The Best Sports Gambling Tales: From Cutting Hair to a Millionaire - The Rise of Meezy

From having never placed a bet on sports until February this year, to becoming one of the most tailed accounts on Gambling Twitter on a nightly basis with over 20,000 followers.

It's safe to say that the past couple of years have been a pretty crazy for the self-made millionaire that goes by the name of Meezy. But that’s not even half of it.

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Mehran, better known under the Twitter handle XXXMEEZY, has exploded on social media as one of the most well known bettors this NBA season, posting regular plays to both his Twitter and Discord audiences that have cashed thousands for those tailing.

While it might look like these winning tickets with odds of over +10000 are coming from the mind of a seasoned pro, Meezy says it was only this year that he started betting on sports after initially developing a love for casino gambling through a trip to Las Vegas.

“I’ve been gambling for about 3 years now, with the last 2 years being more consistent.” the 26-year old told “I got into it on my first ever Vegas trip with the guys in 2018,” 

I went there to party originally but got hooked on the scene watching people gambling. First it was Casino War, like the game you play as a child where the bigger number wins. 

“I turned $100 into $1000 pretty quickly. After that is when I found my niche, walking by a roulette table and asking a player how it was played. After showing me the ropes, I turned that $1000 into over $3000 the first time I played. 

“The rest is history.”

With sports gambling becoming legal in Mehran’s home state of Virginia of February 2021, Meezy wasted no time in opening an account and beginning his ascent as one of the online gambling community’s hottest commodities. But it wasn’t until opening night of this year’s NBA season that things really started to take off when Brooklyn guard Patty Mills went off in his first game for the Nets, cashing a parlay with Jordan Poole to score 15+. 

From there the attention started setting in daily on my tweets for certain players,“ he said.

“I called out some plays like John Collins' huge game vs. my Wizards where he erupted for 25 points, which was the same game where I cashed on Kentavious Caldwell-Pope threes,

“It was consistent call outs and hits that got the followers tuned in.

It wasn’t until November, however, that Meezy says things really went up a level, when he tweeted out a +11000 Player Performance Double parlay that cashed, with hundreds of followers all tailing along for a huge pay day.

The big win appeared to be the final piece of the puzzle for the Virginian, who 12 months earlier had quit his day job as an Account Manager.

I decided after a frustrating work day, telling myself I was underpaid and overworked, I'd quit my job and figure life out. I was scared shitless but I knew that the risk would push me to actually do this,” he explained.

Knowing he had to still keep his head above water to pay bills after putting in his notice with his employer, Mehran turned to an old skill he picked up in high school - cutting hair - transforming his garage into a barbershop to make money.

The additional spare time created by ditching his 9-5 job allowed him to educate himself on the cryptocurrency markets.

“With this, I began calling plays on Twitter and Instagram for stock & crypto picks,” he said.

“I was on the AMC/GME before the buzz, which helped many people in my network to make some serious cash. In crypto it was plays like chainlink, fantom, xrp and doge that netted some big returns for my small following.”

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The success in trading stocks and cryptocurrency helped Meezy realize that he had a new career path.

“I told myself, ‘Well I'm getting good at this, and I’m good at sales/marketing through past jobs, if I were to get X amount of people to pay me X for my successful calls, well then I'd never have to work again.' And soon enough, I was able to market the idea and the idea of a Discord server blew up,” he told us.

“One of my biggest hits on crypto was Telcoin, which I gave to my Discord. A $5000 investment netted me $60,000 within a week. My previous yearly salary was made, and more, in 7 days. That's when I knew this was serious and I could eventually become a millionaire in cryptocurrency.

“And then that happened.”

With 5000 members in his Discord, which now comprises of sports betting picks as well as cryptocurrency analysis and tips, the modern day entrepreneur offers one of the most extensive paid services on the internet, giving him the edge on many of the other VIPs which have exploded onto the market with the increased popularity of the sports betting and the growing online community.

Speaking about the current over-saturation of paid subscription services for gambling picks, the man who attributes his sports betting success to simply being a big basketball fan says that it’s not such a bad thing.

“I give this example all the time: I personally pay multiple subscriptions for streaming services; Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Starz, Disney+ & HBO Max.They all provide the same concept, but have their own pros and cons,” he said

“If someone is interested in my analysis & insight that are backed by research to parlay, or high value straight picks or plus money prop bets, I'm your guy. If you are interested in something much safer, there is plenty else out there. 

“Find out what suits you and join, but if you are a serious gambler I'd recommend being in all.”

That advice is something other bettors in the community are already taking on, with one member of Meezy’s Discord parlaying his Discord play of Derrick White to score 25+ points against the Knicks with another play from online handicapper LCapitan to profit $18,000 from a $38 bet.

As for the future, the sports gambling lover just wants to keep doing what he’s doing.

“Wagering on props & giving opportunities for others to make money. I never really expected to be here but that's the great part of just going with the flow in life,” he said.

“I can't say for certain what I'll do from here but I can guarantee you'll be hearing the name Meezy for a long time!”


You can follow Meezy on Twitter @XXXMEEZY

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