What Is the Fixed Soccer Game Scam?

Scammers are the worst type of people. There are so many different scam operations around the world, all trying to con honest people out of money (or Amazon gift cards), and the world of gambling is not immune. One of the most common gambling rackets that these scumbags try to run is the fixed soccer game scam.

We’ve done a deep dive into how it all works and how you can avoid it.

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How Do Fixed Soccer Game Scams Work?

If you’re a frequent user of Twitter or a member of a gambling related Discord, chances are you’ve been sent a message from an unknown account purporting to be the king of fixed soccer betting.

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The scammer tries to convince you that they can provide bettors with a 100% failsafe soccer pick that is guaranteed to win, and they’ll do it for free.

Because soccer has ties, the odds in markets like head-to-head and half-time/full-time markets are more lucrative than other sports such as basketball, baseball and football where only one of two options can occur. That means that in a half-time/full-time betting market where up to nine different outcomes can be achieved, the shortest odds are around +300 for a game between two teams that are relatively even in the head-to-head market.


The key to this con working is for the scammer to drum up enough interest. They will do this via operating Twitter accounts with doctored screenshots of past wins, or via unsolicited DMs to users via social media accounts. The aim of the conman is to create a pool of bettors where he can distribute the “fixed pick” to.

For example, if the scammer can create a pool of 100 people interested in receiving the pick, they will evenly distribute each of the nine outcomes of the half-time/full-time betting market to different subsections of the pool of bettors. That means that at least 11 people are bound to “win” at decent odds, thus locking in those unwilling people as believers that they’re now part of the underbelly of fixed betting.


But now this is where things get interesting. With bettors on the hook and feeling trustworthy, the scammer decides to provide the next “fixed outcome” but it will come at a price. Some swindlers can ask for $100 in order to reveal the next play, with those who had won prior happily handing over money.

Once again, each of the nine half-time/full-time outcomes are distributed and once again, someone has won and the scammer has pocketed $1000.

This cycle goes on and on until the mark group eventually dwindles, all while the scammer tries to create new groups to start the con again.

While this seems obviously suspicious, there are endless horror stories online of bettors who have fallen victim to this operation, some losing thousands.

How to Avoid Fixed Soccer Game Scams

As with almost anything in life, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Even though American college baseball has recently been rocked by match fixing scandals, it’s highly unlikely that you’re going to receive a message from some random guy on Discord who actually has any knowledge of fixed soccer games. Oh, and it’s obviously illegal.

Now that you know how the scam works, stay vigilant when online and don’t trust these jerks.

Have you ever fallen victim to a fixed soccer game scam or another gambling con? Let us know on Twitter.

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