Best Online Sportsbooks in Illinois

Ah, the Prairie State. Home to the rolling hills, dense forests, Nickelodeon MVP Mitch Trubisky and perhaps the most loyal sports fans in America.

Illinois is famous for many things; Abe Lincoln, its baseball teams and farming. Now though, it is becoming a powerhouse in the world of sports betting. 

Whether you want to bet on the Chicago Cubs or White Sox, Chicago Bulls or the Chicago Bears, these sportsbooks will give you the best odds in IL

Best Sportsbooks in Illinois

Sports Betting in Illinois

Before COVID truly took over, Illinois looked set to surge toward the top of sports wagering  markets in the country. On March 9, 2020 the state launched in-person betting before the online equivalent began three months later. Inevitably, foot traffic was slowed and not initially helped by a need to register for online betting at casinos. Since, bettors in Illinois can register remotely and quickly start their betting journey. 

Illinois generated some serious revenue back in October 2020, with almost $435 million in total handle – money wagered – an increase above 40% from the previous month.

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How can I bet in Illinois?

You can bet with any of the above sportsbooks on their online sites or with their apps. All major sportsbooks have apps usable on iPhone and Android. 

When using our Best Books in Illinois section you’ll find the greatest sportsbooks in Illinois and receive access to Dimers’ exclusive promotional codes. Depending on your choice, you will receive either a risk-free/free bet, deposit bonus or a bonus bet, just for using Dimers. So, before you sign up and deposit with any Illinois sportsbook, make sure you check all the Illinois sportsbook options.

If in-person betting is your thing, you’ll find retail books in the Chicago area, as well as Peoria, Alton and St. Louis. 

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What do I need to do to join a sportsbook in Illinois?

Currently, there are very few restrictions to joining a sportsbook in Illinois. You must be a Chicago Bears fan, no we’re just kidding!

You also don’t need to complete in-person registration; visiting a casino to validate your sports betting account – commonplace in some states. This may change back to a necessity if the temporary order is disbanded, but for now you can register online.

What you must do however, is enable geolocation. Illinoian sportsbooks must be able to verify you are in fact within the state before any wager is placed. 

Most sportsbooks will ask to use your location when you first open their betting app, just make sure you allow it, otherwise you won’t be able to bet.

If you were to travel to a state where sports betting is legal, you would be able to use your sportsbook – BetRivers aside. The latter is because state-specific, so in this case all you would need to do is download the state’s version of your app. Otherwise, if your sportsbook is universal, then you’ll be able to bet online, no extra downloads and no problems!

Good news too if you’re visiting Illinois, you’re able to bet so long as you register online. If you’re within state lines, you’re welcome to bet in Bears country. 

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How old do I have to be to use an Illinois sportsbook?

You must be at least 21 years of age to use a sportsbook, or bet on sports in the state of Illinois. This includes betting within a casino or using online books.

Verifying your age is a key component of online sports betting accounts, so if you’re not 21, there’s no getting around it.

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What sports can’t I bet on in Illinois?

Betting on College Sports

You can’t bet on the Fighting Illini in any capacity unfortunately. The state doesn’t allow any betting on Illinois football, basketball or any sports, under any circumstances. This refers to in-state betting, which is illegal in some parts of the United States. 

Thankfully though, you can bet on NCAA Football or College Basketball and the likes as a general rule. It just can’t involve Illinois. You could bet on Alabama vs. Clemson for the National Championship and anything in between. Just no college teams within the state of Illinois, OK?

Betting on High School Sports 

Unsurprisingly, there is no scope to bet on high school sports of any kind in Illinois. 

Now you’ve learned all there is to know about sportsbooks in Illinois, what now? Sign up with one of our trusted online sportsbooks to receive an exclusive promotion and get started. Maybe a Chicago Bulls NBA Championship is worth a shot!

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