Fastest Withdrawal Options for Online Sportsbooks

You must be interested in giving sports betting a try, so first of all, congratulations!

Betting on sports can add excitement and fun to even the most dull sports games. Oh, by the way, you could win this thing called money, which is kind of cool, I guess. 

If you're looking to secure the bag, or have already – congrats – you must know how to bring it back into your bank account. I guess that's why you're here.

I know you're holding off an urge to switch over to Kwame Brown's NBA highlights, but stick with us. Here are the fastest withdrawal options for online betting.

Choose an Online Sportsbook 

Getting the withdrawal is the hard part, so before we get into it, let's make sure you're working with a sportsbook that's going to give you the best payout. It can be hard to know which sportsbooks are safest or which have the best odds. Either way, has you covered like Jalen Ramsey. 

Sportsbooks offer sign-up offers and daily/weekly specials, so keep your eye out for them. If you're wanting to use Dimers' exclusive promotional codes with your state's best sportsbooks, check it out. 

While we are here, answer this question. How can you get the most out of betting when you use one book's odds and specials all the time? Actually, don't answer that, it's rhetorical. You can't! 

In keeping with that, we encourage you to join multiple sportsbooks in your state – sorry DC, New Hampshire, Oregon, Rhode Island and others!

You'll capitalize on great daily offers from the various books and also be able to fully utilize our Best Odds section before making the winning play.

You're so welcome.

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How to Withdraw Your Funds

Nice one, you've signed up to a few of America's best sportsbooks. Let's quickly touch on how to withdraw your funds before we show you the different types. It's all pretty simple, generally in your "My Account" section you'll be able to check your balance and click withdraw. The time in between really varies, some sportsbooks can get the cash in your account within a day, while others take a little longer.

Again, it depends on the book but some may lock a partial amount of your balance until you have used a bonus rollover. By the way, a rollover simply refers to a bonus/free bet where the stipulation may involve betting a certain amount to receive the bonus. In our experience, your funds being locked to any degree is rare, so don't sweat that too much. 

Just remember, too, it's not uncommon for sportsbooks to pay your winnings back in the same way you deposited. For example, if you put down cash via your credit card, the book will likely suggest sending your winnings – hopefully with interest – back the same way.

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Withdrawal Amounts

It's important to note sportsbooks have limitations on just how much you can withdraw in one attempt. From our experiences with the best sportsbooks in the United States, $10 is the minimum amount. Maximums of course vary, but you will be able to pull out a couple thousand without a worry.

How on earth would you have a few thousand dollars in payouts? I guess you follow Dimers' Quick Picks for the daily edge over those sleeping sportsbooks. Betting on the Chiefs to beat the Lions is another way to make almost guaranteed money! Although their odds are so short it may not even pay a day of your utility bill.

Withdrawal Methods

Alright, let's go through the ways you can withdraw from your sportsbook, and how they may or may not suit you.

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Credit/Debit Card

  • Quick turnaround (two/three business days)
  • Usually no fees attached
  • Low minimum withdrawal amount


  • Immediate turnaround
  • Associated fees
  • High minimum (around $100)


  • Super fast withdrawal (usually within the hour) 
  • Usually no or small fee attached 
  • Lowest minimum of available options
  • Exchange rate changes could affect value of withdrawal (if the value of the currency drops, your $500 return, could end up being $300, or alternatively it could go up)


  • Moderate turnaround (2-4 days)
  • Zero or small fees

Bank Wire Transfer

  • Allows for higher withdrawal maximums
  • Longer turnaround (3-10 business days)
  • High associated fees


  • Yes, believe it or not you can still get a check
  • Longest turnaround of all options – unless you choose carrier pigeon
  • Usually higher minimum withdrawal 
  • Larger fees than most options

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Final one from us, if you decide to leave one sportsbook for one of the better sportsbooks in your state make sure to withdraw all of your balance. This way you avoid the chances of ever incurring fees which chip away at your funds.

Don't stress, this only happens if you haven't placed any bets, deposits or withdrawals in over 12-24 months. Take those funds out and you won't have any issues whatsoever. There are far better charities to give money to!

Now you know everything there is when it comes to sports betting withdrawals. Make sure you're using the best sportsbooks and odds in America. If you're not, change it up now – it's a quick sign-up process.

You may as well use our exclusive sportsbook promo codes, too. We're here to help after all – if you win, we feel like winners too.

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