Top 10 Sports Events to Bet On

Big sporting events have massive ramifications for a team and also for sports bettors. With millions on the line for players and teams, fans can't help but wager on the big games too.

With that in mind, we've ranked the best sports events for you to bet on around the world. 

Super Bowl

The biggest event on the American sports calendar isn't just made for wings, beers and the Lombardi Trophy. The Super Bowl and betting are a marriage made in heaven, even more so than Brad and Angelina. 

According to the American Gaming Association (AGA), nearly $7 billion was wagered on Super Bowl LIV between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. 

There's plenty to bet on during Super Bowl week, including MVP prop bets, first TD scorer and, of course, halftime bets.

NCAA March Madness 

Without March Madness in 2020, a big hole was left in the hearts of basketball fans and sportsbooks alike. 

Of course, the final four attracts a lot of the money but with 67 total games played, it's hard for Americans to pass up the best odds for NCAA Basketball

The AGA estimates $8.5 billion was wagered by 47 million Americans in a recent men's tourney. 

March Madness is back, bigger than ever ,and luckily we've got the best CBB betting predictions to secure the bag.

FIFA World Cup

The World Game is slowly becoming more popular here, but our USMNT isn't anywhere near its former glories – we miss you Landon Donovan!

Christian Pulisic carries our hopes into Qatar 2022, but the good news is there's plenty to bet on outside the Stars and Stripes. 

There are 64 matches in total and of course the World Cup Final, which had $7.2 billion wagered on it in 2018. According to FIFA, in excess of $136 billion was bet across the tournament. 

With more and more Americans able to bet legally by the time Qatar 2022 arrives, we're sure to see even more thrown down.

NBA Finals

When the best of the best in the NBA clash, the bets to tend fly in thick and fast.

Over 20 million Americans tune in for the best of seven series, with Vegas hauling in almost $10 million dollars per game.

Depending on the series, that can amount close to $70 million, just from The Silver State.

Dimers provides all the best predictions via our NBA Bet Hub.

MLB World Series

America's favorite pastime may not have the same impact it once did but that doesn't stop the wallets of American sports bettors opening. 

With more states slowly legalizing sports betting, the MLB and World Series will only gain more interest from professional and casual gamblers. 


Boxing may not be as big as what it used to be, but the rise of heavyweights like Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder has given the sport new life.

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor have been and gone from the boxing arena but Nevada will surely miss them. 

The Silver State took over $65 million dollars in bets for the Mayweather-McGregor fight, including six $1 million stakes on Money Mayweather.  

Kentucky Derby 

The sport of kings doesn't attract the year-round interest like the NFL and NBA, but the Kentucky Derby does its thing. Not only is it watched across the United States but worldwide too.

During the 2019 Kentucky Derby, over $250 million dollars was wagered. When you consider it's a one-off event, that's a pretty penny. 

The Grand National

Not heard of the Grand National? It's the Kentucky Derby equivalent in the United States. The Queen – yeah she's real – and the rest of the UK royal family attend, so you know it's a big deal. 

Globally, it does big business reaching over 100 countries and brings in over 500 million viewers most years. Almost $400 million was bet on the 2017 Grand National. 

Rugby World Cup

Unless you went to Cal, you may not be too familiar with rugby. It is most famous in the Southern Hemisphere in countries like Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, Fiji, as well as England – no that's not southern. 

The last World Cup, in 2019, had over 850 million viewers worldwide. Just imagine how much money would be thrown on the sport.

Cricket World Cup 

Okay, we're going to finish with a weird one. If you've not heard of cricket we suggest you get on YouTube, after reading all the way of course. It's a cross between bowling and baseball. Weird, I know. 

Anyway, cricket is universally regarded as the second most popular sport in the world, with 2-3 billion fans. 

Australia, India (not Indiana) and England are known as the three big boys in the cricket world and are estimated to draw in almost $70 million dollars when they play at the World Cup.

Ready to bet on the biggest sports events? Sign up with the best and most trusted sportsbooks in your states. Don't just settle for one, you deserve to be greedy!

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