Why Was My Bet Cancelled?

Betting can add plenty of fun and excitement to any professional or college sports. Though if you’re reading this you’re either very proactive and curious — kudos — or completely confused as to why your bet has been cancelled. 

There are many reasons why books cancel your bet, occasionally it’s justified, other times it seems completely unjust and unfair. Whatever the case, Dimers.com is here to tell you exactly why your bet has or will be cancelled.

Accidental Odds

One of the more frustrating reasons is when a sportsbook accidentally makes incorrect odds and you get punished for it, even if you’ve wagered and it wins!

Online Sportsbooks are still run by humans and just like all of us, mistakes are inevitable. Unfortunately though, sportsbooks hold all the power and often offer an apology and refund, rather than the payout you arguably deserve. 

It’s a strange circumstance isn’t it? Nathan Peterman and Carson Wentz would be multiple time Super Bowl winners if they could apologize and call back their interceptions! Kyle Shanahan accidentally gave up a 28-3 lead, perhaps he should get a do-over as well?

Anyway, whether we like it or not, this is how it goes. Recently, a sportsbook accidentally had Cincinnati +5 goals in an MLS match. A bettor naturally jumped on it, including it in his parlay that was meant to payout almost $60,000. Though he never got his money, only a refund, because the odds were obviously accidental. Instead, an apology and refund were issued. Oh the pain.

This is very unfortunate and perhaps even unfair, but it doesn’t happen too often. If you see a prop bet that looks too good to be true (we mean really too good) it probably is. So, perhaps save yourself the headache and choose another leg for your parlay.

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A Suspicious Match

Again, this is a rarity but as we're sure you’ve seen over the years there are instances where games have been allegedly tampered with or altered in a suspicious manner — 'Deflategate' anyone?

In all seriousness, you’ll rarely see incidences of this within the big sports like NFL, NBA, MLB and the NHL. It’s rare to see but it's more common to hear of these instances at an amateur level, or Russian ping pong.

There have been examples of match fixing occurring within European soccer and other sports abroad, in which instance your bet would likely be voided. Although if there's a lag between your bet cashing and the discovery of the match being fixed, you best make for the hills with your loot!

Even though it’s not your fault the nature of sports competition has been violated and both the integrity of the bet and match are compromised. Don’t worry you’ll have your bet refunded, so there’s no loss for you at the end of the day.

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Cancelled/Postponed Match

If a game has been postponed for a considerable length of time (over 12-24 hours) bets are commonly voided, with your stake refunded. 

This is probably the fairest reason of them all, really. Odds will likely have changed between the moment you placed the wager and the game’s commencement. 

Obviously the same premise applies if a game is cancelled altogether, which means money back for you!

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Incorrect Parlay

This one’s on you. 

As an example, most sportsbooks don’t allow a parlay which includes a same-game moneyline and spread bet. So, if by some miracle you’re able to slip this through or catch the sportsbook attendant snoozing, and it wins — well, you lose. Even if your parlay is correct all the way through, the book won’t recognize it as a legitimate bet, and the likelihood is your stake won’t be returned. Then, you’ll be left with pockets emptier than the Detroit Lions’ trophy cabinet. 

Sometimes too, if you’re using a dodgy sportsbook, complications and voided bets may arise. All of these reasons are reasonably fair, but to make sure you steer clear of cancelled bets, use the most trusted online sportsbooks in America. If you’re looking for the best odds before placing your next bet, we’ve got you. 

One final thing, don’t forget to use Dimers’ exclusive sign up offers with the likes of FanDuel Sportsbook, William Hill, DraftKings Sportsbook and PointsBet. There’s no catch whatsoever. You want to bet and win, and we want to help with that.

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