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Dimers is a sports media and entertainment brand that brings sports lovers in the United States of America together to understand, enjoy and excel at sports betting.

At Dimers, we believe there's no bigger rush than using the power of sports analytics and trends to find the best daily bets, predictions and picks.

Our team, as well as DimersBOT – our predictive analytics model – crunch the numbers daily on all the big local and international sports – including Basketball, Football, Baseball and Hockey – to give you the best plays.

Dimers is free and accessible for all, regardless of whether you like to bet on sports or not.

Bet Hub

Dimers' Bet Hub is your one-stop shop for everything you need to make a winning wager, including odds, best bets, pre-game predictions, in-play probabilities and play-by-play coverage.

DimersBOT uses data and analytics to run over 10,000 simulations per event to predict the most likely outcomes for every NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL game.

Dimers' predictive analytics model analyzes each matchup based on rosters, form, previous matchups, even weather – all to give you an unrivaled edge before you make that winning play.

From these predictions, we give you the best bets on all the major game markets, and compare all the best odds to identify any edges we may have found, over and above what the books are offering.

In other words, we identify where the sportsbooks have got their odds wrong to help you make the winning play. You'll notice a 🔥 next to these picks, so if you too want to catch fire, bet it!

An example of the Bet Hub on Dimers.

How is the edge calculated?

Once the simulations are run, Dimers' Bet Hub compares the results to the betting market and the sportsbooks' odds. If a team wins 6,350 of the 10,000 simulations, then they are predicted to be a 63.5% chance of winning.

So, in theory, if both teams are -110 to win, Dimers' Bet Hub identifies value on the team with the 63.5% probability. This same formula is applied for Moneyline, Spread and Over/Under bets.

An example of the Bet Hub on Dimers.

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Quick Picks

Our Quick Picks page takes the hard work out of it for you by featuring Dimers' best sports betting picks for upcoming games, with direct links to the United States' most trusted sportsbooks, allowing you to quickly place your bet. 

Next to our 🔥 symbol, you'll notice the edge percentage. This illustrates the difference between the sportsbooks' odds and the probability of it occurring. Naturally, the higher the edge, the better for you.

An example of Quick Picks on Dimers.

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Live Now

Live Now allows you to keep track of all the games going on right this second. With in-play probabilities and play-by-play commentary, Live Now provides the best tools for your live betting needs.

An example of the Live Now page on Dimers.

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A futures bet is exactly what it says on the tin – an event in the future, quite often it is in the distance. Generally they revolve around the big events, such as the NFL Super Bowl, NBA Championship, MLB World Series, and NCAA Men's Basketball Championship.

Dimers is your A to Z for everything you need to make a winning futures bet.

An example of the MLB Futures page on Dimers.

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Best Books

To make a legal bet on your favorite sport you once had to travel all the way to Nevada.

Not anymore! With the advent of a little thing called the internet – plus state law changes – making wagers is as easy as opening your PC or cell phone.

The world of online sports gambling is still relatively new, and sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. This is where Dimers has your back.

Dimers has scoured the biggest legal books in the USA to provide the lowdown on our most trusted sportsbooks, in addition to the best promotional codes for new bettors.

Rest easy, you are betting with a legitimate sportsbook if we've given them the tick of approval at Dimers.

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