History of Super Bowl First Touchdown Scorers


January 24, 2021 10:20 PM

An all-time favorite this one. It may well be the most popular prop bet of Super Bowl week. We’re sorry The Weeknd, you just can’t compete with football. You’d be surprised which positions score first in a Super Bowl. Is it the best player? Strongest receiver? Fastest running-back? What about a defensive stud? Either way, you can see this year's best chances in our Super Bowl LV Most Likely Touchdown Scorers article.

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Super Bowl LV (2020 Season) Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Rob Gronkowski — Bucs Tight End

Final Score: 31-9 Bucs

Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady found Gronk, on second down and five, for the first TD of Super Bowl 55. Gronk was +1100 odds to score the game's first touchdown.

When was the TD scored?

  • Bucs second down and five.
  • 00:37 remaining in the first quarter.

Super Bowl LIV (2019 Season) Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers


Patrick Mahomes — Chiefs QB 

Final Score: 31-20 Chiefs

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez have got to be my two favorite artists on the planet. I mean, that rendition of Hips Don’t Lie…just a work of art, voices of angels.

Oh yeah, and that game thing I guess we should talk about that.

San Francisco must’ve forgot to take a cold shower after watching J-Lo at half-time as they did their best Atlanta Falcons impression in the fourth.

Let’s rewind though, Patrick Mahomes ran in the game’s first touchdown from the one to give Kansas City a 7-3 lead. In turn, giving Mahomes bettors a nice bonus —MVPat was +2000, 13th favorite to score first.

When was the TD scored?

  • Kansas City’s second drive.
  • 00:31 remaining in the first quarter.

Super Bowl LIII (2018 Season) — New England Patriots vs. Los Angeles Rams


Sony Michel — Patriots RB

Final Score: 13-3 Patriots 

The first — and only — touchdown scorer of Super Bowl LIII was New England running back Sony Michel. New England’s #26 was favorite to score the first TD at +400 — earning you a $500 payout, if you bet $100.

In quite possibly the most boring Super Bowl in the history of mankind, Michel provided some normality. Oh and New England won again…if only that wasn’t normal. 

Let’s cut Pats fans some slack though, this is a safe space for them, we’re in the past here.

If Cam Newton’s at the helm in 2021, the Jags and Jets seem more likely to claim a Lombardi quicker. 

When was the TD scored?

  • New England’s eleventh drive
  • 7:00 remaining in the fourth — no this isn’t a joke

Super Bowl LII (2017 Season) — Philadelphia Eagles vs. New England Patriots


Alshon Jeffery — Eagles WR

Final Score: 41-33 Eagles 

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Well yes, the Patriots too, but we mean Philly. 

Super Bowl LII had Nick Foles throwing to Alshon Jeffery for the game’s first TD, Trey Burton throwing to Nick Foles and now here we are, three years later…Nate Sudfeld throwing to ghosts. 

Jeffery, who has since become known for his butter fingers, stood at +1200 — seventh favorite — to score the first touchdown.  

When was the TD scored?

  • Philadelphia’s second drive
  • 2:34 remaining in first quarter

Super Bowl LI (2016 Season) — New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons


Devonta Freeman — Falcons 

Final Score: 34-28 Patriots (OT)

It all started so well for Atlanta. Running back Devonta Freeman opened their Super Bowl account with a 5-yard TD run, giving the Falcons a 7-0 lead. 

Eventually the Falcons found themselves up 28-3 before collapsing like a house of cards. 

Freeman was the equal second favorite — +800 — to score the game’s first touchdown. Even if Falcons fans had $100,000 — $900,000 payout — on Devonta, they’d have been flatter than Tom Brady’s footballs.

When was the TD scored?

  • Atlanta’s third drive
  • 12:15 remaining in the 2nd quarter

Super Bowl 50 (2015 Season) — Denver Broncos vs. Carolina Panthers


Malik Jackson — Broncos DT

Final Score: 24-10 Broncos

The Von Miller show started early in Super Bowl 50 as the Vonster set up Denver’s first touchdown with a strip sack of MVP Cam Newton.

