3 Reasons Why You Need To Have Multiple Sportsbook Accounts

3 Reasons Why You Need To Have Multiple Sportsbook Accounts

We say this all the time here at Dimers and it’s because it is a crucial piece of information that every sports bettor must know: you need to have multiple sportsbooks in your pocket. It gives you a better chance of turning a long-term profit and being sure you get a fair price on the bets you’re making. You wouldn’t buy a ticket to an NFL game for $100 if you can get the same one for $50, so why would you do the same when betting?

As Dimers explains in detail within our best sportsbooks page through in-depth reviews, every book has its perks and advantages. Whether sign-up promos for new customers, daily boosts, or better odds in certain markets, not all books are created equally. Our objective is to deliver you key advice to enhance your betting experience and ensure it stays positive and enjoyable, regardless of what books you have access to. As sports bettors ourselves, we truly stand by the advice we give alongside our best bets today, best parlay picks and more.

Get an edge up on your sportsbetting with three things you maybe didn’t know about having multiple books.

1. Capitalize on Longer Odds Before They Move

As we said, not all books are created equally and that’s not just as far as promos and market availability are concerned. Sometimes, one book is slower to adjust its odds than the other after something changes in the market, be it a standout performance, an injury or just some action that causes the lines to move and offset the risk.

A few weeks back, C.J. Stroud was around +650 on most books to win Offensive Rookie of the Year. Then, one morning his odds shifted from there to just +300 on DraftKings, but he was still +650 on FanDuel Sportsbook for a time. Sure enough, by the afternoon, the books had all adjusted their odds for Stroud who is now a -2000 favorite to win the award.

It might be a small window, but there are often times when situations like this occur, leaving a major discrepancy between books. Those opportunities are the difference between multiple units worth of value in the long run, and there’s nothing worse than watching the odds change on something you could have bet but didn’t. There’s a similar opportunity in the NFL MVP market right now.

Jalen Hurts is the favorite to win MVP on DraftKings at +280, while he’s +300 and behind Patrick Mahomes on FanDuel. That’s not major but it means the race might even be closer than the odds say. However, if you look at Joe Burrow who’s been picking up steam, he’s +1000 on DraftKings but all the way up to +1700 on FanDuel and +2000 on bet365. That’s a staggering difference!

And if just looking at those odds below doesn't convince you, maybe the $150 sign-up bonus you can get by betting just $5 on bet365 will.

bet365 promo code, odds, nfl mvp

draftkings promo code, odds, nfl mvp


2. Massive Odds Differences

This one’s personal! Well, not really, but when we explain why this is such a big factor in having multiple books, you’ll see how we’re personally invested.

You’re likely already aware that odds often differ from book to book, whether it’s a big difference like +300 or more on a First TD bet, or something as slim as -110 to -125 (which is still an edge worth betting!), these differences are abundant. Attacking those edges is important, which is why having multiple books for just your day-to-day betting is critical to long-term success, but when you look at the difference in futures odds, you see stark contrasts in value from book to book.

As Dimers told you in our best championship parlay article, we placed this one DraftKings:

  • Eagles to win the Super Bowl (+550)
  • Nuggets to win the NBA Finals (+475)
  • Rangers to win the Stanley Cup (+1100)

We put them together to cook up a +44750 parlay to turn $5 into $2,242 and change. Simple enough, right?

Well now, the Nuggets have moved to +400, taking the total parlay odds down to +38900, meaning $5 returns $1,950. That’s almost $300 in potential profit that’s lost by a line shift. We even found it as low as +28400 on one book!

Meanwhile, over on FanDuel, the Nuggets are +440 and the Rangers are +1300, making this parlay +49040 in which $5 would return $2,452. That’s hundreds of dollars to be left on the table, 100x just your $5 investment in fact, simply by not having access to more than one book. Why leave money on the table?


3. You can parlay certain things on some books, but not others

Speaking of parlaying futures together, that brings us to our next point: not all books give you the same parlay options. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a book that won’t let you put together, for example, A Super Bowl and World Series winner in a ticket. But, some books let you parlay awards futures together while others do not, and that’s a big area to find profitable opportunities for minimal stake.

Look at FanDuel compared to DraftKings for this example. DraftKings won’t allow you to combine multiple awards in a parlay, while FanDuel will, with some caveats. FanDuel will limit the number of legs you can parlay together to often three or four when it comes to season awards,  and they won’t let you parlay them if they’re from the same team. So, you could parlay Tyreek Hill OPOY and Dan Campbell COY together, but not Tyreek Hill and Dolphins Head Coach Mike McDaniel.

Back to the profitability factor though, you can get massive returns on parlaying futures together and awards are a little easier (sometimes) to isolate those winners than other futures since they'reperofmrnace-based rather than game results. So much narrative comes into play and you can really read a player’s hot streak, particularly in MLB, to get a feel for who’s got a real shot.

Have a look at two MLB awards futures parlays I placed, one in the preseason and another in the second half of the year, when some paths became more clear. For the record, these guys all finished as the heavy favorite to win their respective awards at the end of the year, and if I didn't have access to a secondary book like FanDuel, I couldn't have placed these likely winners.

fanduel promo code, mlb, cy young, betslip

fanduel promo code, mlb, mvp, sportsbook, betslip

To gain the ability to parlay these kinds of futures together, be sure you're signed up at FanDuel! Click below for the chance to score $150 in bonus bets for all new users


Please remember to enjoy gambling responsibly. Responsible gambling means setting limits, staying in control, and understanding that luck is just part of the game. Make informed choices, set a budget, and know when to take a break. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, crisis counseling and referral services can be accessed by calling 1-800-GAMBLER.

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Dave is a fantasy sports and betting enthusiast, especially when it comes to MLB and the NFL. In his spare time he can be found reading comic books, working in the garden or hanging with the cats.

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