Best Home Run Props - Our Dinger Tuesday Picks for Every MLB Game on April 30

Best Home Run Props - Our Dinger Tuesday Picks for Every MLB Game on April 30

The 2024 MLB season rolls on as we're into the second week of action. FanDuel is already cooking with one of the best promos of the year, Dinger Tuesday.

If you're unfamiliar, Dinger Tuesday is a weekly promo run by FanDuel centered around home runs on, you guessed it, Tuesdays in MLB.

Here's the basics: Bet minimum $25 on any player to hit a home run in any game, and you'll get $5 in bonus bets for each home run hit by any player in the game, up to $25 total. Win or lose, too, so no matter if the player you bet on to hit a home run succeeds or not, you'll still get the bonus bets.

You can read our full breakdown of Dinger Tuesday strategy here.

In this weekly article, we'll highlight the #1 Dinger Tuesday pick in each game. If we have a value play, that's the one we'll go with. If our model detects no Home Run value in a game, we'll highlight our most likely home run hitter. This won't be a detailed breakdown of each matchup and we encourage you to mix in your own research to confirm you like the picks.

If you're a limited Dinger Tuesday bettor (learn here), then you'll ideally want to target the games with the highest overs or worst pitchers.

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Dinger Tuesday Best Bets - April 30, 2024

Below you will find our Dinger Tuesday pick for each MLB game today. These will be based purely on the DimersBOT projections; we encourage you to double-check lineups, weather reports and other important factors closer to gametime. Additionally, our edges are calculated against the best odds available, which may not be the same on FanDuel, though we will include their FanDuel odds below.

With Game 1 of the doubleheader between the Cardinals and Tigers getting underway in the late afternoon, we'll be looking at the other games today.

Dimers Pro users can sort by home run props here and search for only the highest probabilities if they want to skip right to picking home run props.

New York Yankees vs. Baltimore Orioles - 6:35PM ET

Best HR Bet: Oswaldo Cabrera (+900 on FanDuel)

Not only is Oswaldo Cabrera our best home run value in this game, his odds are even better on FanDuel, making his 13.3% probability to go yard against the O's in Camden Yards an excellent value and fair odds of +650.

Full Yankees vs. Orioles Preview

Colorado Rockies vs. Miami Marlins - 6:40PM ET

Best HR Bet: TBD

Currently no home run props worth betting in this game according to our model. Check back for potential updates.

Full Rockies vs. Marlins Preview

Kansas City Royals vs. Toronto Blue Jays - 7:07PM ET

Best HR Bet: Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (+400 on FanDuel)

Vladdy is an interesting pick, as there is much better value in this game on other books with different players, but on FanDuel, Vladdy is closest to his fair price of +425 according to his 18.9% probability.

Full Royals vs. Blue Jays Preview

Chicago Cubs vs. New York Mets - 7:10 PM ET

Best HR Bet: Pete Alonso (+420 on FanDuel)

The Polar Bear gets a 23.7% probability to go yard tonight, making his fair price closer to +300 and a clear value here, even though you can get him at +450 on BetMGM.

Full Cubs vs. Mets Preview

San Francisco Giants vs. Boston Red Sox - 7:10PM ET

Best HR Bet: Tyler O'Neil (+540 on FanDuel)

While you can get the Red Sox slugger for as long as +825 elsewhere, his odds of +560 at FanDuel still present us with a perfectly fair price given his 15.7% probability.

Full Giants vs. Red Sox Preview

Minnesota Twins vs. Chicago White Sox - 7:40PM ET

Best HR Bet: TBD

Currently no home run props worth betting in this game according to our model. Check back for potential updates.

⚾ Full Twins vs. White Sox Preview

Tampa Bay Rays vs. Milwaukee Brewers - 7:40PM ET

Best HR Bet: William Contreras (+400 on FanDuel)

Contreras clocks in at a 17.9% probability to go yard tonight, so while you're losing about 2% of value with his odds on FanDuel, they're still significantly better than our model's slightly higher favorite, Rhys Hoskins, who's just +265.

⚾ Full Rays vs. Brewers Preview

Washington Nationals vs. Texas Rangers - 8:05PM ET

Best HR Bet: Corey Seager (+400 on FanDuel)

Spot-on with our model's 19.8% probability, Corey Seager actually gets slightly better odds on FanDuel than some other books.

⚾ Full Nationals vs. Rangers Preview

Cleveland Guardians vs. Houston Astros - 8:10 PM ET

Best HR Bet: Kyle Tucker (+420 on FanDuel)

A DimersBOT favorite, Kyle Tucker just launched a pair in the Mexico City series and will look to bring that hot bat back to the states. He gets a 22.3% probability from our model, making his fair odds around +350.

⚾ Full Guardians vs. Astros Preview

Philadelphia Phillies vs. Los Angeles Angels - 9:38 PM ET

Best HR Bet: Jo Adell (+520)

Jo Adell came up big for us in last night's Round Robin and our model favors him to go yard again, giving him a 17.3% probability, making him a short edge value play in this game

⚾ Full Phillies vs. Angels Preview

Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Arizona Diamondbacks - 9:40 PM ET

Best HR Bet: Christian Walker (Odds TBD)

Just as this was being written up, FanDuel's HR odds for this game came off the board. Walker is still our pick as long as he's in the lineup, with a 19.4% probability.

⚾ Full Dodgers vs. D-Backs Preview

Atlanta Braves vs. Seattle Mariners - 9:40PM ET

Best HR Bet: Cal Raleigh (+480 on FanDuel)

You don't often see a fair price (or value) on the player with the second-shortest odds in any given game, but here we are. Cal Raleigh draws a 17.2% probability to go yard while his odds of +480 clock right in at 17.2%. Only Matt Olson(+360)  has shorter odds than Raleigh.

⚾ Full Braves vs. Mariners Preview

Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Oakland Athletics - 9:40 PM ET

Best HR Bet:  Oneil Cruz (+630 on FanDuel)

Time for a Cruz missile! Our best HR edge in this game is for the Pirates superstar in the making to launch one in front of the 20 fans in attendance for tonight's A's game. He gets a 15.6% probability, making his fair price closer to +540.

⚾ Full Pirates vs. Athletics Preview

Cincinnati Reds vs. San Diego Padres - 9:40 PM ET

Best HR Bet: Luis Campusano (+680 on FanDuel)

Our model has detected the best edge on Campusano on BetMGM where you can get him for +825, but you can still get about a 1% value with his odds on FanDuel. The hard-hitting young catcher picked up his second home run of the season two games ago.

⚾ Full Reds vs. Padres Preview

Do the Extra Research

The best way to use Dimers Pro is alongside the wealth of MLB statistics out there. Weather, pitch types, ballparks...these are just a handful of the factors that can weigh into home run props. 

With dozens of props available on Dimers Pro, it's always good to check on these other data points to help you narrow down which bets to make.

Best Home Run Props Today

Dimers Pro users are getting a healthy dose of opportunities for the Dinger Tuesday this week with dozens of home run props available this morning.

If you're an +EV hunter, you'll want Dimers Pro to access every single home run prop here.

Dimers and Responsible Gambling

Please remember to enjoy gambling responsibly. Set limits on time and money spent, and never chase losses. Understand the risks and make informed decisions. Know when to take breaks and seek support if needed. Remember, responsible gambling is about having fun while maintaining control.

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