How to Avoid Fake Sportsbooks

With legalized sports betting growing in numbers across America, fake sportsbooks don't have as much room to breathe. There's really no reason to go searching for an abstract book when there's so many reliable sportsbooks in your state

Quite honestly, you don't need to go further than Dimers' Best Books. Along with giving you the pick of the most reliable sportsbooks in the United States, has exclusive promo offers for when you sign up to the book. 

Depending on your choice, you will likely receive one of a free bet, risk-free bet, deposit bonus or bet credits. Why risk going with an unknown quantity when you can pick the trusted option and receive immediate rewards?

Okay, now if you do decide to go down the uncertain road – here's your last chance to sign up to America's most secure sportsbooks – here's the best ways to spot a fake sportsbook πŸ‘‡

Odds and Lines Too Good to Be True

The old adage, if it looks too good to be true then it probably is, couldn't be more accurate in this instance. We recommend using our Best Odds section as a reference point. We show you the best odds in America for major sports and all the usual bets like moneyline, spread, over/under and so on. 

If the spread for Tampa Bay vs. Kansas City is 2.5 (Chiefs -2.5, Bucs +2.5) for most sportsbooks on but your book has the Bucs +10, then something is clearly wrong. They're most likely a scammer. 

Bookmakers do have different odds and Dimers will always show you the best odds from the most trusted sportsbooks in your state. It really doesn't need to be difficult. Doing it on your own is hard. Dimers is free, so let us be your betting friend and hit you up with the best picks and odds

Delayed Payouts 

Hopefully you haven't got yourself to this point, but worst case you have, then delayed payouts will be the telltale sign you've gone with a bad sportsbook. 

There are stalling tactics such as asking for account information you've already provided or making excuses which don't seem to make sense. 

If you want to avoid delays, find your next favorite sportsbook here.

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Average Website 

We're not saying it needs to be a visual masterpiece to rival Gisele Bundchen. Because, well, nothing can obviously. You know what a shoddy website looks like though. If it doesn't look super legit then that's when alarm bells should ring. 

You are putting your money into this sportsbook, quite literally. So you should be extra careful about who you decide to bet with.

Secure sportsbooks have big budgets, and let's face it, websites are the window into a business. If the outside don't look good, it sure as heck ain't any better on the inside. 

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Terrible Customer Service 

Generally there's three ways to contact any legitimate sportsbook:

  1. Via email
  2. Via phone (directed to a call center)
  3. Via online chat

If any sportsbook's correspondence is unusually slow, that's not a good sign. Most good sportsbooks have a comprehensive customer service team and it usually won't take more than one single day to hear back. 

If an email hasn't had any sort of response for more than a few business days, or you call, call and call with no answer, then you're dealing with a dodgy sportsbook.

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Strange Verification Process 

Okay, you've got through the website, you feel like everything is moving well to this point, but then your book asks for you to email your identification. Seems strange, doesn't it? 

That's because it is. You may wonder why you need to confirm your identity, but it is an essential part of every sportsbook sign-up process. Most sportsbooks will ask for your passport or driver's license as a minimum, sometimes even a household or electricity bill. 

What reputable books won't do though, is ask for you to send photocopies or scanned images via email. This is a common trick of dodgy books. They'll do this to stall your payouts and keep you on the hook. 


Despite sportsbooks growing in the United States, there are still some out there who are looking to scam you.

The easiest way to avoid this is to sign up with the trusted sportsbooks in your state. Don't worry, we've given them our tick of approval.

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