value compared to the betting odds featured below. More stars means superior betting value, and vice versa.
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