Best Online Sportsbooks in Pennsylvania

Ah, the Keystone State. Or is it the Coal State, Oil State or Quaker State. What about the State of Independence? Heck, whatever name you associate Pennsylvania with, we’re cool.

Whether you want to bet on the Philadelphia Eagles or Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL, the Phillies or Pirates in MLB, or even the Penguins or Flyers in NHL, these sportsbooks will give you the best odds in PA.

Best Sportsbooks in Pennsylvania

Best Online Sportsbooks Pennsylvania

Sports Betting in Pennsylvania 

How can I bet on sports in Pennsylvania? 

You can bet with any of the above sportsbooks on their online sites or with their apps. All major Pennsylvania sportsbooks have apps usable on iPhone and Android.

When using our Best Books section you’ll find the top sportsbooks in Pennsylvania and receive access to Dimers’ exclusive online betting promotional codes. Depending on your choice, you will receive either a risk-free/free bet, deposit bonus or a bonus bet, just for using Dimers. So, before you sign up and deposit with any PA sportsbook, check the best online sportsbooks in Pennsylvania.

If in-person betting is your thing you’re in luck, too. It doesn’t matter where you are in Pennsylvania, it’s likely you’re within an hour of the nearest sportsbook. Naturally, most are based in either Greater Philadelphia or Pittsburgh, though Poconos and Erie have you covered too.

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What do I need to do to join a sportsbook in Pennsylvania?

Currently, there are very few restrictions to joining a sportsbook in Pennsylvania. You must be an Eagles fan, no we’re just kidding! We wouldn’t wish that upon you if you're not one already!

As we mentioned above, you’ll need to register online before you can deposit money into your account and wager. This is to validate your identity and sports betting account.

You must also enable geolocation if you want to bet on sports. Pennsylvania sportsbooks must be able to verify you are in fact within the state before any wager is placed. Most books will ask to use your location when you first open their betting app, just make sure you allow it, otherwise you won’t be able to bet. 

If you were to travel to a state where sports betting is legal, you would be able to use your sportsbook app — unless it is state-specific. If that is the case, you may need to download the other state’s version once within their lines. If your sportsbook is universal, then you’ll be able to bet online, no extra downloads and no problems!

Good news, too, if you’re visiting the Keystone State. You’re able to bet – so long as you register online. If you’re within state lines, you’re welcome to bet in Steelers and Eagles country. 

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How old do I have to be to use a Pennsylvanian sportsbook?

You must be at least 21 years of age to use a sportsbook, or bet on sports in the state of Pennsylvania. This includes betting either in a casino or online. Verifying your age is a prerequisite of opening an online betting account. If you’re not 21, there’s no getting around it.

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What sports can’t I bet on in Pennsylvania?

Thankfully, betting on college sports is legal in Pennsylvania. Yes, that includes live betting and wagers on teams within the state. Unfortunately, there are limits as to what you can bet on generally.

Coaching Awards 

If you want to bet on Carson Wentz for next year’s NFL MVP, you’re more than welcome to. Mike Tomlin for Coach of the Year? Well, regardless of its unlikeliness, Pennsylvanians are unable to bet on any type of coaching award. This applies not only to NFL betting, but every sport.

Draft Day and Trades

Despite the fun associated with these events — prop and future bets are so fun — draft or trade bet is strictly illegal in PA.

You may be screaming WHY at your screen. We understand, but Penn regulators believe these events have nothing to do with any particular sporting event or direct performance. For the same reason, e-Sports, Entertainment and Political betting are off-limits in Pennsylvania. 

Don’t ask us to apply the logic, we’re with you.

High School Sports

Understandably, there is no scope to bet on high school sports anywhere in PA.

Now you’ve learned all there is to know about the best sportsbooks in Pennsylvania, so what now? Sign up with one of our trusted sportsbooks to receive an exclusive promotion and get started!

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