How to Use Dimers Bet Hub

Want to get that W like your sports betting squad?

The Dimers Bet Hub is your A to Z for everything you need to make a winning wager, including odds, best bets, pre-game predictions, in-play probabilities and live play-by-play coverage.

Our DimersBOT uses data and analytics to run over 10,000 simulations per event to predict the most likely outcomes for every NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL matchup.

From these predictions, we give you the best bets on all the major game markets, as well as compare all the best odds to identify any edges we may have found, over and above what the books are offering.

In other words, we identify where the sportsbooks have got their odds wrong to help you make the winning play. You’ll notice a 🔥 next to these picks, so if you, too, want to catch fire, bet it! You’re welcome.

An example of the Bet Hub on Dimers.

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How are pre-game probabilities calculated?

Pre-game probabilities are created with the help of our predictive analytics model.

DimersBOT simulates each game at least 10,000 times using the Monte Carlo method to predict outcomes. Each matchup is analyzed based on rosters, form, previous matchups, even weather conditions – all to give you an unrivaled edge before you make that winning play.

An example of the Bet Hub on Dimers.

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How does the Dimers Bet Hub help find a potential bet?

Once the simulations are run, the Dimers Bet Hub compares the results to the betting market and the sportsbooks’ odds. If a team wins 6,350 of the 10,000 simulations, then they are predicted to be a 63.5% chance of winning. So, in theory, if both teams are -110 to win, the Dimers Bet Hub identifies value on the team with the 63.5% probability.

This same formula is applied for Moneyline, Spread and Over/Under bets.

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Why do pre-game probabilities change over time?

Pre-game probabilities are dynamic in nature and get updated as new information becomes available. This includes – but is not limited to – team news such as injuries, moves in the betting market and even weather conditions, which is important when predicting football and baseball outcomes especially.

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What does the ‘edge’ mean?

The edge is where the probability of an event occurring is more likely than the sportsbooks’ odds. In other words, our data and analytics suggest a team has a much better chance of winning the game than the sportsbooks think! Taking these bets gives you a better chance of being a successful gambler in the long run.

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How are in-play probabilities calculated during a live game?

In-play probabilities are statistical metrics that project the likelihood of a bet winning at any given point by simulating the remainder of the game. Cool, huh?!

Our predictive analytics model assesses the performance of teams in the same situation and the current state of the particular game, the model updates in real time following every play.

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What is a Moneyline bet?

A moneyline bet is simply based on which team you think will win the game. Moneyline bets are available on all sports and are a popular bet type.

For all moneyline bets, favorites are given a ‘minus’ designation, such as -120, -250 or -500, meaning to win $100 you would need to bet $120, $250 or $500 respectively.

Underdogs on the other hand are given a ‘plus’ designation, such as +120, +250 or +500, meaning if you bet $100 on your team (at +120 odds) and they win, you win $120 profit. Good news, you also get back your $100 stake – equalling a $220 payout.

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What is a Spread bet?

The spread, or points spread, is a popular bet type that is a sportsbook’s way of evening out two unequal teams.

The favorite gives points to the underdog, meaning they must win by a certain margin to ‘cover’ the spread. The underdog can lose the game and still win the bet. This occurs if they lose by a lower margin than the specified spread number.

Example: The Eagles are 5.5-point favorites (-5.5) against the Colts (+5.5) – are they high?!

Anyway, if you bet on Philly against the spread, they need to win by 6+ points to cover the spread.

If you smartly bet the Colts (+5.5), they would need to lose by 5 or less – or win – for you to profit.

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What is an Over/Under bet?

An over/under bet is picking whether the total points scored by both teams will be over/under the sportsbook’s points line. You are NOT betting on who wins.

Example: The Indiana Pacers and the Philadelphia 76ers have an over/under total of 223.

You can either bet they will combine for Over 223 or Under 223.

If you bet the over and the score is 224+ you win. If you bet the under, the points total must be 222 or lower for you to win.

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Why are there different sportsbooks in the Dimers Bet Hub?

Good question! Now that online sports betting is legal in the United States, there are many sportsbooks opening their doors to new bettors.

For profitable betting, you must always look for the best available odds. The Dimers Bet Hub identifies the best price so you don’t have to search for it yourself. You're welcome!

Dimers have put all the big legal online sportsbooks in America under the microscope to give you the lowdown on our most trusted sites. What’s more, we’ve sourced the best promotional codes for new bettors.

Rest easy, you are betting with a legitimate sportsbook if we’ve given them the tick of approval at Dimers.

Join a legal sportsbook here and start betting online today.

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