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NFL Betting News

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NFL Betting Info and Expert Analysis

Dimers.com gives you free NFL betting news and expert analysis.

Find the best bets today for each and every NFL game this season with our expert NFL betting previews, best NFL odds and NFL score predictions.

At Dimers, our free online 🏈 coverage features all the info and data you need to make a winning NFL bet with the legal sportsbooks in the United States.

One of the things that makes betting on the NFL so popular is the fact that you can use your knowledge of the game to make educated decisions on who will win and cover the spread and whether the game might go over or under its posted total. While you don't have any control over what number comes up on the roulette wheel or which way the dice fall in Craps, keeping up with the latest NFL betting news can give you an edge on your NFL picks.

It's easy to find all of the NFL betting information you need in one place, as Dimers was designed exactly for that reason. We've got computers that run NFL expert analysis on every game with 1000s of simulations. Live NFL betting news, scores, and betting lines are all just a few clicks or taps away.

Football Updates and Game Scores

Visit Dimers for the latest NFL game scores and updates, plus NFL stats, photos and videos, and get up-to-date information and updates for all NFL games today.

Popular sports sites like ESPN and NFL.com are obviously great resources for NFL news, especially when it comes to player news like injuries or contract negotiations. These sites are also useful for checking stats on NFL teams and players as well as box scores and game recaps.

What separates Dimers from other NFL news websites is its clear focus on NFL betting news and NFL betting information. As sports betting has become more mainstream, popular sports news outlets will now include brief NFL betting updates on general things like what a game's spread or total is. But you won't find NFL expert analysis with a lean towards sports betting like we provide at Dimers on a site like ESPN.

Here at Dimers.com, the focus is always on NFL betting. You will not only find NFL updates and NFL game scores, but you'll also find relevant NFL betting updates, live NFL betting lines, and news and analysis catered specifically towards football bettors. You'll never miss a betting angle or value play when you get your NFL updates, game scores and betting news from Dimers.

Best NFL Betting News Articles

In addition to live NFL betting updates including scores and live lines that you can bet on at your online sportsbooks in real time, Dimers also offers unparalleled NFL betting news articles that you can find here on our NFL news page. Here are a few examples of the types of NFL betting information and NFL expert analysis you can expect to find:

NFL Betting Previews and Predictions

Every NFL game presents a new betting opportunity. Dimers has you covered with NFL expert analysis on each and every game in the form of NFL betting previews and NFL betting predictions. Our computers analyze the data to generate 1000s of simulations for every game on the NFL schedule, and these simulations are used to produce the best bets on these games. We also have NFL experts sharing their picks and analysis every week.

Each game during the NFL regular season and NFL postseason all the way up to the Super Bowl has tons of data and betting angles to consider. Some NFL betting lines are very accurate while others give players a shot at real value. Dimers will help you break down all of these games and find the NFL best bets on the board all season long.

NFL Betting Industry News

Has new NFL betting legislation recently passed in your state? Did a new sportsbook begin operating online, or has a local casino reopened? Dimers understand that NFL betting news goes beyond simply what is happening on the field and also keeps you up to date with what is going on off of the field, especially when it comes to the legalization of NFL betting around the United States.

Las Vegas NFL betting was the only legal form of sports betting for years in the United States. But since New Jersey paved the way for legal NFL betting around the country, many states are forming their own laws for providing legal sports betting options to their residents. Dimers will not only keep you up to date on the latest NFL betting industry news in your state, but will also give you all the details you need on which NFL sportsbooks are the best and have the best promo offers and NFL odds available.

NFL Betting Information

NFL betting has been around for as long as the NFL has. The practice has become more and more sophisticated thanks to technology making it possible to place NFL bets on your computers and smart phones and legalization making it possible to do so in a safe and legal capacity.

While some NFL bettors have been at it for decades, others are just trying out the hobby for the first time. Dimers has useful NFL betting information for football bettors of all experience levels, as you can often find our NFL experts covering both basic and advanced topics about NFL betting. These NFL betting instructional articles serve as great learning tools for new bettors and as good information to review for veteran bettors.

Dimers Delivers NFL Betting News and More

Dimers.com has the best NFL betting news articles in the United States. Check out our NBA betting news, MLB betting news and College Football betting news while you're here.

Also at Dimers, see Quick Picks for our top picks for all major pro and college sports, and Live Now to keep track of all your action.

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