When Will Online Sports Betting Become Legal in My State?

It’s the question on every bettor’s lips. But, whether you’re just dying to know when your state will allow legal online sports bets or if you must continue to take trips to Vegas — poor you — to throw some Benjamins down, Dimers.com tells you everything you need to know, below.


Alabama’s love for the Crimson Tide and College Football, unfortunately doesn’t translate to betting being legalized anytime soon. They are one of the few states without a lottery — that gives you an indication of where things stand!


There’s more chance of Alaska becoming the new California than sports betting becoming legal. Way off!


Arizona had been considering sports betting for years and began figuring out logistics around how the Tribes would be involved. 

In the end, 2021 would prove to be the year for online sports betting in AZ, but would it also be the year of the Arizona Cardinals? Doubt it.


Already taking bets! Only issue is Arkansas allows physical sports betting and not the online or mobile variety as of 2021. There are no online sportsbooks usable in the Natural State as of yet.

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Despite how liberal Cali is, sports betting is nowhere near legal. State tribes are looking to bring sports betting to the Golden State by 2023. 

However, this wouldn’t involve commercial casinos or online betting. Those two are nowhere in the near future, sadly!


Already operational! Colorado has been going big on sports betting. All forms of sports betting — online and retail — are allowed. 

You can sign up online with Colorado’s best sportsbooks in just a few clicks.


There's some support for online sports betting, that’s the good news. The bad news is no deal has been worked out as of yet. Until the tribes, commercial casinos and other stakeholders can come together, we won’t have a resolution. 

There is hope 2022 will see a change for the Constitution State.


Delaware was the second state to ever allow a sports bet, however the Blue Hen State only allows in-person betting, not mobile yet. There are three sportsbooks to choose from in Delaware. 


2022 remains a possibility for Florida but there are many challenges to overcome before anything gets moving. 

For any gaming legislation to be passed a voting referendum would be needed.

The other stumbling block is gaining the approval of the Seminole Tribe of Florida. They own the state’s biggest casinos and would likely have a big say in the future of sports gambling. We hold out hope for 2022 but there’s nothing certain. 


Despite its conservative governor and lack of casinos, Georgia could realistically allow sports betting in 2022. 

The top brass at the Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Hawks and Atlanta United are all pushing for sports betting to be legalized. We’ll see what happens, but sports betting has definitely caught the attention of senior figures down in GA. 

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As Vince McMahon would say, no chance in hell. Hawaii has no presence in gambling with no casinos anywhere in the state.

There’s no hope of sports wagering rolling into town now any time soon, perhaps even ever!


Horse racing is the only type of sports gambling anywhere near accepted in the Gem State. As of late 2021 here was no current interest in even considering sports gambling.

Betting in Illinois

They may not be big time in football terms anymore — sorry Bears fan. Luckily though, sports betting has come up large for Illinois. Mobile and retail wagering are both allowed, while the in-person requirement when signing up with online sportsbooks will hopefully be waived in 2022, making it easy to bet in Illinois.

Betting in Indiana

The sports betting market has been pumping since September 2019. 

Online sportsbooks in Indiana are going gangbusters while retail books are spread across the state for those who prefer an in-person wager. Go Indiana!

Betting in Iowa

Iowa got the jump on Indy, allowing wagers online as well as in retail sportsbooks since August of 2019. In-person sign ups for online books have been abolished, making it easier to join Iowa’s best sportsbooks.


It looked a sure thing back in 2020 but like many things, COVID struck and derailed plans for legalization.

The House and Senate introduced bills, so you’d imagine the same will happen again in 2021, whether that includes online wagering we’ll have to see. 2022 is probably more likely.


There has been consideration given to legalizing sports wagering but there will need to be 60% in favor if it's going to happen in 2023 - it is the necessary percentage to pass bills in odd years. Republican leaders have been against sports betting and until that changes we may struggle to see Kentucky bettors get their wish before 2023. 


It’s legal, but pending. Wait up, we know that sort of doesn’t make sense. Essentially, LA lawmakers need to determine whether online betting will be part of the picture.

It seems likely that we’ll see retail betting in 2021 or 2022, but whether online wagers join the club, we don’t know just yet.


