How to Deposit Money Into A Sports Betting Account

To be here you must be interested in giving sports betting a try. First of all congratulations! Betting on sports can add excitement and fun to even the most dull matches. Oh, of course, you could also win this thing called money, which is kind of cool I guess. 

If you’re looking to secure the bag, you probably should know how to put your money down, in order to win it back and more. Which I guess is why you’re here. Now, I know you’re probably thinking now might be the right time to switch over to JaMarcus Russell NFL highlights, but stick with us. is here to teach you how you deposit into a betting account. 

Choose your sportsbook 

Before depositing, you need to find a suitable sportsbook. It can be hard to know which sportsbooks are secure or which have the best odds. Either way has you covered like Jalen Ramsey. 

Sportsbooks offer sign-up offers and daily/weekly specials, so keep your eye out for them. If you’re wanting to use Dimers’ exclusive promotional codes with your state’s best sportsbooks.

While we are here, answer this question. How can you get the most out of betting when you use one book’s odds and specials all the time? Well, don’t answer actually, it’s rhetorical. You can’t! 

In keeping with that, we encourage you to join multiple sportsbooks in your state. By doing so, you’ll capitalize on great daily offers from the various books and also be able to fully utilize our Best Odds section before making the winning play.

You’re welcome.

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Most popular deposit method 

The most common way to put money in your account is via credit card, of course. It’s never been easier to do and this whole process can take less than 20 seconds if you’re quick! 

Once your payment method and identity are confirmed, you’ll click deposit in your My Account section. Most sportsbooks will have your credit card saved, in that case all you need to enter is your CVV number (on the back of your card). 

Why deposit with a credit card? 

  • Fastest method 
  • Funds are almost immediately in your betting account, which allows you to bet within seconds. 
  • You only need to enter CVV, or re-enter basic card details 
  • Minimum deposits are small. Generally $5-20 (depending on the sportsbook)

Is it safe to use with my credit card with an online sportsbook? 

Depositing with a safe and secure sportsbook is an absolute must. All of the odds and promotions you see on Dimers are from legal books who have been scrutinized by state governments and us, to ensure their legitimacy and your safety. 

If you’re with Visa and Mastercard, you can sign up for Verified by Visa or Mastercard Secure Code respectively. Both protect you and your information anytime you shop or bet online. 

If you wager with a safe sportsbook, you shouldn’t ever have any issues. To uncomplicated things, stick with the books on the Dimers website. Whatever you do, just remember you should never reveal your banking passwords or any other sensitive information. 

Reputable sportsbooks will likely only ask for:

  • Credit Card number
  • Date of card expiry 
  • CVV number (on back of card)

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Other Betting Deposit Methods 


It seems as believable as Chad Henne winning a playoff game, yet just like that, it is nothing but the truth.

Some sportsbooks will allow you to use bitcoin as a deposit method and that means no banks, no delayed processing. It’s just easy. What’s more, there are companies which help you create a cryptocurrency wallet to help you deposit or trade.

Prepaid Cards

Perhaps the most secure option, prepaid cards don’t require you to share your personal information with the merchant. Certain sportsbooks even offer their own branded prepaid cards. 

You have options like Play + Card, Paysafecard, EntroPay, ecoCard. All of which allow you to set limits for yourself because there’s no credit line whatsoever. 

In-person Deposit 

This certainly isn’t the most practical method but you can deposit at retail sportsbooks. Sometimes there will be a small fee, online sportsbooks though waive such inconveniences.  

Cashier Checks

A more old-school approach, but just like pounding the ball down the throat of a weak O-line; it works. 

Checks do have comparatively high limits, so be aware. Generally you’re looking at $1,000 minimum. If you’re more of an Alan Harper type, we’d suggest you go with prepaid cards or in-person deposits. 

Cheques will take 4-6 business to clear too, so the wait time is rather painful. Not our preferred choice by any means. 

Now you know everything there is when depositing money into a betting account. Make sure you’re using the Best Odds and Best sportsbooks in America [links]. If you’re not, don’t sweat, it’s a quick sign-up process. You may as well use our exclusive promo codes too. We’re here to help after all — if you win, we feel like winners too.

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