One of the Best Sports Betting and Gambling Stories of All Time: Man hits $46,000 Winning Parlay with his last $100

What would you do if you hit a $46,000 Same Game Parlay? Buy something expensive? Tell your boss to “shove his job up his ass” and quit? Keep trying to roll your winnings over and over, hoping that you could turn that money into something even bigger? Well, spoke to one man who can answer all of those questions.

For Jerry Emer, he didn’t actually do any of those things. In fact, before going to bed on the Thursday night in October, just after he landed the biggest bet of his life, he set his alarm for work. 4:30am. Just like he did every other night.

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Jerry’s win is now the stuff of legend, much like last week's feature with Humble Beast, who won $78k betting on NBA in May. Jerry, on a hunch, and with the last of the money in his bank account, he put a $100 wager on the Giants and Eagles game in Week 7 of the NFL season. Even though Carson Wentz scored the first touchdown and easily cleared 247.5 passing yards, Sterling Brown’s touchdown at the beginning of the fourth to put the Giants 11 points up ticked off a leg but also looked like it effectively killed the bet, which was contingent upon the Eagles winning at the moneyline. Not to mention the fact that Boston Scott also had to score for the ticket to cash.

Then, something amazing happened. Philly scored a TD with four minutes remaining. It wasn’t Boston Scott, but it gave his bet a pulse. The fairytale was then complete with just 40 seconds left on the clock when Carson Wentz drilled Scott with an 18yd pass to give Philadelphia a 1-point win and Jerry a huge $46,000 windfall.

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Instead of letting the money change him, that next morning at work he looked after everyone else. “I did get to buy the whole jobsite breakfast, so people were happy about that,” Jerry told 

A trip to Target with his young daughters followed, to buy them “whatever toys they wanted,”. His only indulgence? A new Xbox, and finishing the landscaping work on a house that he bought eight months earlier, just before the pandemic hit.

The win turned the New Jersey man into an instant online sensation. His Twitter account, under the handle @Paranormal_Bass, ballooned from 1800 followers (a total he amassed from his time as a local DJ) to more than 14,500 almost overnight. “I think the biggest change was the amount of followers I gained,” he said. 

WIth the new notoriety, Jerry saw an opportunity to build a community where bettors come together. “People started to realize how much fun we can have as a group. Rooting for each other, looking for odds that seem off to us, going crazy when we all hit the same bet”.

That community has become something truly unique on #GamblingTwitter. On any given night, you can find hundreds of people all tweeting their bet slips to the 30-year-old, looking for advice from the man who has now become something of a patriarch for the online gambling world that is so new to millions of Americans. He says that education for those new bettors discovering gambling for the first time is something he takes seriously; not just with how to bet, but what to look out for, particularly with so many handicappers trying to sell picks online.

“I’m not anti-VIP, but I do not recommend it to people,” he said. “There are only a small handful of people (who are legit). People manipulate wins and losses on social media and lure people in, and before they know it, they’re signed up for a month and paid for losing picks. I think we’re doing a great job at exposing those people.”

After winning such a huge amount of money, most bettors would be tempted to try and gamble bigger stakes in order to turn that money into more profit, however, Emer has routinely stayed away from those bigger plays because of his new following.

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“Since the big win I definitely toned it down,” he said. “I still take my shot, but not for $100”.

“Too many people tail my plays, and that can be devastating for someone’s bankroll if there’s a cold spell. I try to keep it low risk, high reward, so people can have fun and not lose much in the process.”

When asked about the current state of the online gambling community and the way forward, the betting prophet was honest, but optimistic. “There’s a lot of unnecessary competition between people, but I think we’ve done a great job of weeding out the negative people,” he said.

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“The more we grow together and the more brains we have passing around ideas and doing research, the better chance we have of being smarter… It’s definitely a work in progress as more states legalize sports betting and more people enter the gambling world, but I think the long term outlook is great if we keep this path.”

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