Dinger Tuesday FanDuel Promo - Our Best Home Run Props and Betting Strategy

Dinger Tuesday FanDuel Promo - Our Best Home Run Props and Betting Strategy

The 2024 MLB season is rolling along and FanDuel is leveling things up each week with one of the best MLB betting promos out there, Dinger Tuesday!

If you're unfamiliar, Dinger Tuesday is a weekly promo run by FanDuel centered around home runs on, you guessed it, Tuesdays in MLB.

The basic rundown: Bet minimum $25 on any player to hit a home run in any game, and you'll get $5 in bonus bets for each home run hit by any player in the game, up to $25 total. And that's win or lose; if the player you bet on to hit a home run succeeds, you'll still get the bonus bets.

Let's look at an example: You bet $25 on Mookie Betts to hit a home run at +400. He does, winning you $100 in profit. Additionally, three other players in this game hit a home run, meaning you've earned a $15 bonus bet on top of your profits! If you have the unlimited version (more on that below) of this promo, you can do this for every single MLB game on Tuesdays

We've compiled a handy little strategy guide for betting on Dinger Tuesday each week to help you maximize your profits in tandem with Dimers Pro.

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With Dimers Pro, you'll have access to every home run prop on Dimers.com every single day, sometimes exceeding 50 home run propson full slates. These props will always come with an edge against the books, meaning they're ideal targets for your Dinger Tuesday prop picks.

Dinger Tuesday: Are You Limited or Unlimited?

First things first, you have to determine whether or not you're limited or unlimited for this promo.

Limited users will only be able to earn a maximum of $50 in bonus bets across the entire MLB slate, while unlimited users are eligible for up to $25 per game

If you the highlighted bit in the description below when you're logged into FanDuel, you'll know that you are unlimited, meaning you can bet up to as many games as you want.

Limited users will only be eligible for a maximum of $50 in bonus bets, so they'll want to pick their games carefully, ideally targeting the strongest +EV plays in the the games with most projected home runs.

Strategy 1: High Probabilities

This method is as straightforward as it comes. Bet on the player with the highest probability to hit a home run in (up to) every game. Because each bet must be $25, this promo can come with a significant cost for bettors used to a smaller unit size.

It's important to consider your bankroll and understand the risks of betting up to $375 on individual home run props. If that's too much for you, then just bet as many games as you're comfortable with. MLB is a long season and there will be many Dinger Tuesdays.

If you choose this method, then you'll often be betting on star players like Aaron Judge, Mookie Betts, Matt Olson, etc at shorter odds. This is a lower upside method, but you'll be backing players who are likely contend for the top of the HR list at the end of the season.

Dimers Pro users can sort by home run props here and use the probability to filter to find only the highest probabilities to use this method.

Strategy 2: Maximum Value

The second strategy we'll look at is to back players with edges in their odds. These are going to be higher risk, lower probability plays, but they will return big profits if they win, If they lose, they are potentially and ideally offset by the return of bonus bets in those games. 

You'll find these high-value home run props at the top of our home run edges each and every Tuesday, though you may not always find the best odds on FanDuel. That's a very important distinction, because if the value in a particular home run prop is only on an other book, then it may not be a play worth making for Dinger Tuesday since you must place that bet on FanDuel.

Users limited to $50 in bonus bets may find this method more appealing as the longer odds on the +EV plays offer a better potential ROI without betting on too many games.

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Do the Extra Research

The best way to use Dimers Pro is alongside the wealth of MLB statistics out there. Weather, pitch types, ballparks, head-to-head matchups...these are just a handful of the factors that can weigh into home run props. 

With dozens of props available on Dimers Pro, it's always good to check on these other data points to help you narrow down which bets to make.

Best Home Run Props Today - July 9

Dimers Pro users get a healthy dose of opportunities for Dinger Tuesday, as we have dozens of home runs props available each day.

Below, you will the three highest-probability home run hitters as of our first simulations for the day,  while Dimers Pro users can access every single home run prop here, which will allow you to sort by probability, value or individual games.

We also drop our Top 15 Home Run Probabilities in our Dimers Pro VIP Discord every day, where are users are cooking up winner after winner. 

Dimers and Responsible Gambling

Please remember to enjoy gambling responsibly. Set limits on time and money spent, and never chase losses. Understand the risks and make informed decisions. Know when to take breaks and seek support if needed. Remember, responsible gambling is about having fun while maintaining control.

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When not delving into the world of sports, Dave is an avid advocate for New Haven pizza, enjoys reading comic books, gardening, and spending time with his cats. His broad interests and detailed sports insights ensure that his contributions are both engaging and informative.

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