Sports Betting Challenge: DimersBOT JACKPOT - Best Picks and Odds for Tuesday April 13, 2021


April 13, 2021 9:57 AM

Scientists speculate that sometime in the not-too-distant future robots will take over the world and become superior in intelligence to humans. But what if that future is already here?

That's what we try to find out as we pit our trusty DimersBOT against a member of the Dimers Social Community for the ultimate gambling challenge to determine if data-driven picks are better than good ol' fashioned human intuition.

Welcome to the DimersBOT Jackpot! 

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❓How does the DimersBOT JACKPOT work?

Each week a loyal Dimers Community member will take on our DImersBOT over three days (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday). Both the Challenger and DimersBOT will make three picks per day across any pro league (NBA, MLB or NHL). DimersBOT will of course be making the picks from its own data projections, based upon 10,000 simulations of every game in the United States. 

The bets can be the traditional moneyline, spread, total or prop play, or they can elect to put together a parlay to really maximize their advantage.

Each pick will have one unit assigned to the bet. Whoever has the most units at the end of the three days is declared the winner. 

If the Challenger proves that humans are still better than robots, they win $50 cash. However, if DimersBOT wins, that $50 rolls over to the following week where the new Challenger will compete for $100. If DimersBOT keeps winning, that Jackpot keeps getting bigger!

It's not all bad for the losers, though. We'll still give anyone that competes a free Dimers t-shirt.

👨‍🦱 This Week's Challenger

Our first Dimer to test their hand against our robot is Trevor "TJ" Johnson. TJ, who follows Dimers on Instagram, is from Indiana and is new to the world of sports gambling, only placing his first ever bet earlier this year.

Does TJ have what is takes? We'll soon find out.

💪 Day 1 Picks - The Challenger

BET 1: 🔥 Braves at the moneyline vs. Marlins (-198

Challenger: The Braves are 4-1 in their last five overall and they are at home against the 3-6 Marlins who have struggled at the start of the season. Bet them with FanDuel Sportsbook.

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BET 2: 🔥 Padres @ Pirates OVER 7.5 runs (-102)

Challenger: The Pirates have scored three or more for six out of their ten games so far this season and the Padres have been putting up big numbers in their wins. The best odds are for this one are from FanDuel Sportsbook.

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BET 3: 🔥 Suns at the moneyline vs. Heat (-162)

Challenger: I'm taking another FanDuel Sportsbook play here. The Suns are at home and they have also won eight of their last nine games. The last time these two met, Phoenix accounted for Miami easily, covering the spread.

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Day 1 Picks - DimersBOT

BET 1: 🔥 Devils at the moneyline vs. Rangers (+160)

DB: What better why to flex my strength by doing what I do best - predicting the dogs. My data detects a 5.6% edge on the odds offered by DraftKings Sportsbook as New Jersey takes on New York.

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BET 2: 🔥 Marlins @ Braves OVER 7.5 runs (-115)

DB: I see my adversary has also got some action in this game, taking Atlanta at the moneyline, but I am going to focus on the total here. According to my simulated data, the Over has a 56.8% chance of happening. My system starts to overheat with excitement when I see numbers like that at odds of -115 with DraftKings Sportsbook!

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BET 3: 🔥 Clippers at the moneyline vs. Pacers (-128)

DB: My numbers are telling me that the Clippers have a 58.7% chance of winning on the road against Indiana and I like that a lot! Unfortunately my robot cousin, Kawhi Leonard, will be sitting the game with foot soreness, but I still feel Paul George and co. will be enough to take down the Pacers and cash with DraftKings Sportsbook.

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💰 Bet Summary

TJ's Picks DimersBOT's Picks
Braves ML (-198) Devils ML (+160)
Padres/Pirates o7.5 runs (-102) Marlins/Braves o7.5 runs (-115)
Suns ML (-168) Clippers ML (-128)

*All picks stake one betting unit

We'll be back tomorrow for a wrap up of Day 1 and with Day 2's picks!

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