How to Use Dimers Futures

Want to get your hands on more green than Snoop Dogg? No, not THAT type of green, the Benjamin Franklin kind!

Futures at is your A to Z for everything you need to make a winning down-the-line prediction. Who will win the NFL Championship? Who will win take out the American League MVP honors?

Whatever your sport, Dimers will lay out the probability of your futures bet happening, and of course show you exactly where those best odds are in the USA.

An example of the MLB Futures page on Dimers.

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What is a futures bet?

Glad you asked, wise guy. A futures bet is exactly what it says on the tin – an event in the future, quite often it is in the distance. Generally they revolve around the biggest trophies in sports, such as the NFL Super Bowl, NBA Championship, MLB World Series, and NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship.

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When can I bet on futures?

The good news is futures are year-round. You can bet on the following Super Bowl almost immediately after the Lombardi Trophy is hoisted in the air. In the offseason and during free agency are popular times to wager on championship winners, with fans excited about potential partnerships.

Incredibly though, you can bet on futures the day before an event. You could bet on the World Series winner the morning of Game 7. Naturally the odds are going to be shorter than Kyler Murray, but the option is still there.

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Why should I bet on futures?

While waiting on a futures bet to come off can be annoying, they often have the largest return probability. Before the 2020 NFL regular season began, Tampa Bay were +1500 (Buffalo +2800, Tampa +1500, Green Bay +3100) with FanDuel to win Super Bowl LV.

A $100 bet on the eventual World Champs in the preseason would have led to a $1500 payout.

It takes balls bigger than Tom Brady’s to bet futures but there’s a reason they’re so lucrative. If you use Dimers’ data and analytics based probabilities before picking your next championship winner, you can still win. That's even if your balls aren’t as big, or if you don’t have any to begin with!

Our futures model uses data and analytics to project the most likely winner across the NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL postseasons. We then cross-reference all sportsbooks’ odds to identify the best odds and any edges we may have found, over and above what the books are offering.

You’re welcome.

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What is the ‘edge’ is sports betting?

The edge is where the probability of an event occurring is more likely than the sportsbooks’ odds. In other words, our data and analytics suggest a team has a much better chance of winning the title than the sportsbooks think! Taking these bets gives you a better chance of being a successful gambler overall.

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Why are there different sportsbooks in Dimers Futures?

Good question! Now that online sports betting is legal, there are many sportsbooks opening their doors to new bettors.

For profitable betting, you must always look for the best available odds. Dimers’ Futures section identifies the best price so you don’t have to search for it yourself.

Dimers has put all the big legal online sportsbooks in America under the microscope to give you the lowdown on our most trusted sites. What’s more, we’ve sourced the best promotional codes for new bettors. Rest easy, you are betting with a legitimate sportsbook if we’ve given them the tick of approval at Dimers.

Join a sportsbook here and start betting online now.

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