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CFB Week 5 First and Anytime Touchdown Scorer Predictions [2023]

CFB Week 5 First and Anytime Touchdown Scorer Predictions [2023]

College Football is back for another big week, and we've run thousands of data-driven simulations of every Week 5 game to determine which players are most likely to score a touchdown and which are the best TD bets to make.

College football first and anytime touchdown scorer props have become some of the most popular prop bets among sports fans. By using Dimers.com's Week 5 first touchdown scorer predictions and anytime touchdown scorer predictions, you're giving yourself an advantage over everyone else.

Utilizing our cutting-edge machine learning and data, Dimers.com has been able to identify where the best value can be found for Week 5.

This week's touchdown scorers are sponsored by Bet365, where new users can get $365 in bonus bets just for betting $1 on any of the below players to score in Week 5.

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This week’s college football slate features future NFL stars such as Quinshon Judkins, Troy Franklin and MarShawn Lloyd, with each of these players projected as high chances of scoring a touchdown for their respective teams in Week 5.

This article will show you which College Football players are the most likely to score touchdowns in Week 5, as well as the +EV TD scorer bets you should consider making for Week 5 of the 2023 CFB season.

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Anytime Touchdown Scorer Predictions - College Football Week 5, 2023

After simulating the Week 5 CFB slate thousands of times, Dimers has discovered the most likely players to score a touchdown across all of this week’s matchups.

  1. Quinshon Judkins (MIS): 79.4% probability
  2. Troy Franklin (ORE): 73.1% probability
  3. MarShawn Lloyd (USC): 71.4% probability
  4. Nicholas Singleton (PSU): 70.9% probability
  5. Jawhar Jordan (LOU): 68.6% probability
  6. Brenden Rice (USC): 65.9% probability
  7. Kaytron Allen (PSU): 64.8% probability
  8. Jovantae Barnes (OKL): 64.0% probability
  9. Jabari Small (TEN): 63.1% probability
  10. Audric Estime (ND): 63.1% probability

First Touchdown Predictions - College Football Week 5, 2023

As well as providing you with the players who are most likely to score an anytime touchdown, DimersBOT also has the 10 players most likely to score the first touchdown in their respective games across all of the Week 5 CFB action.

  1. Nicholas Singleton (PSU): 21.0% probability
  2. Kaytron Allen (PSU): 18.5% probability
  3. Erick All (IOW): 17.7% probability
  4. Troy Franklin (ORE): 17.4% probability
  5. Ray Davis (KEN): 17.3% probability
  6. Quinshon Judkins (MIS): 17.3% probability
  7. Daijun Edwards (UGA): 16.6% probability
  8. Jawhar Jordan (LOU): 16.1% probability
  9. Kaleb Brown (IOW): 16.0% probability
  10. Jovantae Barnes (OKL): 16.0% probability

Keep in mind that these lists only show the players most likely to score an anytime or first touchdown in CFB Week 5, which does not necessarily mean that our model recommends betting on them.

To increase your chances of winning, it's important to look out for the best odds available, as well as checking out our recommended bets below.

College Football Touchdown Best Bets and Odds - Week 5, 2023

Cam Porter Anytime Touchdown Scorer (+310)

Our model has identified the best college football touchdown bet for Week 5, which comes in the game between Penn State and Northwestern. The bet is on Cam Porter (NW) to score a touchdown at odds of +310 with FanDuel Sportsbook, where our model has found an edge of 25.6%.


Juju McDowell Anytime Touchdown Scorer (+475)

The next best CFB touchdown bet for Week 5 comes in the South Carolina vs. Tennessee matchup, where our model has found an edge of 25.4% on Juju McDowell (SC) at odds of +475 with DraftKings Sportsbook to score a touchdown.


Jayden Higgins Anytime Touchdown Scorer (+265)

Our CFB model has identified another +EV touchdown bet for this week's action, which is in the game between Iowa State and Oklahoma. The bet is on the Jayden Higgins (ISU) to score an anytime touchdown at odds of +265 with DraftKings Sportsbook.

With a probability of 47.9%, you can gain an edge of 20.5% on the sportsbook odds with this play.


Mason Fairchild Anytime Touchdown Scorer (+400)

The next best CFB touchdown bet for Week 5 comes in the Kansas vs. Texas game, where DimersBOT has found a juicy edge of 15.9% on Mason Fairchild (KAN) at odds of +400 with DraftKings Sportsbook to score anytime.


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College Football Week 5 Touchdown Round Robin Parlay

This list was generated by our powerful predictive analytics model, which looked at every single game, team, and player on the Week 5 CFB slate to find the best players to include in a round robin parlay.

  • Cam Porter (NW): 25.6% edge, 49.9% probability, +310 odds
  • Juju McDowell (SC): 25.4% edge, 42.8% probability, +475 odds
  • Eddie Lewis (SC): 20.7% edge, 39.8% probability, +425 odds
  • Jayden Higgins (ISU): 20.5% edge, 47.9% probability, +265 odds

As we do at Dimers, we recommend taking these picks in a round robin parlay, meaning you could still turn a profit even if only a few of them cross the line this week!

DimersBOT believes that these five guys are all have genuine chances to score and will give you an edge against the best odds. This makes them the ideal players to wager on this week.


Speaking of $5 bets, you can unlock an incredible reward of $200 in bonus bets by placing a simple $5 wager on one of these CFB touchdown picks (including the parlay) at DraftKings. Click ➡️ here ⬅️ to get started!

What Is an Edge in Betting?

The edge at Dimers is when we think the probability of an event occurring is more likely than the best odds available. Essentially, it means that Dimers believes a bet has a better chance of winning than the sportsbooks do. That's why the higher the edge, the better.

Although it does not guarantee a win, taking picks with a higher betting edge can increase your chances of being profitable in the long run. This is an essential aspect of a successful sports betting strategy.

Today's CFB Touchdown Betting Picks - Week 5, 2023

All of Dimers' CFB first and anytime touchdown picks and predictions for Week 5 have been generated thanks to thousands of data-driven game simulations, providing reliable and accurate CFB predictions to help you make informed decisions.

If you plan to use this week's CFB touchdown scorer picks for your personal gambling, it's crucial that you gamble responsibly and manage your finances effectively. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, crisis counseling and referral services can be accessed by calling 1-800-GAMBLER.

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