The Top 10 Gambling Stories of 2021

As we prepare to ring in the New Year and welcome a prosperous 2022, looks back on the previous 12 months and presents the Top 10 Gambling Stories of 2021.

Kicking things off at Number 10, it's Live Bet Larry from Philadelphia.


10. Philly Bettor Turns $37 into $48,000 on NBA

Any bettor will tell you that on some nights, landing a straight up four-team parlay is hard enough, nevertheless trying to cash that same parlay with some improbable player props thrown in for good measure. But that’s exactly what this week’s feature gambler of the week did when he threw $37 on an NBA Player Performance Double parlay and turned it into almost $48,000.

@Larrylocks8, better known as Live Bet Larry via Twitter, started the NBA playoffs with a bang this year when he pieced together an all-time epic win. However, unlike some props bettors who spend hours studying stat lines or watching game film, Larry’s parlay came together in record more


9. Man hits $46,000 Winning Parlay with his last $100

What would you do if you hit a $46,000 Same Game Parlay? Buy something expensive? Tell your boss to “shove his job up his ass” and quit? Keep trying to roll your winnings over and over, hoping that you could turn that money into something even bigger? Well, spoke to one man who can answer all of those questions.

For Jerry Emer, he didn’t actually do any of those things. In fact, before going to bed on the Thursday night in October, just after he landed the biggest bet of his life, he set his alarm for work. 4:30am. Just like he did every other more


8. The Best Sports Gambling Tales: The Science Behind NBA First Basket Betting

NBA First Basket betting markets have become one of the most popular bet types among sports bettors in 2021, with low stake wagers returning huge dividends.

In a market where the favorites are listed at no less than odds of around +500, you would be forgiven for thinking that some of the big wins you’ve seen on social media are simply bettors throwing darts into the air.

But for one man and his legion of followers, data analysis has been behind some of the most outrageous cashes we’ve seen across social media to open the season.

Ryan, from Indiana, created the @NBAFirstBasket account on Twitter in January 2021 after taking an interest in the unique market that was born out of a two-decade long love of gambling on more


7. The Hottest Man in Gambling: LCapitanBets' incredible NBA Playoffs run

It was around seven weeks ago that first crossed paths with Thomas Martinez. The man, whose huge gambling wins on NBA games were quickly becoming the stuff of legend, caught our attention - so much so that I decided to reach out to the bettor known as Humble Beast, or The Capitan, for an interview about his hot streak. 

The article, which crashed our website and sent my boss into a cold sweat, was by far the most consumed piece of content in our history as thousands of readers flocked to read his story. Little did we know that what was to come after for Martinez would be even bigger.

It definitely helped a lot,” Thomas said of the feature article.

“I feel like it gave some people more of an in-depth look at how I got things started,”

Those humble beginnings, from posting small $25 parlays on his Instagram page almost a year ago, to running a fully fledged business with paying clients (and many more fighting their way to get into his paid group chats), and regularly posting huge bets that clean up thousands of dollars every night, has made @LCapitanBets the hottest commodity in the world of online sports gambling right now. That’s not an exaggeration.

When asked about just how much he’s come away with since May - where he profited more than $78,000 more


6. Man Wins $112,000 on MLB Game Due to Sportsbook Glitch

To paraphrase a line from the great Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday, life is a game of inches. In the game of life, the margin of error is so small - I mean, one half-step too late, or too early and you don’t quite make it. One second too slow, too fast, you don’t quite catch it. The inches we need are everywhere around us.

Landon Coleman (@Titsyeah) of Evansville, Indiana, landed in the exact right spot at the exact right time, stumbling across a split-second FanDuel Sportsbook glitch before last Sunday’s MLB game between the Pittsburgh Pirates and Cincinnati Reds that would see him collect a life-changing $112,000. 

And yes, they let him keep more



5. Man Turns $40 into $48k on Same Game Parlay

With close to $48,000 on the line from a $40 Same Game Parlay, any ordinary bettor might be inclined to watch their wager play out by tuning into the game on TV. For Kenny McAndress, he instead cashed the biggest gambling win of his life by following the box score on his ESPN app while watching a movie on the couch with his fiancé. Then again, McAndress is no ordinary bettor.

The man known online as @kiiLkenny hit the biggest Same Game Parlay we’ve ever seen here at back in April, during a regular season NBA game between the Hawks and Bulls that returned odds of more


4. The Man Winning Thousands on NBA Every Night

Do you remember your first wager? I remember mine. It was the early 90s and my Dad took me to a racetrack. While we were there, he pulled a form guide out from his pocket and told me to pick a horse. Without any idea of what I was doing, I chose Number 3 - a horse named Not Shy. My Dad placed the bet, handed me the slip, and I watched on as Not Shy destroyed the field to claim my first ever win. I don’t think my Dad actually ended up giving me the winnings that day, but it didn’t matter; I knew I loved betting.

For Beau Wagner, a Chicago native who goes by @BeauLWagner on Twitter, he remembers his first time just as vividly. It came some 1,751 miles away from his home in the Windy City during 2012 NFL Wild Card Weekend, in where else but Vegas.

Fast forward almost a decade, and the Illinois Attorney is still betting, and betting big. Over the course of the NBA season via Twitter, Beau has regularly posted big bets on player prop markets, some over the range of $1000 per game.

His most notable win came during the NBA playoffs when he turned a $500 bet into $6000 on a Luka Doncic player performance double bet during the Mavericks’ series against the LA more


3. Man wins $50k on NBA Player Props

I’ll forever remember March 23, 2021. Just an ordinary early-spring day to most, but for Gambling Twitter it was the day when Kyle Kuzma recorded six assists in a half of basketball to cash one of the greatest community plays of all-time. It was also the day I stumbled across the account of TheMisterMarcus.

For me, that Tuesday in March started like all others. I woke up, went to the bathroom and scrolled the Dimers Instagram feed. Navigating through various stories of other users one by one, I came across a bet posted by an account that instantly caught my attention. ‘KYLE KUZMA TO RECORD 6+ ASSISTS: +1000’ the bet slip read. 

With LA due to play New Orleans that night without their star duo of Anthony Davis and LeBron James, the bet seemed almost too good to be more


2. From Cutting Hair to Millionaire

From having never placed a bet on sports until February this year, to becoming one of the most tailed accounts on Gambling Twitter on a nightly basis with over 20,000 followers.

It's safe to say that the past couple of years have been a pretty crazy for the self-made millionaire that goes by the name of Meezy. But that’s not even half of it.

Mehran, better known under the Twitter handle XXXMEEZY, has exploded on social media as one of the most well known bettors this NBA season, posting regular plays to both his Twitter and Discord audiences that have cashed thousands for those tailing.

While it might look like these winning tickets with odds of over +10000 are coming from the mind of a seasoned pro, Meezy says it was only this year that he started betting on sports after initially developing a love for casino gambling through a trip to Las more


1. Man Profits $78k Betting Basketball in May

If you’re a regular follower of betting-themed accounts on social media, you’ll often see nightly posts of impossible bets cashing huge amounts of money for a lucky bettor. What you may not know, however, is that lately, those bets belong to the same man who is on one of the most unbelievable heat checks we’ve ever seen.

Thomas Martinez, or LCapitan, as he is known online, has become a social media sensation for a run over the month of May that has seen him turn a relatively small bankroll into more than $78,000.

For Martinez, an interest in sports betting started around three years ago, born out of a love of sport, but before gambling was technically more


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