Safest Online Sports Betting Sites

Online gambling can be tricky to navigate at first, which is why we strongly recommend using the legal, secure sportsbooks listed here on

With sports betting growing rapidly across the United States, bettors need to be wary of dodgy, illegitimate sites that continue to pop up.

Safe, Legal Sportsbooks

There's three main signs that show that an online sportsbook is safe and legal:

  • Holding a legitimate gambling license
  • The latest security measures
  • A strong, distinct reputation

Online gambling isn't a scam, but do beware, there are sites which will look to take advantage of you. All of the online sportsbooks we list here at Dimers meet our seal of approval and can be trusted by experienced bettors and squares alike.

Before choosing which sportsbooks you want to sign up for, you should check out our independent reviews of each site, where we list the pros and cons of all of the biggest sportsbooks in the United States.

Sports bettors should avoid making mistakes like trusting illegal books. Just know, if betting is legal in your state, Dimers will show you the best odds and sportsbooks, big truss.

As well as going through Dimers' reviews, you could also look through various Reddit threads and message boards, where experienced bettors chat about the online sportsbooks that they prefer, and other sites such as this.

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Getting Started

Once you've read our reviews of the different books and checked out the different sign-up bonuses and promotions they all have on offer, you'll likely be keen to jump straight in and start betting.

At the bottom of this page, you'll find links to the best sportsbooks in the United States. By signing up directly via these links you will receive a sign-up bonus, and you are not limited to just the one sportsbook, or one sign-up offer.

We highly recommend that, once comfortable, you register for multiple books in order to best take advantage of our picks and the different odds on offer through each site.

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Betting Picks

When it comes to deciding what you're going to place your bets on and where you can find the best picks for upcoming games, you don't want to pay a fee to some schmuck who thinks he knows something that you don't.

You will quickly find that the much better option is to check in with Dimers every day. Our predictions come from a sophisticated model that provides you with the best picks at the tastiest odds โ€“ all free of charge, of course!

Basically, we are here to lay out all of our projections and best betting options, for you to then choose where you spend your bankroll. A safe, easy process for all involved.

Best Sports Betting Sites in Your State

If you're looking to determine which sportsbooks in your state are the safest and most suitable to your betting approach, then check out our independent reviews of the biggest sportsbooks in America

We also recommend signing up to multiple sites to make the most of our picks and to take advantage of different books having different odds. You'll notice in our Quick Picks section we always suggest the site with the highest odds, so sign up for as many as you can and take advantage of the best odds!


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