Best Sports Betting Movies

Sports betting has long caught the minds and hearts of not just Americans, but sports fans around the globe, so it's no surprise Hollywood has dipped its toe in the water and made some movies about the thrills, twists and turns that come when wagering on sports. 

Now, this list isn't exactly an Oscars honor roll, but if you're looking for something to fill up a few hours between watching Anthony Bennett's NBA highlights, then we've got you.

Eight Men Out (1988)

Based on the true story of one of the MLB's most historic scandals, Eight Men Out takes us back to the 1919 World Series. The best-of-nine series – yep, you read right – is infamously known for the eight Chicago White Sox players who allegedly threw the World Series in exchange for money from a gambling syndicate. 

Despite (initial) heavy favoritism, the Sox went on to lose to the Cincinnati Reds in what became known as the Black Sox Scandal. All eight players were given lifetime bans from the MLB and permanently removed from consideration for the pro Baseball Hall of Fame. 

Eight Men Out naturally explores these aspects but it doesn't particularly paint the players as public enemy number one. Rather, they're looked at the through an empathetic eye, almost understanding of their actions. John Cusack and a young Charlie Sheen star in the movie which hints at a need for legalized and regulated sports betting. Who doesn't want that?!

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Two for the Money (2005)

If you were to ever have a man-crush, it'd have to be Matthew McConaughey, right? The Texas Longhorns diehard stars alongside Al Pacino in Two for the Money. It's an entertaining movie partially based on the story of Brandon Lang. 

In Two for the Money, Lang is a College Football star who turns himself into an unbelievably good sports handicapper. The novice is then taken under the wing of betting tycoon Walter Abrams, the two then make serious bank. We'll leave it there so as to not spoil the rest for you.

Big picture, the movie looks at the highs of sports gambling, and the lows, and just how big the stakes can get when you're dealing with sharps and big betting firms. 

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Big Shot: Confessions of a Campus Bookie (2002)

This is actually based on the real-life point-shaving scandal during Arizona State's 1993-94 basketball season. Look, this won't be the best movie you've ever seen, but it's comical, filled with beautiful college girls and has an American Pie vibe. So if anything, it'll be just a feast for the eyes – I'm okay with that. 

Big Shot: Confessions of a Campus Bookie follows Benny Silman, a New Yorker who's moved to the desert for the party life of ASU – and I'm reliably told it's as good as advertized. 

Silman starts his own booking operation on campus before hooking up with ASU basketball stud Stevin Smith and a Vegas shark. Together they ensure ASU doesn't cover the spread, making a few bags along the way. It doesn't end so harmoniously in real life, and as for the movie, you're going to have to watch to find out. 

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Bookies (2003)

Another comedy-style film, with a tinge of thriller, Bookies follows four college students who start their own sportsbook business. They become hot shots on campus, able to live lavish and buy whatever they please to hot up their dorm. 

Life seems amazing, almost perfect until they attract the attention of the mafia. As things tend to do in organized crime, it gets messy. Are they slick enough to make their way out of it? Well, you'll have to watch and find out. 

Like most films on this list, it's not the highest budgeted film you will ever gaze upon but it touches on the nostalgia of sports betting and taps into the dreams we've all had as college kids. Not making the mafia mad part, maybe you experimented too much in college if that's your thing.

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Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

Okay, this isn't strictly sports betting. But it does involve sports and betting, so we're going to let it slide on in here. Anything with Bobby DeNiro and Bradley Cooper should be on any movie list, so there. Jennifer Lawrence stars too, if Cooper isn't enough eye candy for you!

Even if a rom-com isn't your thing, we'd recommend giving this a try. It's most definitely the best pure film on this list. The story follows Patrizio Solitano Jr. (Cooper) and his father, Patrizio Snr. (DeNiro) who owns an illegal sportsbook in Philadelphia – set in a time where PA sports betting wasn't legal.

Both Pats are diehard Philadelphia Eagles fans and the movie is centered on the Eagles, sports betting as well as broader themes like romance, struggles and redemption.

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