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2024 MLB Betting Guide - Get the Most out of this Season with Dimers Pro

2024 MLB Betting Guide - Get the Most out of this Season with Dimers Pro

MLB Opening Day is nearly here! After a pair of international games between the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres in Seoul, South Korea, the official start for the MLB's other 28 teams is Thursday, March 28.

We've been waiting all winter for the baseball action to return and we are so excited to bet this season with you. Home run round robins, strikeout ladders, RBI parlays, first-inning sweats - you name it, and we'll be right by your side.

No matter if you're a seasoned baseball bettor, getting into the sport for the first time after a recent state launch, or just want to get some extra action on your favorite team, there is bet for you on Dimers, enhanced for this season's 162-game schedule with the recent unveiling of Dimers Pro.

Dimers Pro - Every Bet, Every Game, Every Day

Effective March 11, Dimers introduced a subscription model, marking a paradigm shift in sports betting. 

Previously free since August 1, 2020, Dimers now unveils advanced betting models and enhanced technology. Subscribe at $9.99/week, $24.99/month, or $249.99/year to access the pinnacle of accuracy and innovation. 

For less than $1/day, you can embrace the future of betting with Dimers Pro!

Learn more and become a Dimers Pro here:  dimers.com/subscription

Maximize Your Profits this MLB Season

Dimers Pro MLB Best Bets

Baseball is a unique betting sport due it's every day nature and expansive schedule, often taking place anywhere from mid-afternoon on a weekday to late-night West Coast action.

What better way to embrace Dimers Pro's mantra of "Every Bet, Every Game, Every Day" than with the sport that has the longest regular season schedule? With Dimers Pro, you can do just that with our Best MLB Bets every single day.

Carefully calculating the value in the spread (known as the Run Line in baseball), moneyline and run total odds, our in-house predictive models that we've named DimersBOT run 1000s of simulations on each MLB game, presenting you with probabilities in all three of those markets, identifying any potential value (known as the edge) and finding the best odds.

Hammer Home Runs, Hits and More

As baseball fans ourselves, our absolute favorite thing to bet on for MLB? Props

And for good reason, as DimersBOT has a proven track record of delivering consistent, big wins throughout the MLB season. Last year, we hit two x4 Home Run Round Robins that yielded thousands of dollars in profits for our users, and that's not counting the numerous x3s we hit along the way!

Before Opening Day, you can find upwards of 150+ MLB player props with value, including Home Runs, Strikeouts, RBI, Hits and more.

The process by which we identify player prop value is the same as our other tools; our models run advanced simulations and compare our results to the books.' output, the major difference being the value we find.

With props, we can often find edges as high as or sometimes clearing 20%, while markets like spreads, moneylines and totals often max out around 10%, as those lines tend to be much sharper. Run lines for example, don't often change much from +/-1.5, and you'll see sometimes heavily juiced odds pushing -200 for a team to cover the spread.

Dimers Pro users will be able to filter through all of our settings, sort props as they see fit and even pick game-by-game, rather than just see the imminent props available.

Below, you can see how in our home run props alone, you'll find value on stars, lesser-known names and everyone in between. Expect to find props on players like these every single day with Dimers Pro.

Hot Streaks and Cold Bats - MLB Prop Trends

Perhaps no sport is more entrenched with trends than baseball. Hitting streaks are synonymous with sluggers, as are those cold streaks when a player can't seem to hit the side of a barn.

With Dimers Pro, you'll find hit streaks, home run trends and more at your disposal. 

Each day when lineups are available, DimersBOT will compare the results of its simulations against existing MLB player trends, as well as compare the books' odds for those same props.

Now you'll be able to find out if there's any value in a player to break their slump or continue their hot streak.

The better the value, the higher the star rating. The stronger the trend, the higher up you'll find it in the list!

2024 MLB Futures

One of the most profitable ways to bet on the MLB season is through the use of futures bets, both in awards markets and postseason results like division, league and of course, World Series winners.

With Dimers Pro, you'll find updated futures predictions every day, with real-time reflections of each team's chances, as well as the best odds available for each of those markets.

We've already used our futures model to identify early World Series value from before Spring Training, and you can count on us to take advantage of these market inefficiencies throughout the season.

Never Miss Out an Edge

Dimers' proprietary technology is designed around  identifying value in any given bet based around the book with the best odds available and delivering you these insights in a timely manner so you can make the most educated and data-driven decisions with each wager you place.

Betting closer to gametime can ensure you have access to the most up-to-date news and roster insights, but that means the sportsbooks do, too. Betting early with MLB Best Bets is a way to steal that value from the books before they adjust.

Dimers Pro ensures that you never have an issue finding value early in the day, whether for those mid-afternoon MLB games or grabbing a home run prop before the odds move.

Designed to run 1000s of simulations on each game as soon as the match data becomes available, as early as 12:01 AM ET on each day you'll find game and prop edges across our site.

Home Run props are notorious for moving significantly when bettors identify mispriced lines, particularly on big promo days like Dinger Tuesday, so getting a grasp on where value lies early is pivotal.

GET DIMERS PRO: Every Bet, Every Game, Every Day

Become a Better Bettor

Dimers.com is loaded to the gills with winning insights, unique data offerings, a winning combination of data and editor-driven analysis and a proven track record of trustworthy predictions. 

Even with all those resources, we are limited in what we can hand deliver to you, if for no reason other than the time it takes to curate winning content.

As a Dimers Pro, you immediately have unabated access to every single data point across our site, effectively turning you into a conduit of Dimers.com knowledge.

With unlimited access to our entire slate of tools and features, you have everything you need to turn a profit over time. While we can only highlight a handful of props and bets across our media channels, you'll have a full suite of dozens of prop bets with an edge, game-by-game predictions for each and every one of the 162 games played across the by each MLB team this season.

Still on the fence? We hit our very first home run prop of the whole season, and the data was sitting on site for Dimers Pro users to find:

The math speaks for itself. Why not you?

GET DIMERS PRO: Every Bet, Every Game, Every Day

Dimers and Responsible Gambling

Please remember to enjoy gambling responsibly. Responsible gambling means setting limits, staying in control, and understanding that luck is just part of the game. Make informed choices, set a budget, and know when to take a break. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, crisis counseling and referral services can be accessed by calling 1-800-GAMBLER.

For articles with several contributors, we use this author profile. Since we want our readers to hear from all of our experts, we use it frequently. This profile is also used for new sportsbook promos and offers, or our favorite bets in a particular sport on any given day. Our contributors' level of experience spans all sports and bet types. We hope we have you covered, no matter what you're betting on.

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