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What Are Round Robin Bets and How to Parlay MLB Home Run Props

What Are Round Robin Bets and How to Parlay MLB Home Run Props

The 2024 MLB season is upon us and we couldn't be more excited!

If you were with us last year, you know that one of our favorite things to do during baseball season is to bet on home run props. Atop the list of the most exciting single plays in sports, nothing makes the crack of the bat sweeter than it also depositing money into your bankroll and that's why we're here.  Welcome to our Home Run Round Robin Betting Guide.

The most popular methods for betting on home runs include single home run bets, HR parlays and multi-HR props. FanDuel even has an exclusive home run-centric promo called “Dinger Tuesday” in which users can earn bonus bets for every home run hit in a particular game, which we can't wait for this year.

We’re looking at how to use the Round Robin betting method when it comes to wagering on home run props. If you’re unfamiliar, we’ll explain how Round Robin bets work, how to use Dimers Pro's Best Home Run Props and various strategies to use. With any luck, we'll hit another big one (or two) like we did last year.

Hammer Home Runs with Dimers Pro

We like to use home runs for Round Robins because the data given to us by DimersBOT offers unparalleled insights that we can take advantage of, now exclusive to Dimers Pro users for the 2024 season.

We get probabilities for each home run prop, so we can see the most likely home run hitters on any given day, as well as the best odds available so we know which book to build our parlays on. 

We also get the +EV in the odds, displayed by DimersBOT’s “edge” so we know which props are better priced than they should be.

Dimers Pro gives you unlimited access to every home run prop on our site throughout the entire season. That's access to thousands of home run props over the course of the year, for less than $1 per day.

What is Round Robin Betting?

First - the basics. Round Robin betting is alternate way of betting on a parlay. Where a standard parlay is an all-inclusive bet, a Round Robin separates your original parlay into a series of smaller parlays, ranging from combinations of 2 all the way up to the maximum possible.

While a traditional parlay requires at minimum two legs, a Round Robin requires at least three. And the best part? You don't need all the legs to hit in order to win.

Understanding Round Robin Combos

By breaking your wager down into individual combinations, you're typically betting more upfront money than a single parlay, but with the ability to cash in if one, two or even three legs miss.

These combinations are often displayed in this format: number of legs x number of combinations available. For example, in a five-leg parlay, your options would be 2s x10, 3s x10, and 4s x5.

Let’s use a standard five-leg parlay to illustrate how each bet breaks down. Your five leg parlay would look like this:

  • Player A
  • Player B
  • Player C
  • Player D
  • Player E

Let's say this parlay comes in at odds of +10000, where a $5 bet would return $500. You need all five legs to win in order to win the ticket and the $500.

Round Robin 2s x10:

  • Players A+B
  • Players A+C
  • Players A+D
  • Players A+E
  • Players B+C
  • Players B+D
  • Players B+E
  • Players C+D
  • Players C+E
  • Players D+E

Let’s say Player A hits a home run in his game, but Player B fails to do so. Instead of holding a losing parlay ticket with three legs yet to play, you still hold six possible winners, only having lost your four combinationswith Player B.

Beyond the basic combinations of x2, you can bet as many as are mathematically possible. 

How to bet on Round Robins

After selecting the legs for your base parlay, you would choose the Round Robin option in your betslip. You would pick the combinations you want, ranging from each one possible or just the 2s, just the 3s and 4s, etc. 

For the examples below, we’ll use DraftKings and DimersBOT’s most-likely home run hitters for Opening Day on March 28, 2024:

Player (Team)
Home Run Probability
Mookie Betts (Dodgers)23.1%+425
Corbin Carroll (Diamondbacks)19.9%+750
Fernando Tatis Jr. (Padres)19.5%
Kerry Carpenter (Tigers)18.5%
Isaac Paredes (Rays)17.7%

With this five-leg home run parlay, you can see that we have our options of 2x, 3x and 4x as well as the standard 5-leg parlay. 

You select your specified unit size for each combo, and in this example, we’ve staggered our wager size based on the risk of the bet. The reason we’ve done this is because we’re placing a total of 26 bets, meaning we need to keep our unit size small (more on that below). Our total wager (34.50) breaks down like this:

  • $2 on 2s x10 = $20
  • $1 on 3s x10 = $10
  • $.50 on 4s x5 = $2.50
  • $2 on 5-leg parlay = $2

Here's how the Round Robin options look in a betslip on DraftKings:

Should you bet on Round Robins?

Like all sports betting, the risk increases the more legs you add to a parlay. Straight bets are generally safest, while parlays create more variance. Round Robins by nature are risky, because you’re not only betting parlays, but multiple at once, and as you can see in the example above, even small bets can add up quickly.

Round Robins are ideal for home run betting because if you’re already planning to bet on home run parlays, you can slim down the amount you’re risking, as well as open up your potential winning options to hitting just two or three legs. A well-balanced 5-leg Round Robin can break even or turn a small profit with just two legs hitting.

You should never bet on Round Robins with your traditional unit size; they should be a fun side bet with the hope that a few winners will supplement your bankroll. It’s critical to bet within your means, especially with Round Robins plays that stack on top of each other.

Check out all of our best daily MLB props here, and if you're interested in parlaying these, or any other picks, then check out our parlay picker tool that allows users to generate their own parlays at the click of a button, and with the preferences that matter most to them.

Dimers and Responsible Gambling

Please remember to enjoy gambling responsibly. Set limits on time and money spent, and never chase losses. Understand the risks and make informed decisions. Know when to take breaks and seek support if needed. Remember, responsible gambling is about having fun while maintaining control.

Dave Garofolo
Content Producer

Dave Garofolo, a seasoned fantasy sports and betting enthusiast with a special affection for MLB and NFL, uses his deep knowledge to craft game previews for the NBA, MLB, and NFL. He also brings his expertise to the golf world with tournament previews and parlays for the PGA TOUR and major golf tournaments. Additionally, Dave offers valuable props for NBA, MLB, NHL, and NCAAM basketball, along with best bets for MLB, NHL, and NCAAM. 

When not delving into the world of sports, Dave is an avid advocate for New Haven pizza, enjoys reading comic books, gardening, and spending time with his cats. His broad interests and detailed sports insights ensure that his contributions are both engaging and informative.

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