Dimers Weekend Sweat - How to make the most of this week's promos


December 6, 2020 8:41 AM

Please allow me to introduce myself – my name is: GUARANTEED FREE MONEY.

OK, it’s obviously not that, but I needed to get your attention. I know guaranteed free money can almost seem too good to be true but believe me (my name is Jason by the way), when I say it!

If you haven’t heard of The Weekend Sweat before, welcome. This weekly column is my baby. I spend all week trawling through all the best offers that the sportsbooks are dishing out and put together a plan of attack to guarantee that you end your weekend odyssey of online sports betting with a profit.

How can I guarantee this you may ask?

Well, you see, online sports betting is rather new to America, and every single new sportsbook wants a piece of the action. But they need customers. They need you. So, in order to get YOU, they are all fighting against each other to give YOU the best promotions and offers to try hook you in as a customer. So who not exploit them?

Why knowing this piece of information gives you an advantage over every other sports bettor in the country.

Because if you diversify your bets across the sportsbooks, you cash in on offer after offer, spending little-to-no money while raking in free cash. No scams, no BS – just common sense!

Come with me if you want to CASH. Here’s how we do it:




The ‘book to use: BetMGM 

How much do I put down? BetMGM offers a risk-free bet of up to $500 for new users, but for this one we only need to spend $1.

What’s the play? The King of Sportsbook don’t miss on their weekend promos – they consistently come up with the best offers time and time again. This weekend they’re offering $100 back for a $1 moneyline (H2H) bet on any college basketball team, as long as EITHER team in the game scores a three ball, regardless of who you actually took. For this one, we’re going to look to the Wisconsin @ Marquette game, but you can literally choose from any NCAAMB game over the weekend.

Step 1 – Put down $1 on Wisconsin Moneyline (it really doesn’t matter)

Step 2 – Someone hits a 3, you win $100

Not totally sure what to do? Here's our full guide on how-to place this bet.

Balance Check: Easy money, right? You just turned 1 buck into 100.

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The ‘book to use: FanDuel Sportsbook

How much do I put down? Your first bet with FanDuel Sportsbook is risk-free up to $1,000 when you join with Dimers, but for this bet we only need $5

What’s the play? FanDuel Sportsbook are one of the biggest books in the country, with a household name after more than a decade providing Daily Fantasy Sports. Now that they offer sports betting, they’ve come to the table this weekend with a reaaaallll juicy offer.

Residents in Indiana can get inflated odds of 25/1 by correctly picking the moneyline (H2H) winner of the Browns @ Titans game, which you can find out how to take advantage of with our how-to guide.

A quick review of our loyal and trusty DimersBOT who simulated this game 10,000 times tells us that the 8-3 Titans are the play here, with a 66% chance of winning.

Balance Check: If the Titans get the W we are in for another huge payday, collecting another $125 off just a $5 bet.

See how easy it is? When it comes to sports betting it isn’t always about how much you know about sports – it’s about being smart.

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There you have it, folks, we've spent just $6 and we now have $225 in our pockets!

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🤑 BetMGM
🤑 FanDuel