How to Use Dimers Best Books

Despite our penchant for the finer arts, you won’t find J.K. Rowling or Harry Potter anywhere near Dimers Best Books. The only wizard you may see pop up is the Chargers' quarterback, Justin Herbert!

Best Books at is your A to Z for the best sportsbooks across the USA. We not only provide the Best Odds, but also the most trusted sportsbooks on the market. 

With sports betting legal in over 20 states, we know it may be hard to choose which books are best.

Dimers is your friendly neighborhood betting helper, always on hand to bolster your chances of wagering success. Our Best Books section allows you to choose the state you want to bet from, ensuring you receive only the most personalized betting options. Dimers gives you a rundown on the best sportsbooks, summing up why they might be a good fit for you. 

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Why should I join a sportsbook?

Joining a sportsbook firstly saves you from driving to the casino every time you want to bet! It also enables you to access many options unavailable in a retail book. All betting apps and websites offer weekly – sometimes daily – promotions for you to take advantage of. 

The sportsbooks found under Best Books have all been vetted by us and you can be certain they are the most secure books in the United States.

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Sportsbook Promos

At the bottom of our Best Books page, you’ll notice we show you the best daily promo offers across our favorite sportsbooks. This is why we recommend you make Dimers part of your daily routine. Each day you’ll see America’s best sports betting promos. 

We’ve got more! Next to each sportsbook, we’ve got a promo code and/or exclusive sign-up offer there just waiting for you. If you sign up with the sportsbook via the link and use the Dimers promo code, you’ll receive a free/risk-free bet, bet credits or even a deposit bonus. No matter what the reward, it pays to sign up via our Best Books section.

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Should I have more than one sportsbook? 

Yes, that’s like asking 'Should your offense have more than one top receiver?'.

All of the sportsbooks listed in Best Books are fantastic, but so is Mike Evans. Don’t stop at one. Just because one is great, doesn’t mean it is the best option for every bet, every circumstance and every sport. Some books will offer better promos, juicier spread odds, better Over/Under options, or a healthier moneyline.

It doesn’t cost you anything to sign up to all of our sportsbooks, but it will cost you in the long run if you don’t. Don’t work hard for your money to then place it on shorter odds compared to the market. 

If you use our Best Odds section, we’ll cross-check and show the biggest odds for every major sports game – yes, that includes all NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB matchups. Incredibly, there’s more sports too. 

More books = more options = higher odds = more wins.

It's a no brainer amongst the sharpest of sharps and there's no good reason you shouldn't be implementing the same tactic.

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Why are there different sportsbooks on Dimers?

Now that online sports betting is legal, there have been many sportsbooks opening their doors to new bettors.

For profitable betting, you must always look for the best available odds as we’ve discussed. 

You can be like TB12 without the avocado ice cream or special pajamas. Probably the seven rings and supermodel wife too, but who knows, maybe you’ve got one of those – fingers crossed for you! 

Dimers have put all the big legal online books in America under the microscope to give you the lowdown on our most trusted sites. We’ve given them our tick of approval, so rest easy, you are betting with a legitimate sportsbook.

Join a legal online sportsbook here and start betting now.

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