Dimers Weekend Sweat - How to make the most of this week's promos


December 18, 2020 8:06 PM

This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You close this page - the story ends, you go through the weekend without winning a cent on your weekend bets and believe whatever you want to believe. You keep reading - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

Intrigued? You should be. This is The Weekend Sweat - your guaranteed ticket to winning money on sports betting this weekend.

Guaranteed? Yes, this is not a drill - I promise that by reading this YOU WILL make money this weekend. How do I know? No, I’m not an oracle, I’m just a smart and savvy hustler, trawling through the world of online sports gambling each and every week, looking for the best promotional deals on offer from the sportsbooks to 100% guarantee that you walk away from your weekend with a heavy wallet. 

Let me explain a little further:

How can I guarantee a profit on sports gambling? Online sports betting is rather new to America, and every single sportsbook wants a piece of the action. But they need customers. They need you. So, in order to get YOU, they are all fighting against each other to give YOU the best promotions and offers to try to hook you in as a customer.

Why does knowing this piece of information already give you an advantage over every other sports bettor in the country? Because if you diversify your bets across the sportsbooks, you cash in on offer after offer, spending little-to-no money while raking in free cash. No scams, no BS – just common sense.

Ok, let’s do it. Here’s how we get this bread:



The ‘book to use: BetMGM 

How much do I put down? BetMGM offers a risk-free bet of up to $500 for new users, but for this one we only need to spend $1. 

What’s the play? The King of Sportsbooks don’t miss on their weekend promos – they consistently come up with the best offers time and time again. This weekend they’re offering $100 back for a $1 moneyline bet on any of this week’s NFL games, as long as any team in the game scores a TD.

It doesn’t really matter which game you bet on, but for argument’s sake, we’ll put out $1 on the Dimers’ Quick Picks bet of the day, the Seattle Seahawks to beat Washington, currently showing at a 73.3% probability according to our simulation data.

Balance check: The result doesn’t matter here; just that there’s a TD scored - which has happened in every single NFL game so far this year. We’re walking away from here with a profit of $99 no matter what.

Sign up to BetMGM here to lock in this CRAZY offer!




The ‘book to use: Pointsbet

How much do I put down? We’re putting down $20 on this one.

What’s the play? Winning big on same game parlays are all the rage right now, and Pointsbet are trying to entice you into dipping your toe in the water with a $20 risk-free bet on your first same game parlay for Sunday night football for Browns @ Giants. So what that means is that even if we lose, we get our money back in bonus bets.

It’s a completely free swing - so let’s reach for the stars. Our same game parlay is:

Browns to win by 1-13 points

▪ Over 44.5 points

▪ Browns -0.5: first quarter line

▪ o10.5 points in the fourth quarter

🤑 Odds: +1300

Balance check: Only four legs but a nice chance to cash $260 if it lands. If not, we get our money back. Can’t lose!

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The ‘book to use: DraftKings Sportsbook

How much do I put down? New customers can get a bonus sign-up offer of up to $1000 with DK Sportsbook but for this offer, if you are a new customer you will only need $50 - for existing customers, you can use $25.

What’s the play: This is one of the best offers we’ve seen in a while as DraftKings gets into the Christmas spirit for the start of the NBA season.

DK Sportsbook is offering a HUGE +75 spread on any team playing on opening night, and the best part is that the offer is available to both new (max $50 bet) and existing (max $25) customers.

With two games to kick off the new NBA year, we’ll focus on Nets @ Warriors. A big game with KD returning to San Francisco. We’ll take the Nets +75 at -110

Balance check: Unless Steph Curry goes crazy and does something that has never been done in history before, this bet is pretty safe, and so is our profit. New customers will cash $95 and existing customers will cash $47.5. 

So there you have it - another Weekend Sweat in the books and another guaranteed profit. I bet you’re glad went down the rabbit-hole now, huh?

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The sportsbooks👇

🤑 BetMGM
🤑 PointsBet

🤑 DraftKings Sportsbook


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