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NBA Best Props

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Dimers’ NBA Best Prop Bets is your one stop destination for insights on the most profitable NBA prop bets every day. Our dual-pronged approach doesn’t just provide predictions, it identifies betting edge opportunities based on current sportsbook odds.
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How to Find the Best NBA Prop Bets Today

Effective NBA prop betting isn’t limited to picking winners (although that’s certainly an important part of the process); it also involves locating the optimal betting edge. This means finding the sportsbook that’s offering the best odds on your winning wager. As such, when Dimers presents our best NBA prop bets today, we provide information on both the likelihood of our carefully curated wagers succeeding, and which sportsbook is offering the best odds on the wager in question. Combined, this information comprises each wager’s “betting edge,” which is represented as a percentage. The higher the edge, the better the bet. And only the highest edge wagers make our best NBA prop bets page.

NBA Player Props Explained

NBA player props are wagers on the performance of a specific player that have no relationship to whether his team wins the game. Prop bets can pertain to any statistical category, including points, rebounds, assists, three-pointers, turnovers, steals, and blocks. Occasionally, sportsbooks offer more specialized NBA player props, such as whether a player will record a double-double, triple-double, etc. Not only can NBA player props add an extra layer of excitement to watching an NBA game in which you have no particular feelings as to which team will win, Dimers’ model often identifies dramatically higher betting edges in NBA prop bets as compared to typical NBA wagers, which has led to the enormous popularity of Dimers’ best NBA player props page.

Make the Most of NBA Player Props

The beauty of our best NBA player props is they are optimized based on betting edge in the interest of securing the largest possible profit over an extended period of time. With this in mind, NBA prop bettors should focus on the prop bets with the highest edge, but also keep careful tabs on the likelihood of success of any given wager. Remember, a high-odds wager with a low probability of success can have an enormous betting edge due to favorable sportsbook odds, but that doesn’t mean the wager is any more likely to succeed than the Dimers’ predictions suggests. Instead, a favorable betting edge simply indicates that a wager’s likelihood of success is higher than oddsmakers believe. For this reason, a varied, diverse approach to NBA prop betting is paramount.

At Dimers, we analyze all the prop odds available to provide you with the best NBA prop bets today and NBA player props tonight for every game of the NBA season, including the NBA Playoffs and NBA Finals.

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