List of Super Bowl Trends Since 2010

The 11 Super Bowls from 2010-20 have seen just about everything from high-scoring shootouts to a Bill Belichick-inspired snooze fest. While New England's involvement in Super Bowl week has certainly been a trend, we're going to move away from Tom Brady (sort of) and Belichick to find other commonalities.

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Do teams score a TD on the opening drive in the Super Bowl?

No, they don't. 

Astoundingly, not one team has scored a touchdown on the opening possession of a Super Bowl from 2010-20.

That's right, they've gone 0/11.

You would imagine Colin Kaepernick's 49ers, Peyton Manning's Broncos or Tom Brady's Patriots would have been able to go up 7-0 to start a Super Bowl. Nope!

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Do teams score on the opening possession in the Super Bowl?

We have established that the team which receives the opening kickoff doesn't score touchdowns, but do they score at all?

More often than not, they don't. From 2010-20, teams punted on the game's opening drive seven times.

Two field goals were scored – the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50 and Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LI  – and interestingly both those teams went on to hoist the Lombardi Trophy. What about teams that score first, do they win? We'll get to that.

Tom Brady threw the only opening possession interception from 2010-20 to Cory Littleton, while Denver gave up a safety in the Meadowlands in what proved the beginning of a nightmarish evening for Broncos County.

Results of Opening Super Bowl Possessions

  • Punts: 7
  • Safety: 1 (Knowshon Moreno tackled in the end zone vs. Seattle in SB XLVIII)
  • FG: 2 (Broncos in SB 50, Eagles in SB LI)
  • Interception: 1 (Brady in SB LII)

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What drive does the first Super Bowl touchdown come from?

The most common drive for the first touchdown to be scored in a Super Bowl is the third (4). This is followed closely by the fourth (2) and sixth (2) drive respectively.

Interestingly the third drive of the Super Bowl comes from the team who started with the football. It is likely they have used the first possession to scope out the defense before recognizing and exploiting their weaknesses in coverage, pass rush or run defending. 

It must also be noted, one of the touchdowns on the fourth drive of a Super Bowl was Malik Jackson's 1-yard fumble recovery for a TD. 

So if you're looking to bet on which drive the first Super Bowl touchdown will be scored, third may be your best option. See below:

  • 1st: 0
  • 2nd: 1
  • 3rd: 4
  • 4th: 2
  • 5th: 1
  • 6th:
  • 21st: 1

Does the favorite score the first TD in the Super Bowl?

Most people look to the star receiver or power running back to first break the plane on Super Bowl Sunday. When we look at years gone by, names such as Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, Sony Michel and Rob Gronkowski were the first-choice favorites. 

In the case of Michel he was favorite to score first in Super Bowl LII and successfully converted, much to the delight of sports bettors.

Marshawn Lynch is the only other favorite from 2010-20 to score the Super Bowl's opening touchdown. If you don't remember which Super Bowl it was, just ask your Denver Bronco friends. 

Patrick Mahomes' 1-yard rushing TD in Super Bowl LIV was the most lucrative from 2010-20 for bettors, with the 2019 MVP +2000 to cross the plane first. If you had $50 on Mahomes, the payout would have been $1050!

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First Touchdown Scorer Rankings by Odds

  • 1st favorite: 2
  • 2nd favorite: 1
  • 3rd favorite: 1
  • 4th favorite: 0
  • 5th favorite: 2
  • 7th favorite: 1
  • 10th favorite: 1
  • 13th favorite: 1

If you're looking for the full list of Super Bowl first TD scorers, and their odds, we've got you.

Does the team that scores the first touchdown win the Super Bowl?

Almost every time! One team had to ruin the streak, though. Thanks very much, Atlanta Falcons.

Teams went 10/11 when scoring the first touchdown of the Super Bowl. Ironically, the only loser – Atlanta – scored the opening three touchdowns of Super Bowl LI before going on to complete the greatest choke in NFL history. 

Average Super Bowl Total Points

The average Total Points is 49.0 from the last 11 Super Bowls.

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Exact Totals from 2010-20 Super Bowls

  • SB LV: 40
  • SB LIV: 51
  • SB LIII: 16
  • SB LII: 74
  • SB LI: 62
  • SB 50: 34
  • SB XLIX: 52
  • SB XLVIII: 51
  • SB XLVII: 65
  • SB XLVI: 38
  • SB XLV: 56

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