Saturday College Football: Week 8 Best Spread Picks


October 22, 2020 2:12 AM

College Football is absolutely rolling right now, and DimersBOT is loving it. Plus, Big 10 kicks off this weekend as we get right into the meat of the season!

Each week, our computer picks out the best three spread plays for you to make, with a good chance of hitting a parlay.

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Last week wasn't our best effort, with just one of the three picks cashing for us but we've been in good form for most of the season so we're still feeling good heading in to this week!

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🏈 Iowa -3 @ Purdue (55.2% probability)


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Army -30.5 vs. Mercer (55.1% probability)‍


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🏈 Kansas State -19.5 vs. Kansas
 (54.2% probability)


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