Most Common Sports Betting Mistakes

So if you’re interested in betting then you're clearly aiming to win and wanting to make sure you’re doing everything you can to avoid constant donations to your favorite sportsbooks. Here at Dimers, we want America’s books to be donating their money straight into your account. In the spirit of that, we’ve compiled the most common sports wagering mistakes, so you can avoid them and sail towards your next payout. Keep these out of your sports betting strategy!

Emotional Betting

Okay, let’s get this one out of the way. Quite simply, emotional betting is the most common trait of failing gamblers. It can be very difficult to take your heart out of the betting game and that’s why most people struggle to avoid this mistake.

What we want to happen and what’s likely to happen, can sometimes be the same thing. On occasion you’ll get lucky like that and when you do that’s great. Though, it happens less than a New York Jets win, yes, THAT bad. Betting our favorite team is great, but it's not always rewarding in the long run.

While you’re looking at our Bet Hub, Best Bets or Best Odds section, take a moment to ask yourself, 'Is this what I think will happen, or is it what I want to happen?' If we bet solely on what we wanted to happen, many of us would wager the Cowboys to go 0-16 — how nice would that be by the way!

Thankfully Dimers’ predictive analytics model can help take the emotion out of sports betting. Our predictive analytics models conduct 10,000 simulations of each major sports game based on rosters, form, previous matchups, even weather forecasts. Why? Well, it’s all to give you an unrivaled edge before making that winning play.  

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No Bankroll

Money management is crucial to a successful betting season. If responsible gaming is something you want to achieve, then having a set amount you wish to outlay is essential. You can set a bankroll limit for a period of time — weekly, monthly, yearly etc. A bankroll is an absolute must if you want to enjoy the most common betting mistake.

Another great strategy is to never bet more than 5% of your total bankroll in one wager. This way you’ll stay in control, minimize risks and still have a great chance to make a profit.  That’s if you use Dimers’ Best Bets, of course. 

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Getting Greedy

Everyone wants to make a lot of money, the more the better, right? 

Unfortunately, this isn’t Monopoly and making big money on sports betting isn’t as easy as it looks — particularly on lengthy parlays. 

A parlay is a collection of singular bets in one, or across multiple sporting events which are combined together to form one wager with larger odds. 

Going for a 12 team parlay seems awesome given the potential winnings but they come off once every blue moon. You’re better served to find value — use Dimers’ Bet Hub to find the best bets for each individual sports matchup — and exploit the sportsbook in smaller legged parlays, if that’s your thing. 

Yes, the odds are lesser but your chance of winning is heightened. Striking the balance will be key to you making a profit this betting season.

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Not Shopping Around

Sportsbooks don’t exist for you to make money. Your loss is their win. So why have blind loyalty to just one book? 

If you’re confident a team will win or cover a certain number against the spread, go looking for it. Just because one book has the Detroit Lions at +3.5 doesn’t mean there isn’t another offering +4.5.

Can’t be bothered scrolling through online betting sites? We’ve got you. In Dimers’ Bet Hub you’ll find the best spread odds available for sports in the United States and abroad. 

There’s no one sportsbook we’re aligned to. Often you’ll see we have a different sportsbook for the spread, moneyline and total. Sometimes the spread for a game has two different books! We have no loyalty to one company, we’re simply here to help you find the best odds and bets for every major sports regular season and playoff game.

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Chasing Back Losses

This is another absolute no-no in sports betting. When we suffer a crushing loss, our tendency is to try and claw back the money we’ve just seen walk right out of our account. Avoid this as much as possible.

The name of the game is to find an edge – where the sportsbook has undervalued the probability of an event occurring – and capitalize.

Taking the edge gives you a better chance of being a successful gambler long-term. Of course, the higher the edge, the better. While you’re not guaranteed a W, taking picks with an edge gives you a greater chance of being profitable well into the future.

In our Best Bets section we’ll show you where the edge is 365 days a year across all the best sports.

Thanks for reading all the way to the end! You’re now well prepared to succeed on your sports betting journey and thankfully you’ll be one step ahead. Now may be the best time to put your knowledge to practice. Here are the best sportsbooks in your state and the best bets on offer today!

Remember Dimers is always on hand to help you find the best books, odds and tips when it comes to sports betting in the United States.

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