Our Top 5 Parlay Bets on Christmas Day 2023

Our Top 5 Parlay Bets on Christmas Day 2023

This Christmas Day, sports enthusiasts have an opportunity to turn their holiday cheer into excitement with a carefully crafted five-leg NFL and NBA Parlay. Combining the best player prop bets and trends, from both leagues, this parlay boasts enticing +1933 odds, promising a potential payout that adds an extra layer of joy to the festivities.

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Christmas Day Parlay

Leg 1: Travis Kelce Over 5.5 Receptions (KC vs. LV, 1PM)

Kickstarting the parlay is a bet on Travis Kelce's ability to shine in the passing game as the Kansas City Chiefs face off against the Las Vegas Raiders. With a -160 odds, a robust 73.3% probability, and an impressive 11.8% edge, the bet suggests that Kelce is likely to have over 5.5 receptions. This sets the tone for an explosive start to the parlay, with Kelce's receiving prowess expected to contribute significantly.

Leg 2: Nikola Jokic Over 9.5 Total Assists (DEN vs. GSW, 2:30PM)

Transitioning seamlessly from NFL to NBA, the parlay includes a bet on Nikola Jokic's playmaking skills as the Denver Nuggets face the Golden State Warriors. With a -115 odds, a 67.1% probability, and a 13.6% edge, this bet suggests that Jokic is poised to deliver over 9.5 total assists. Adding basketball to the mix, this leg of the parlay elevates the excitement for fans who appreciate both the NFL and NBA action.

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Leg 3: Tommy DeVito Under 26.5 Rushing Yards (PHI vs. NYG, 4:30PM)

The NFL action continues with a focus on the game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants. This time, the parlay turns its attention to Tommy DeVito's rushing yards, expecting him to stay under 26.5 yards. With a -120 odds, a 73.5% probability, and a solid 19.0% edge, this bet provides an additional layer of excitement for football fans, anticipating a defensive effort that limits DeVito's impact on the ground.

Leg 4: Bam Adebayo Under 22.5 Points Scored (MIA vs. PHI, 8PM)

As the parlay approaches its grand finale, the focus shifts to the Miami Heat vs. Philadelphia 76ers NBA matchup, with a bet on Bam Adebayo's scoring performance. With a -115 odds, a 63.1% probability, and a 9.6% edge, the bet suggests that Adebayo is likely to score under 22.5 points. This final leg adds an intriguing layer to the parlay, as fans await to see whether Adebayo's offensive output aligns with the predictions.

Leg 5: Isaiah Likely Under 38.5 Receiving Yards (SF vs. BAL, 8:15PM)

Last but not least, the parlay ventures into the late NFL game, focusing on Isaiah Likely's receiving yards as the San Francisco 49ers take on the Baltimore Ravens. With a -105 odds, a high 76.9% probability, and an impressive 25.7% edge, the bet suggests that Likely is likely (pun intended) to fall under 38.5 receiving yards. This prop bet adds an element of anticipation to the later part of the day, aligning with the holiday spirit of surprises.

Christmas Day Parlay: December 25, 2023

Having simulated every one of Christmas Day's games over 10,000 times each, Dimers has determined the five best bets to use in a parlay.

Player (Team) Bet
Travis Kelce (Chiefs) Over 5.5 Receptions
Nikola Jokic (Nuggets)  Over 9.5 Assists 
Tommy DeVito (Giants)  Under 26.5 Rush Yards
Bam Adebayo (Heat)  Under 22.5 Points
Isaiah Likely (49ers)  Under 38.5 Receiving Yard 

With a total stake of $50 and tantalizing +1933 odds, this carefully curated Christmas Day parlay provides a unique blend of NFL and NBA excitement. As each leg unfolds throughout the day, fans can savor the holiday season with the added thrill of potential winnings. Whether you're a football fanatic or a basketball buff, this parlay transforms Christmas Day into a sports-filled extravaganza, offering a chance to celebrate both the season and the love of the game. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and good luck with your festive wager!

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