The Secret To Scoring A Free $200 In Football Bets Using A BetMGM Bonus Code

The Secret To Scoring A Free $200 In Football Bets Using A BetMGM Bonus Code

Boy, have we found a loophole for you! You see, BetMGM has launched another awesome 'Bet and Get' offer for new customers. Basically we will get $200 in bonuses to use on NFL or CFB (paid as 4x $50 bets!) from a simple $10 money line wager.

Now here's the deal.. to score this $200 in bonuses we will need to bet on .... wait for it... NHL. We know, we know.. but just hear us out here, OK?

This is literally the perfect offer for everyone, because we don't need to know the first thing about hockey to guarantee ourselves a win.

How to score $200 in bonuses from BetMGM

Bet $10 on any NHL moneyline (you can register here) and you will get 4x $50 free bets to use on NFL or CFB as soon as there's a goal in that game.

For example, we can bet $10 on a +1000 underdog and we will still get $200 in bonuses even if they lose 10-0! All we're waiting for is that first goal to be scored, at which point we will score 4x $50 free bets to use on NFL or CFB and it will only cost us $10 - how good is that!?

Tapping any of the links in this article means we don't actually need a BetMGM Promo Code either. Score!!

This offer can be activated on ANY hockey game and these free bets will land in our account the second there's a goal scored in our game. As mentioned above, the wager doesn't even need to win for us to walk away with $200. It's the closest thing to guaranteed cash there is.

It's an easy process and will only takes us a couple of minutes to get going. To make it even easier, we've outlined the steps below:

  • Click here to create a BetMGM account
  • Enter the required info
  • Select your preferred deposit option
  • Make an initial deposit of $10 or more
  • Go to the NHL section
  • Put a $10 money line bet on any team

From there, the second that first goal is scored, you will get your $200 bonus paid straight into your account. BetMGM will pay out the bonus cash by giving you four $50 free bets to use on NFL, CFB or anything else you like.

Remember, you need to place a $10 moneyline bet on NHL to trigger these 4x $50 free bets to use on NFL.

How to use BetMGM Bonuses on Football

Ensuring we get value from our bonus bets is an art in itself. Let us explain.

Because we don't get the stake back from these bets, only the winnings or profits, it's important we look for opportunities to make a few bucks, with zero risk.

Our strategy for this week would be to place money line bets on four underdogs in the +200 and above range.

Using this example, we'd be placing a $50 bonus bet on a team at +200 for a payout of $150 if it cashes. Once BetMGM takes back their $50 stake (the bonus bet), we're left with a profit of $100 - not bad!!

The other way to tackle it is to find three -200 chances, parlay them and then hope for the best. In this scenario we'd place a $50 parlay at odds of +237 for a payout of $168.50 if it hits. Once BetMGM takes back their $50 stake (the bonus bet), we're left with a profit of $118.50.

Of course, there's a chance these types bets don't cash for us, but at least we're giving ourselves the opportunity to extract some real value from these four bonus bets of ours.

Now, let's play it out in reverse, going the conservative route.

We place a $50 bonus bet on a team to cover the spread at odds of -110 and it wins. Once BetMGM takes back their $50 stake (the bonus bet), we're left with $45.45 - which is less than the value of the bonus bet and it was only a 50-50 chance of it hitting in the first place.

Whichever way we opt to go, getting something material from these $50 free hits is the name of the game. If you're happy to invest a $50 bonus bet to make a profit of $10, then that's totally fine too!

Remember, to activate this offer we need to tap any of the links on this page, like this one ➡️ here ⬅️


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