Best Sports Betting Documentaries

The best sports betting documentaries provide a fascinating insight into the world of sports wagering. From the big thrills and twists and turns, to just what it's really like to be a professional gambler, these documentaries have something for everyone. 

No matter if you're new to sports betting and trying to figure which sportsbook is best for you or you're a seasoned Dimer, you'll enjoy our favorite sports betting documentaries. 

60 Minutes: Billy Walters (2011)

If you've not heard of Billy Walters – as Shaq would say – Google him, only once you've finished reading this article, of course! 

Walters is arguably the biggest and one of the most controversial figures in America's sports betting history. To provide some context, in a good year he'd make $50-60 million profit from wagering on sports. 

Walters' legend not only stood in Vegas but spread around the nation. He won so big and so often, Vegas tried to restrict the gambling legend, taking their cause to the Gaming Control Board! 

Walters famously won frequently at roulette, so much so the Golden Nugget casino brought in an engineer to analyze the wheel, bosses were sure he wasn't winning legitimately. They came back and reported there was nothing suspicious, further elevating the legend of Billy Walters. 

To really sum up Walters, over a 39-year period gambling on sports he only had one losing year. One of his most famous bets was picking the New Orleans Saints over Peyton Manning and the Colts in Super Bowl XLIV, taking home $3.5 million in the process. 

For an insight into the mind, trials and tribulations of one of the greatest sports bettors in history, check out CBS' 60 Minutes profile on William "Billy" Walters. 

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Action (2019)

Showtime's four-part docuseries explores the journey toward legalizing sports gambling in the United States. 

It follows the gambling industry as it adapts and navigates the historic Supreme Court decision to bring sports betting into the light. Action also deuces into the lives of sharks, sportsbooks and oddsmakers during the NFL's 99th season (2018). 

There are four episodes in the series which take us from Week 1 all the way to the end of the NFL season – New England Patriots vs. Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LI.

You will not only get an insight to the world of sports gambling but you'll see the real lives of sports handicappers, professional gamblers and betting touts.

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30 for 30: The Legend of Jimmy the Greek (2019)

ESPN delivers another brilliant 30 for 30, in this case, with sports commentator turned Vegas bookmaker James Snyder aka Jimmy the Greek. 

Jimmy G was a constant and hilarious presence on NFL Today for over a decade where he gave predictions for NFL games, including spread bets. Naturally, this came at a time where sports betting was far more taboo than current day America. 

The documentary explores the ups and downs of Snyder's career, of which there were many, including setting the infamous 17-point spread in Super Bowl III before Joe Namath and the New York Jets defeated the Baltimore Colts in the biggest Super Bowl upset in history.

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Now Place Your Bets: The History of Sports Betting in America (2017)

This 90-minute documentary takes us back to the very roots of how sports betting came to exist in the United States. Before the end you'll be up to speed with how and why sports betting has become what it is in contemporary America.

Now Place Your Bets is a real in-depth look at sports wagering. There's insightful interviews with everyone from journalists, oddsmakers, professional gamblers – the list just goes on!

If you're wanting to know the how and why of sports gambling, along with the people immersed in this wacky world, then this is for you!

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The Gambling Mafia and International Sports Betting (2017)

Sports betting may be motoring these days but the United States is still far behind Europe in sports betting. Although this documentary centers on anything but legal sports betting, you'll dive into the world of match-fixing and wagering on European soccer. 

German football is focused on but also the world-famous Champions League and Europa League, where the likes of Liverpool FC, Manchester United, PSG, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich compete for silverware. 

On a deeper level, you'll see how games are fixed and how players, referees and coaches can get mixed up in the world of corruption. It's really quite fascinating to see how crime gangs are able to get inside and potentially affect some of the biggest sports on the planet.

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