The Ultimate Heater: The Man Who Profited $78k on Basketball in May

If you’re a regular follower of betting-themed accounts on social media, you’ll often see nightly posts of impossible bets cashing huge amounts of money for a lucky bettor. What you may not know, however, is that lately, those bets belong to the same man who is on one of the most unbelievable heat checks we’ve ever seen.

Thomas Martinez, or @_LCapitan, as he is known online, has become a social media sensation for a run over the month of May that has seen him turn a relatively small bankroll into more than $78,000.

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For Martinez, an interest in sports betting started around three years ago, born out of a love of sport, but before gambling was technically legal.

“Someone showed me that I can bet on them (sports) and make money at a corner store bookie,” he said.

“I saw it as something fun, then I realized the true potential and the new levels that I could take it. I still have a lot of fun doing it, but it’s been a life changing experience as well.”

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The big run started at the beginning of May for Thomas when he cashed almost $4000 on Rockets rookie Kenyon Martin Jr to score 25+ points against the Bucks - a feat Martin Jr had not previously achieved in his first season in the NBA until that night in Milwaukee.

And then, it just kept happening. And happening. And happening.

From Alex Caruso to score 15+ points against the Blazers paying $6400 from a $400 bet to the Suns beating the Lakers between 26-30 points in Game 5 turning a $500 wager into $16,000. But it was last night’s Game 5 between the Clippers and Mavericks at Staples that @_LCapitan says he had his best win of this run when he cashed five various Luka Doncic prop bets to pocket more than $28,000. 

While some may think this is luck, it’s anything but for the New Jersey native who puts a large amount of time into research and refers to a formula he has built on his own using online betting tools at his disposal.

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“Trends are very important to pay attention to (in playoffs) because you’re looking at a seven-game series and it gives you the opportunity to see these teams play each other consecutively,” he said. “My research these playoffs has mostly consisted of watching some of these games more than once as a study session”

That attention to detail is paying off, in a big way. With a dedicated client base who pay him for picks, he’s also extremely humble (as his Twitter name ‘Humble Beast’ would imply) who loves the chance to share his success with his followers.

While he says he is “blessed”, he also knows the realities of sports betting and advises new bettors to stay the course. 

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“Don’t look at my success and think that I don’t lose as well,”

“I’ve had cold streaks and it’s part of the game… I always tell everyone that bankroll management is so important. The unit system is so important when tracking your success and inheriting long term profit.” Martinez said.

It seems like everything this man touches right now turns to gold, and we can’t wait to see how far this heater can go.

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