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Average Cost of Being an MLB Fan in 2023: Team-by-Team

We’ve researched the average costs that a fan attending every home game in the 2023 season will face across every MLB team, to see how they compare.

Being a Major League Baseball fan is more than just a pastime, it's an investment, both emotional and financial.


While it’s hard to measure emotional investment, with a bit of number crunching it’s possible to calculate the exact dollars and cents that a typical fan of each MLB team needs to spend throughout a season to attend every home game.

And we’ve done just that, by researching and compiling the following costs for the 2023 season:  

  • The average cost of an 81 game season ticket 
  • The average cost of a home jersey 
  • The cost of a stadium hotdog (x81) 
  • The cost of two stadium beers (x81) 
  • The average stadium (or near stadium) parking cost (x81)

The Cubs and the Yankees are neck and neck for most expensive, with the cost of being a Cubs fan coming in at $10,770, while being a Yankees will set you back $10,633.

At the other end of the rankings, the Pittsburgh Pirates are less than half the cost of the most expensive team, costing the average fan a mere $4,059 in 2023. While the second cheapest are the Arizona D-Backs, coming in at $4,659.  

Here are the highlights from our research:

Average Cost of Being an MLB Fan in 2023

And here’s our ranking of the total cost of being a fan for every MLB team in 2023, from most expensive to least expensive, using the above formula:   

  • Chicago Cubs $10,770
  • New York Yankees $10,633
  • New York Mets $9,716
  • Atlanta Braves $9,087
  • San Francisco Giants $8,625
  • Boston Red Sox $7,975
  • Washington Nationals $7,963
  • Baltimore Orioles $7,679
  • Oakland Athletics $7,405
  • Milwaukee Brewers $6,980
  • Philadelphia Phillies $6,958
  • Los Angeles Dodgers $6,885
  • Tampa Bay Rays $6,771
  • Miami Marlins $6,703
  • San Diego Padres $6,655
  • Seattle Mariners $6,404
  • Chicago White Sox $6,189
  • Toronto Blue Jays $6,135
  • St. Louis Cardinals $6,060
  • Texas Rangers $5,917
  • Houston Astros $5,724
  • Kansas City Royals $5,441
  • Cleveland Guardians $5,395
  • Los Angeles Angels $5,218
  • Minnesota Twins $5,137
  • Detroit Tiger $5,040
  • Colorado Rockies $4,773
  • Cincinnati Reds $4,664
  • Arizona D-Backs $4,659
  • Pittsburgh Pirates $4,059

So there you have it, the average cost of being an MLB fan broken down by team, for the 2023 season. Hopefully it’s money well spent and your team is World Series champion!


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