Broncos DT Malik Jackson fell on the ball in the end zone for the game’s first TD. If only Cam had been watching Malik’s masterclass on how to dive…it could have been so different. 

As you’d imagine there were no available odds on a DT to score the first touchdown of a Super Bowl, so in this case anyone who bet the field — anyone not listed — would have won. 

When was the TD scored?

  • Carolina’s second drive
  • 6:27 remaining in first quarter

Super Bowl XLIX (2014 Season) — New England Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks


Brandon LaFell — Patriots WR

Final Score: 28-24 Patriots 

Journeyman receiver Brandon LaFell kick-started one of the greatest Super Bowls ever into gear. LaFell hauled in an 11-yard TD pass from Tom Brady to give New England a 7-0 lead. 

Of course, this Super Bowl isn’t remembered for Tom Brady’s passing game…we’re looking at you Pete and Russ. 

New England’s win would have been even sweeter for those who bet La Fell at +1200 —5th favorite — to score first.

When was the TD scored?

  • New England’s third possession 
  • 9:47 remaining in second quarter

Super Bowl XLVIII (2013 Season) — Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos


Marshawn Lynch — Seahawks RB

Final Score: 43-8 Seahawks

Beast Mode announced himself on the biggest stage as he punched in a 1-yard TD run, extending Seattle’s lead to 14-0.

Points were a rarity — Denver’s safety inside 12 seconds aside — until Lynch broke the plain…from there the floodgates open. Sorry Broncos fans.

Marshawn delivered after being favorite to score the first TD at +500. 

When was the TD scored?

  • Seattle’s third drive
  • 12:00 remaining in the second quarter

Super Bowl XLVII (2012 Season) — Baltimore Ravens vs. San Francisco 49ers


Anquan Boldin — Ravens WR

Final Score: 34-31 Ravens

Veteran receiver Anquan Boldin rose highest as the Ravens landed the first blow in Super Bowl XLVII. 

Boldin floated through the air to make a critical 13-yard TD reception on a 3rd and 4. Baltimore’s big bodied receiver stole the show and was unfortunate not to be Super Bowl MVP after 6 receptions for 104 yards.

Boldin was +850 to breach the end zone first, earning you a $900 payout if you put $100 on AB.

When was the TD scored?

  • Baltimore’s first drive
  • 10:36 remaining in the first quarter

Super Bowl XLVI (2011 Season) — New York Giants vs. New England Patriots


Victor Cruz — Giants WR

Final Score: 21-17 Giants

Salsa sensation Victor Cruz was the first to dance in the end zone after Eli Manning found New York’s #80 for a 2-yard TD in Super Bowl XLVI. 

The game’s first offensive score saw New York stretch their lead to 9-0. New England previously gave up a safety after Tom Brady was called for intentional grounding in the end zone.

Cruz was third favorite — behind Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez — to score the first TD, with odds of +750. 

$100 on Cruz would have earned you a $850 payout.

When was the TD scored?

  • New York’s second drive
  • 3:24 remaining in the first quarter

Super Bowl XLV (2010 Season) — Green Bay Packers vs. Pittsburgh Steelers


Jordy Nelson — Packers WR

Final Score: 31-25 Packers

Aaron Rodgers’ all-time favorite weapon stepped up to kick off the scoring in a thrilling Super Bowl between the Packers and Steelers at Cowboys Stadium.

Jordy Nelson caught a 29-yard pass to give the Pack a 7-0 lead. Despite being a trusted target of A-Rod, Nelson was +1400 — 10th favorite — to score the first touchdown of Super Bowl XLV.

Bettors who placed $10 on Nelson would have received a juicy $150 payout.

When was the TD scored?

  • Green Bay’s second drive
  • 3:44 remaining in the first quarter

After this trip down memory lane, it’s time to return you to the present. It’s not all bad, you can take advantage of the best Super Bowl promos and best odds for every SB LV bet.

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