What Sports Can I Bet On?

As sports betting grows in the USA, so too do the options available to sports bettors. Betting on sports can add greater excitement to an otherwise boring encounter, and it can even give your bank account an upgrade.

Here at Dimers.com, we use predictive analytics on every major sport in the United States and globally. In doing so, we conduct 10,000 simulations of each event based on rosters, form, previous matchups, even weather, all to give you an unrivaled edge before you make that winning play.

Without further ado, let’s show you the best sports to bet on this year.



The NFL is the most popular pro sport in America and with good reason. There are more options when betting on the National Football League than almost any other sport.

You can bet on numerous offerings like the moneyline, spread, next Super Bowl winner, whether Aaron Rodgers will win MVP, Rookie of the Year, or if the Cowboys will ever win the NFC East.

So, if you’re looking to have some fun and hopefully make a few dollars while Patrick Mahomes plays backyard football with Tyreek Hill, then NFL betting might be for you. If you want the best odds for every NFL game and free NFL picks, we’ve got you.

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College Football

College Football may well be the most popular sporting league in the United States and offers excitement every Saturday throughout the season – unless you’re a Michigan fan.

With 130 FBS (Division 1) schools competing every week, there’s always value to be had, even for the average bettor.

Like the NFL, you will find endless bets on offer for College Football. Perhaps you think USC can make a run at the Pac12, Alabama to win another championship under Nick Saban, or Spencer Rattler for the Heisman Trophy.

No matter what you’re looking for, Dimers has you. There are so many options, like moneyline and spread, as well as in-game probabilities to help your CFB live betting success.

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The NBA has daily opportunities for you to take home a nice payout. If you think LeBron James will repeat as king of the NBA, Jokic and Murray can drag the Nuggets to the Western Conference finals, or you just want to back the Brooklyn Nets to slap up the New York Knicks, our NBA picks and parlays can help with it all.

There’s some opportunities to make money on NBA futures bets too, like NBA MVP, Rookie of the Year and even LA Lakers against the field for the NBA Championship.

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College Basketball

Believe it or not, College Basketball can be just as interesting outside of March Madness. Particularly if you know where the CBB value is on any given night.

Thankfully, Dimers’ College Basketball Bet Hub gives you an advantage over other bettors. For every game, we highlight the biggest opportunities to catch the sportsbooks napping in our Best Bets section.

So, even if it’s Elon vs. Northwestern, we can help you find the best value across the most trusted sportsbooks in the United States.

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America’s favorite pastime is baseball and the MLB continues to entertain year after year.

Studs like San Diego’s Fernando Tatis Jr. or the Nationals’ Juan Soto ensure anything can happen at the flick of a wrist. With 2,430 regular season MLB games – 162 games per team – there is always value for bettors, no matter which team you support.

Moneyline bets are always a great chance to succeed, but also consider the runline – baseball’s version of the spread. The best MLB odds and MLB picks are all within your reach at Dimers.

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The beauty of the NHL is there are so often multiple games coming at you on most nights. What does that mean for you?

Well, more opportunities for same-game parlays. NHL parlays offer bigger odds and a chance for a more handsome payout.

With over 10,000 simulations of each and every NHL game, Dimers enables you to make the most informed decisions of any NHL bettor.

No time for analytics? That’s cool, just check out our best bets for today.

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Premier League, MLS, Liga MX & La Liga

Soccer is known as the world game and leagues like the Premier League and La Liga are growing fast here in the United States, not to mention MLS and Liga MX.

I mean let’s face it, who doesn’t love Lionel Messi dancing past defenders – unless you’re that defender.

The Premier League is the hottest soccer league in the world right now and no wonder too, with Mohamed Salah, Bruno Fernandes and Kevin De Bruyne all strutting their stuff.

Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United are always a good shout in the Premier League title race and may be your best futures bet option.

Otherwise you can bet on the Premier League top scorer, top-four finishers and who will be relegated. These same bets are available in La Liga and across Bundesliga, Serie A and MLS matches – relegation aside in the MLS, of course.

Soccer betting is particularly fun, especially if you have all the tools to win.

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With four Grand Slam tennis tournaments every year involving the ATP and WTA – plus minor events – you’ll find a winner quicker than Novak Djokovic down the baseline with Dimers.

Tennis betting may look complex at first because it’s different to College Football betting and other major sports. But don’t worry, as we’ve got the perfect solution to help you understand tennis betting.

Our tennis best bets are all in the one place before every major tournament like the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open.

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Whether you want to back Tiger Woods for a hole-in-one or Brooks Koepka to claim another PGA Championship, Dimers will help you make the right move.

Golf can be hard to predict, particularly when there is only one winner and so many losers. But you don’t have to be one of them if you follow our golf betting strategies.

There’s always something happening on the PGA Tour, so you best keep up to date before making any golf bet.

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Mixed Martial Arts


You now know all about NFL betting and the like, but what about MMA betting? It’s not quite the same.

You’re betting on an individual, rather than a team and there’s no such thing as the spread. Although understanding how to bet on MMA isn’t too difficult.

Before every major fight, Dimers will update you on everything you need to know about the UFC and keys to victory for both you and the fighters.

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