It was all going so well, that was until Gov. Mills vetoed a bill to legalize sports wagering. 

Proponents of wagering are keen to work on another bill in the hopes of 2022 being the year for sports betting in Maine. It’s possible things could soon change for The Pine Tree State. 


Sports gambling was approved during the 2020 November election, but it isn’t operational just yet. 

Further action by legislature is needed — coming up with rules, how mobile betting will work and other logistics must be figured out.

The great news is online and retail betting looks inevitable to arrive sometime in 2022.

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Massachusetts residents should get their hands on legal online sports betting by 2023. Debates around what sports betting would, and should, look like in MA, including in-state betting on college sports and who should receive gambling licenses, are holding things up.

The Bean State should be confident in gaining online and retail betting soonm, though. Politically there aren’t huge hurdles to overcome, it’s more about sorting through the above red tape before sports betting comes to Beantown.

Betting in Michigan

Welcome to the big leagues, Michigan. In-person wagering was already legal in 2020, but 2021 brought online betting to The Wolverine State — we think it should be The Cyclone State after the CFB season. 

You can register in just minutes with Michigan’s best sportsbooks. It’s never been simpler to make money on the Wolverines, Pistons, Tigers and Red Wings


It’s been considered at different stages for years but there’s never really been much movement. Currently the state is finding it too difficult to sort through how betting would look, what involvement Native American casinos would have and so forth. It’s not on the radar. 


The hardest state to spell — behind Massachusetts — allows both retail and in-person online betting. What’s that you ask?

You can bet online in The Magnolia State, it just has to be within a casino. Strange we know, but that’s just how it is. 

It seems unlikely a freed version of online betting will come across the river in the near future. 


There was a chance Missouri would allow sports betting in a pre-COVID world but hopes have now shifted toward 2022 being that time now. Online and in-person wagering are a real chance to make their way to The Show Me State.

In the spirit of Missouri, we’d like to show you our Bet Hubs, which give you all you need to know before betting on your favorite sports, whether it be NFL, NBA, CFB, CBB, MLB or anything else!


March 2020 saw the start of sports betting in The Treasure State. Retail betting is legal while in-person online betting is enforced, meaning you can only bet with a mobile sportsbook inside a casino. Crazy right?!

Unfortunately, the only online sportsbook usable in Montana is run by the company who control the state lottery. This means the government has a monopoly on sports betting, meaning America’s best sportsbooks are kept out in the cold and you lose out through a lack of competitive tension.


Legal sports wagering is as likely as a 100 degree winter in Nebraska right now. Sports gambling as we know it looks years away in any capacity. 


Despite its long history with gambling, Nevada has been slow out of the blocks with online sports betting. Of course, in-person betting is top of the line — if my boss is reading this, it’s very important I take a research trip to Caesars and the Bellagio. Online betting is legal too, but it requires more effort to get started.

Like numerous states, Nevada requires an in-person sign up before wagering online, naturally this proved problematic during COVID back in 2020. Until the situation changes in terms of the sign up process — Nevada’s online market will suffer. 

New Hampshire

Both retail and online betting options are available in NH, but there is only one mobile betting option. DraftKings Sportsbook is the sole operator in the mobile market, which bodes well for them, particularly if bettors wager the Patriots moneyline!

Betting in New Jersey

America has New Jersey to thank for sports betting, and both mobile and retail betting options are available in the Garden State. There are physical books in the Meadowlands and Atlantic City, amongst others but the bulk of bets are taken online.

If you want to continue the trend and wager with Jersey’s best online sportsbooks, we’ve got you.

New Mexico

Brick-and-mortar sportsbooks are taking bets across New Mexico. Admittedly, there are only a handful and they are Native American casinos. Tribes have been able to take bets thanks to the current tribal gaming compacts. Even though there’s been no referendum they can operate…innovative! 

Betting in New York

Physical sportsbooks are operational in a few commercial and tribal casinos across NY. Online betting finally got the backing of Gov. Cuomo in what was one of the biggest hurdles remaining.

We’re hopeful New York will introduce online sports betting at some point in 2021 or 2022. Until then you need to travel across state lines and into New Jersey.

North Carolina

Retail sports betting is legal in The Tar Heel State, but no bets have occurred yet. No, there aren't tumbleweeds rolling though casinos! 

The two approved tribal casinos are still getting things in order before opening their doors. In other good news, NC is expected to consider mobile betting across the state in 2022. 

North Dakota

North Dakotan Tribes are looking to open sportsbooks under existing law despite no change in legislature. 

They would argue under existing laws that they can take bets. Besides New Mexico, ND would be the only state to take bets without legislative action.


Sports-mad Ohio would go bananas with legalized sports betting, and thankfully it is under consideration. 

With COVID destroying any hopes of legal gambling back in 2020, there is growing optimism 2022 will be the year you’re allowed to bet on the Buckeyes.


Tribal casinos could open in the future but conflicts with the state government mean there won't be any major progress anytime soon. 

Negotiations between the state and tribes will continue but sports betting doesn’t seem to be an urgent priority. Don’t expect to bet on Spencer Rattler and the Sooners anytime soon. 


Only one mobile betting option is available to Oregonians, in addition to several Native American casinos which allow in-person betting. No matter whether it's via mobile or in-person, in-state betting is not allowed. This means you can’t bet on the Ducks or Oregon State in any college sport. 

The lottery-run betting app means there's no online competition, which sadly means uncompetitive betting odds in the Beaver State. 

Betting in Pennsylvania

Sports-crazy Pennsylvania allowed retail wagers from 2018, before the introduction of digital gambling the following year.

Whether you want to bet on the Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia 76ers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Pirates or Phillies, we’ve got the best odds and sportsbooks in PA waiting for you.

Rhode Island

Going strong with both online betting and retail sportsbooks since 2018. William Hill is the only sportsbook available inside Rhode Island's two casinos. Online betting is available too, and surprise, surprise William Hill is presently the only option there, too! Not that that's a bad thing!

South Carolina

There hasn’t been much love for sports betting in South Carolina and there’s no sign those at the top will change their minds any time soon.

South Dakota

Sports betting was legalized in November 2020, but we await further action before any bets are placed. 

Retail books should be open in Deadwood and tribal casinos at some point in 2021 or 2022, however the jury’s still out on mobile betting for now.


The only state with online-only betting. It makes sense given there are no casinos in Tennessee, and those who love mobile sports betting won’t mind given its uncapped nature. 


Texas isn’t seen as a likely state to legalize sports gambling but there was some hope for 2021. With Texas’ economic situation we thought we may see the Lone Star State come to the party in 2021. If it didn't, we’ll have to wait until 2023 (legislature only meet consistently in odd years).


Seemingly never. Utah is the only state — Hawaii aside — without any major form of gambling.  


There are no casinos in Vermont but that doesn’t mean online sportsbooks are completely out of the question. New England continues to grow, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see Vermont jump on the train too.


Sports betting was approved midway through 2020 and accepted its first online bets in January 2021. The great news is online sportsbooks are up and running in Virginia. However brick-and-mortar sportsbooks won’t be ready for some time with casinos hoping they’ll open in late 2021 or 2022.


Sports wagering has been legal since early 2020. The state is in negations with tribes to allow betting to take place on their lands. Mobile betting has been approved, but only in-person. This means you can bet with a mobile sportsbook but you need to be inside a brick and mortar establishment.

If you’re in Washington D.C. you will be able to use the retail sportsbooks or one lottery-run betting app — GamBet.

Betting in West Virginia

Mobile betting has been legal in West Virginia for sometime now. All the big name sportsbooks are in WV, all you have to do is decide the right book for you. 

Retail sportsbooks are spread throughout the state if in-person wagering is your style. 


Gambling in WI is a long shot, but its tribal casinos represent the likeliest option if the Badger State is ever to allow sports gambling.


Sportsbooks could open on Native American land under existing law, meaning no new bills would be needed. The Northern Arapaho Tribe are looking into this as we speak, which is a positive sign for the Cowboy State. 

This is the only feasible path to sports betting in Wyoming’s near future. 

Now you know when sports betting will be legal in all 50 states. Before you place your next wager, make sure you’re betting with the best sportsbooks in your state. Don’t just sign up to one! This is America, when have we ever settled? 

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